I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1007

A generation of gods was beaten like this on their own territory! ?

At this moment, Jiang Chen smiled.

He knew it was the people from the Assassin Organization and the intelligence organization that made the move!

It seems that the bottle of Nine Turns Back to Tianlu is still very useful!

“I am the Profound King of Darkness! One of the Old Ancestors of Dark Temple! Are you not afraid of the anger of my Dark Temple!?”

At this moment, the Dark Profound King roared, The fleshy body almost collapsed, even the Divine Soul was trembling, and the soul flickered indefinitely, seemingly extinguished at any time!

However, the people all around were silent, and they all changed their breath, making it impossible to see their true identity.

Furthermore, these people did it again, one by one, Heavenspan, the imposing manner exuding from their bodies, they all reached the gods!

“The water in Nine Heavens God World is still deep.” Jiang Chen said with emotion.

Under normal circumstances, even a Divine King is rare in this world. The Divine King that can be seen today is basically the Ancient God King that survived a few times ago.

As for the gods, it is even more invisible.

But now, in order to return to Tianlu, so many gods suddenly appeared.

This made Jiang Chen a little depressed, and he was even more impressed with what he used to be. His vision is indeed “superficial”!



Next, I saw that the battle in the sky became more intense, and the Dark Profound King was extremely powerful, facing several gods. There is still a battle!

However, with the ebbing of time, this old fellow is not working anymore, the fleshy body is defeated, the Divine Soul and the soul are dim, and Life Aura is getting weaker and weaker.

In the end, the Dark Profound King couldn’t stop it, burning blood essence, Tearing the Void, and fled back to the Dark God Temple.

Jiang Chen saw all this in his eyes and couldn’t help but sigh, after all, he failed to kill the Dark Profound King.

But it’s normal to think about it carefully. After all, as a god, mastering Power of Heaven and Earth, can accomplish all the good fortune, how can it be said that you can kill by killing!

Unless it is an absolute advantage in strength, it is too difficult to kill a god!

even more how, the place where these assassins shot is still in Heizhou, the home of the Dark Profound King.

This guy fled back to the dark temple, and these assassins were also impossible to hunt down.

After all, the dark temple is very profound, and the powerhouse of Divinity Venerable Level may not be the only one of Dark Profound King!

The consequences are serious if you rashly pursue and kill!

“When this seat enters the Divine Emperor, you must be cleared and stopped!”

After the Dark Profound King returned to the Dark God Temple, he roared to the sky and threatened to destroy these Assassin Organization.

However, these killers still did not speak, and went straight into the darkness, disappearing and invisible.

“Did you see it?”

Not long after, Lou Ying came.

His face is a bit ugly, quite embarrassing.

Just because the Dark Profound King did not die.

“Please move so many gods at once…” Lou Ying frowns saying: “Even if the Dark Profound King was not killed, the bottle of Nine Turns Back to Tianlu must be sent out, otherwise …”

“I understand.” Jiang Chen nodded, said: “It’s okay, just give it to them.”

“But don’t worry! As long as the Dark Profound King is not dead, just If there is a chance, those gods will take action!” Lou Ying said resolutely: “Assassin Organization is like this. It takes people money and eliminates disasters. People don’t die, don’t stop!”

“Look at the dark Wang’s injury, I should not dare to come out and make trouble during this time.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “The Dark Temple has no Dark Profound King, and the rest are easy to deal with.”

Loying this, The expression was weird, and asked tentatively: “Don’t you… still thinking about troubles with the Dark Temple?”

You should know that although the Dark Profound King is seriously injured, he needs a long retreat for healing. Just work.

However, the powerhouse in the Dark God Temple is more than the Dark Profound King!

Even, according to the information of Shadow Sect, there is still a god in the Dark Temple!

In addition to this god, there are many main gods in the Dark Temple, as well as two ancient Divine Kings.

Lou Ying is a little confused. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, why should he go to the Dark Temple?

It’s not bad if people don’t come to trouble you now!

“Who told you that I am going to find the Dark Temple?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “Among the 36 main gods who killed me, there are not only Radiant Palace Hall and Dark Temple.”

“Do you mean…you want to attack the power of several other main gods?” Lou Ying’s expression condensed and discouraged: “Calm down, now the Dark Temple is being dealt with by you, other main gods have long been Beware.”

“You go now, maybe people have been prepared, if you go, walking right into a trap!”

Jiang Chen certainly understands this truth, but that so what?

Jiang Chen knows that if he competes head-on, with his current strength, it will definitely not work.

But the point is, why does he have to compete head-to-head! ?

Just like when the 36 main gods killed him, they didn’t secretly attack and ambush him! ?

“I am proficient in Formation, rune, prohibition, Formation…” Jiang Chen faint smiled and looked at the shadow of the building and asked: “You think, if I want to make a secret shot, how many people can stop it? Me?”

As soon as these words came out, Lou Ying was stunned for a moment, looked at Jiang Chen’s smile, and trembled, as if he had noticed something.

“What…what do you want to do? Do you want to pull my Shadow Sect into the water?!” Lou Ying said solemnly.

“What does it mean to pull down the water, I am leading Shadow Sect to make a fortune!” Jiang Chen said in deadly earnest: “You provide information, I am responsible for the shot, when the time comes, I took advantage of Shadow Sect. Sect divides evenly!”

“Oh? Is there such a good thing?” Lou Ying raised an eyebrow, but she wouldn’t simply believe Jiang Chen.

“The premise is… Shadow Sect must secretly protect me.” Jiang Chen said.

Loying knows that this is not that simple, but it is not complicated!

As long as Shadow Sect can ensure the safety of Jiang Chen, then this sale can be done!

“This Heizhou and Chi Yun Prefecture are so troubled by you, I’m afraid they can’t do it anymore.” Lou Ying analyzed: “Which main god is your next goal?”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen expression took a weird look at Lou Ying, then asked: “Have I told you not to continue looking for the Dark Temple?”

“Huh?” Lou Ying After a moment of stunned, both eyes were staring out!

big brother! Please stop making trouble!

I just ransacked the Dark Temple and offered a reward for severely wounding the Dark Temple. Now you want to go to the Dark Temple again! ?

Isn’t this courting death? !

Now, when the people in the Dark Temple see you, they all want to swallow you alive!

“I thought I would leave here and avoid the dark temple.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “But this is their idea. If you go against their idea, you think the best thing to do now is Which force?”

“This…the dark temple?” Lou Ying was stunned, and after thinking about it carefully, Jiang Chen was right!

“But the inner and outer treasury of the Dark Temple have been ransacked by you, what good things can there be?” Lou Ying asked in doubt.

“The dignified Dark Temple, one of the Peak forces, if there are only these two treasure houses, does it look too stubborn?” Jiang Chen whispered: “You said…Is there any other treasure houses in the Dark Temple? ?”

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