I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1008

A Peak force that has inherited several eras, and a powerhouse of Divinity Venerable Level, has a profound heritage!

Jiang Chen really doesn’t believe it, how could there be only two treasure troves in the dignified dark temple!

Be aware that Jiang Chen scanned the things stolen from the Dark God Temple. Except for the power of the word-level title that day and Nine Turns Back to Heaven, everything else was “so-so”.

At least, not worthy of the identity of the Dark Temple!

So Jiang Chen suspects that somewhere in the Dark Temple, there is a treasure trove!

And that treasure house is the foundation of the Dark Temple!

If you can rob the treasure house of the Dark Temple, this will be comfortable!

Even, the Dark Temple may collapse for this reason, not necessarily!

“Absolute Shadow Sect is also inherited from several eras. It has a profound background. You should have a lot of intelligence, right?” Jiang Chen lightly said: “You send someone to inquire and see if you can find it. Where is the treasure house of the Dark Temple?”

“This…the treasure house must be there.” Lou Ying is also very sure, but the matter of stealing the treasure house is too big, in case you can’t get it. Okay, but it will involve absolutely Shadow Sect!

Although Shadow Sect is strong, it does not want to provoke Peak forces like the Dark Temple.

“Just let Shadow Sect inquire about the news, but did not let you take action personally, even if something happens, I can carry it all alone.” Jiang Chen said.

Speaking, Jiang Chen suddenly thought of someone-Cassia Young Master!

Cassia Young Master, as a Young Master in the farewell valley, he has great rights and status in the farewell valley!

The strongest part of Farewell Valley is not battle strength or Formation, but the intelligence network!

It can be said that the information network of Farewell Valley is the strongest in the entire Nine Heavens God World! none of them!

“You go to Farewell Valley, find Cassia, and let him help.” Jiang Chen said: “With the information network of Farewell Valley, if you want to find the treasure house of the Dark Temple, you should It’s easy.”

“Then…If you really steal the treasure trove of the Dark Temple, how to divide it?” Lou Ying asked.

“Equally split.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Properly!” Louying nodded and said.

Finally, Louying left again, and Jiang Chen continued to stay here, setting up Formation, peace of mind cultivation, and quietly waiting for Louying’s news.

Time, slowly passing…

Since the Dark Profound King was seriously injured, the entire Dark Temple fell into silence in three days.

The people in the Dark Temple are angry, but more panic.

After all, his Old Ancestor was seriously injured, and the Dark God Temple had lost its backbone.

At this time, if an enemy comes, without the Dark Profound King, how can the Dark Temple resist! ?

Also, they all saw the previous battle. The Dark Profound King was not lightly injured, and Life Aura was depressed, almost dead!

This injury has not lasted three to five hundred years, and I am afraid it will be difficult to recover!

“Don’t worry, you guys, my Dark Temple has a deep foundation and many healing medicines. The Old Ancestor’s injury will soon be completely recovered!”

Finally, the contemporary Palace Lord of the Dark Temple I stood up and looked calm and collected.

“Palace Lord, the two treasure troves of the Dark Temple were stolen…” Someone whispered: “Where is there any healing medicine.”

“Don’t talk about healing medicine. , Even the cultivation resources prepared for Direct Disciple are gone.” Someone said with a bitter smile: “Even the most basic Divine Stone, the Dark Temple is scarce.”

Hearing these words, The Palace Lord of the Dark Temple chuckled and said: “The treasure house inside and outside is just part of my dark temple that’s all. The real details are not here!”

“You can rest assured that there are no ten God, Old Ancestor will definitely be able to get out! When the time comes, search through the entire Nine Heavens and you will find the thief at Tianchen!”


Looking at the Palace Lord so If you are confident, the high-levels of these Dark Temples will have no opinion, and they are sighed in relief.

At the same time, someone asked, is there any other treasure in the Dark Temple? where is it?

However, the Palace Lord’s mouth is very tight, not at all telling everyone that the treasure house of the Dark God Temple is not in the Dark God Temple.

“The news is reliable? The treasure house is not in the dark temple?”

“Are you sure?”


This day, The people sent by Jue Shadow Sect and Farewell Valley all inquired about the news and reported it back immediately.

On this day, Farewell Valley secretly sent a group of “masters” to walk in various places in Heizhou!

They are exploring mountains and rivers, and they are also looking for various Small Worlds.

More people are born with Magical Powers, know how to find dragons and explore the tomb, and directly use a compass to deduce the trend of the Heizhou land, wanting to find some clues!

Finally, on the fifth day, on a barren plain in the east of Heizhou, someone found a hint here!

This place is barren, and there is not a trace of human smoke in the ten thousand li, not even a bird or insect!

However, the World’s Essence Qi here is very rich, even in the center of the plain, there is a Heaven Deceiving Great Formation, which hides the energy here!

Look carefully. At this moment, the hidden array is working, and more seals and Formation are emerging, which are slowly disintegrating!

“Here is the seal and Formation! And it is still in Heizhou…Could it be the treasure house of the Dark Temple!?”

“It is very possible! Look here The seal and Formation of is being disintegrated, it must be the Dark Temple to open the treasure house here!”

“It is probably this place! The Dark Profound King is seriously injured, they need to open the treasure house and take some healing medicine from it!”


Finally, a group of “masters” in Farewell Valley decided and reported the matter.

Half a day later, Jiang Chen and Lou Ying got news and quietly came outside the plain.

Furthermore, Cassia Young Master, whom I haven’t seen for a long time this time, is also here!

This guy, with great energy along the way, told Jiang Chen that he had become the valley owner of the farewell valley!

Of course, most of the credit for this is Jiang Chen’s.

Be aware that because of the birth of Jiu Shen, the Young Master entire group almost died in Jiu Tian Dynasty.

Finally, Jiang Chen tried his best, and later used the power of the Nine Heavens Dynasty to help Cassia Young Master succeed!

Now, after this guy has become the owner of the valley, he seems to have let himself go, and he walks with drift!

“Don’t you know, I say goodbye to everyone within the valley!”

“No, this time, if it weren’t for the people in my farewell valley, you could find the dark Where is the treasure house of the temple?”

Along the way, Cassia Young Master brags about his own power, and his spirits are flying high.

However, Lou Ying’s words immediately stunned Cassia Young Master.

“Farewell to Gu Gu, anyway, why is the cultivation base so low?” Lou Ying squinted and teased: “According to your cultivation speed, Jiang Chen will soon catch up.”

“I…” Cassia Young Master opened his mouth, angrily, but unable to refute.

“It seems that the cultivation base is very useful.” Jiang Chen glanced at Lou Ying, jokingly said: “Why do you and my superior Heavenly God have a trick?”

“…” Lou Ying’s face suddenly turned dark, and he raised a middle finger to Jiang Chen in his heart!

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