I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1009

The treasure house of the Dark Temple is here. Jiang Chen and the others have been observing for a long time, and finally they are determined.

Moreover, there are many Formations and prohibitions here, as well as many Formations.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of place can be said to be unbreakable, even if the Divine Emperor comes, it may not be able to blast through this place.

But it’s different now!

The Dark Profound King is seriously injured, and the Dark Temple needs to unlock the hidden treasure and take out some healing things.

Therefore, at this moment, the array restriction and even the Formation are slowly disintegrating.

To be precise, it is opening!

Jiang Chen didn’t do it. He knows that the array restriction here is extraordinary, so he can only open it himself.

If others interfere, the Dark Temple will definitely notice it!

So, now I can only wait!

Of course, it’s not just waiting!

“Do you think that there will be any good things in the treasure vault of the dark temple?” Cassia Young Master asked, eyes flashing: “Could there be any shedding body, exchanging bones? The Supreme Treasure!?”

You know, Cassia Young Master is not very good in terms of cultivation talent aptitude, otherwise his cultivation base is impossible.

And Cassia Young Master also knows very well that with his innate talent aptitude, unless it is shedding body, exchanging bones, replacing Dao Foundation and origin, his innate talent aptitude simply cannot be improved!

However, Dao Foundation and Origin are born and destined, how can they be easily replaced? !

The ordinary treasures in the world can only play the role of shedding body, exchanging bones, and cannot change one’s Dao Foundation and origin!

Only those Peak’s rare treasures can do it!

And that kind of treasure is rare in the world, even if it is Great Influence such as Farewell Valley, I have not been able to find one!

Even, even those Peak forces do not necessarily have this thing!

“If there is such a treasure, I will give it to you.” Jiang Chen said.

“Will there be Nine Turns Back to Tianlu inside?” Lou Ying looked expectant.

Be aware that the bottle of Jiuzhuanhuitianlu that Jiang Chen gave him before, he really used it as a reward.

There is also a Divinity Venerable Level Taishang Old Ancestor in Jue Shadow Sect. This Nine Turns Back to Heaven is also extremely precious to Jue Shadow Sect.

Lou Ying thought, if there is another bottle, then Shadow Sect might be able to give birth to a Divine Emperor!

When the time comes, Shadow Sect is bound to shine, brilliantly born, you don’t even need to hide the gate, you can walk in the light of the world!

“The internal and external treasury of the Dark Temple has Nine Turns Back to Heavenly Dew. In this treasure house… If it is true, its quality is estimated to be above Nine Turns Back to Heavenly Dew!” Jiang Chen said resolutely: “If there is one, I can give it to you.”

“Then…what am I going to do now?” Cascade Young Master asked, a hint of worry flashing in his eyes.

After all, this place is Heizhou, the treasure house of the Dark Temple!

They have stayed here, they will become more and more dangerous!

If you are discovered by the people of the Dark Temple, you must peel off if you die!

“There are many restrictions on the hidden treasure house. To open this treasure house, most of them require the special means of the Dark Temple Magical Powers.” Jiang Chen said: “Now, we are waiting here, waiting for the Dark Temple to come. People come to open the treasury, and then we…”

“Wait for the people from the Dark Temple to open the treasury…The person who comes to open the treasury, the cultivation base should not be weak, at least it is also a main god!” Lou Ying said solemnly: “Just the three of us, can you ever grab it?”

“Who said to grab it?” Jiang Chen joked, then waved his hand and said: “Stop talking, I’ll take Myriad Transformations The power of Tianzhan will help you hide your breath, and then…start the formation!”

When Lou Ying and Cassia Young Master heard this, their hearts trembled, knowing that Jiang Chen was going to overly pit peoples!

“Your array accomplishments… are really high!” Lou Ying whispered.

Next, under Jiang Chen’s guidance, the three moved separately, and it took five days to arrange a lot of Formation here!

Moreover, Jiang Chen also used Myriad Transformations Tianzhan and Sanwei Primal Chaos Qi to hide these Formations, and even arranged Heaven Deceiving Great Formation!

When everything was ready, the three Jiang Chen hid in the void and began to wait quietly.

“Jiutianjue Killing Formation, All living things are equal prohibition, no light Formation…Which one is not Peak array restriction?”

“These things are arranged, even if it is Peak Master God is here, it will be finished!”

Loying and Cassia Young Master feel chills, and they are full of jealousy for Jiang Chen.

They don’t know how many Formation Formation prohibitions Jiang Chen has mastered. In short, they are too terrifying!

If you offend Jiang Chen, maybe someday secretly put down Formation, just waiting for you to jump inside!

At this moment, the two sighed. For some reason, they suddenly sympathized with the Dark Temple and Dark Profound King.

In the beginning, if the Dark Profound King hadn’t taken any action, Jiang Chen should still be dealing with the power of the main god of light lineage…

“The Dark Temple is really asking for it.” Lou Ying whispered.

At the beginning, Jiang Chen destroyed the two forces that the Lord of Light sat down, and this matter must have been passed on.

But, why didn’t the other main gods help the Guangming main god?

The reason is simple, they all know Jiang Chen not to be trifled with!

Even the Dark Lord God and the Dark Lord God did not make any moves, they are all from the Dark God Temple!

It can be seen how “strong” Jiang Chen is among the 36 Divine Hearts!

But who would have thought that the Dark Lord and the Dark Lord didn’t make a move, and as a result, the Old Ancestor Dark Profound King made his move.

Now it’s good…heavier loss!

“Here it comes!”

“Um…this guy…familiar…”

Ten days later , The array restriction of the treasure house disappeared, and in the center of the plain, a hole appeared to the underground.

On this day, a man covered in black mist came.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s expression was quite weird. He stared at the man and muttered: “This guy is seriously injured and has to run around?”

“Uh…maybe it is Heal my heart, I want to come and get the medicine myself.” Lou Ying said lightly.

Yes, the one who came is the Dark Profound King!

“This bullshit…” Jue Ming Young Master expression is weird, and then he became worried again, and asked: “We arrange array Formation, can we suppress him?”

“Don’t worry, this guy is seriously injured, and now he has no strength!” Jiang Chen said: “When he opens the door of that treasure house, we will do it!”

“Tianchen! Wait for my injury to recover completely. , I will not spare you lightly!”

At this moment, the Dark Profound King stood at the entrance of the treasure house, and angry roar roared out!

He was furious during this time!

“When this seat is restored to Peak, I will crush you to ashes!”


Under several roars, the Dark Profound King’s hands With continuous Jie Yin, the door to the treasure house of the background is finally opened!

But, at the moment when the door of the treasure house was opened, all around suddenly burst out one after another Profound Light, and a large divine light fell down, drowning the Dark Profound King!

“Let’s go!” Jiang Chen shouted, both hands forming seals, and all the Formations here immediately started!

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