I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1010

Formation, prohibition, Formation revolves in an instant, here divine light burns like a flame, and even more terrifying attacks appear out of thin air, drowning the Dark Profound King!


The Dark Profound King was surprised and angry, how he didn’t expect that someone is so bold and dare to commit murder here!

“It’s you! Tianchen!”

After a few breaths, when he saw Jiang Chen walk out of the void, the Dark Profound King’s entire face went dark!

He is struggling hard, the power of within the body erupts like a scourge!

No matter what, he was injured before, and now he is suppressed by many Formations, prohibitions and Formations, it is difficult to break free for a while!

Moreover, the array here is violent, attacking strikes on him like a sword rain, causing his body to tremble constantly, and his clothes are dyed red in a few breaths of blood!

“many thanks to the dark temple.” Jiang Chen smiled and walked past the Dark Profound King, and then swaggered into the treasure house of the background.

Not long after, Jiang Chen walked out of the treasure house, waved his hand at the Dark Profound King, and said: “The Dark Temple is too polite. I gave away all the treasures of the background. I don’t know how to thank him.”

Speaking, Jiang Chen frowned and seemed to be considering it seriously.

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen suddenly laughed and said: “In order to express my gratitude to the Dark Temple, I decided to…send you a big Killing Formation!”

“You! This king is going to kill you!” The Dark Profound King roared, but he was trapped by Formation and simply couldn’t deal with Jiang Chen!

Furthermore, Jiang Chen directly ran the all around array after saying this, and merged these Formations into a terrifying Killing Formation!

Killing Formation was suppressed and the colorful divine light fell. It was a terrifying attack!




Amidst the explosion of one after another, Jiang Chen’s smile became stronger .

But, Jiang Chen’s heart soon started!

Just because the Dark Profound King seemed to be really angry, at this moment, regardless of his injury, he burned his source!



In just three breaths, the all around array was destroyed by a dozen or so seats. The Formation of King Xuan is falling apart!

“Are you crazy? You can live if you are seriously injured and burn your source?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I must kill you today!” The Dark Profound King was completely angry!

He was stunned by anger, at all costs, he must kill Jiang Chen today!

However, Jiang Chen jokingly laughed, then stepped into the void, and activated the already prepared Transmission Array!

After that, a stream of light flew across the void, Jiang Chen and the shadow of the building hidden in the dark, and the Young Master three disappeared here.


At this moment, the blood continuously sprayed from the mouth of the Dark Profound King. It was not only too badly injured, but also angry!

“Tianchen! I will not kill you, I will not be a man!”


Half a day later, a major news swept the entire Nine Heavens God World .

The Dark Profound King was seriously injured and dying, the treasure house of the Dark Temple was stolen, thoroughly looted!

And, everyone knows that Jiang Chen did this!

For a while, some people admired Jiang Chen, and some people taunted secretly, thinking that Jiang Chen did this kind of “human and god-indignant” thing, and he was destined to not live long!

Some people even bluntly said that the Dark Temple is going to rush out to hunt down Jiang Chen!

However, what is surprising is that the Dark Temple actually chose to close the mountain on the same day!

“The Dark Temple this time strength great injury!”

“The Dark Temple is seriously injured and his life is dying. The other god Old Ancestor in the Dark Temple is also sleeping. Now the Dark Temple is Forced to be helpless, I can only choose to seal the mountain and protect myself.”

“The dignified Peak forces were actually destroyed by a day.”


Many people sigh with emotion, and it is a way to marvel at Jiang Chen, too strong, too…hole!

However, more people are sober.

They knew that the Dark Temple, as a Peak force, was impossible just like that!

As long as the Dark Profound King and the other god Old Ancestor do not die, the Dark Temple will not fall!

However, recently, the Dark Temple should not be able to rise.

“Should I wait to seal the mountain? Tianchen is so capable! Even the Dark Temple is broken!”

“Hiss…call everyone together , Fengshan!”

On this day, the other main gods were also panicked. There was no Peak power like the Dark Temple behind them!

Nowadays, even the Dark Temple is miserable. Once their forces meet Jiang Chen, wouldn’t it be even worse! ?

Even, it is very likely to be pitted and destroyed directly!

They do not have any doubts, they know that Jiang Chen’s array of accomplishments is enough to destroy any of them!

“en? No way? More than half of the 36 main gods chose to seal the mountain?”

At the same time, at the same time, at the farewell within the valley, Jiang Chen also got news.

He was a little confused, secretly thought, do those main gods need to be so nervous?

“You have smashed the Dark Temple, aren’t you afraid of the other masters’ divine ability?” Lou Ying said grimly, “Among the 36 Peak Master gods, more than half have no Peak power behind them. Support.”

“This…then who should I go to pit next?” Jiang Chen muttered, and then found that he was using the wrong words, his expression was correct, and said: “Next I should look for Who takes revenge?”

“It’s alright, don’t talk about it for now, look at what’s in the treasure house of the Dark God Temple.” Lou Ying urged, his face fiery.

The Young Master Cassia on the side is also looking forward to it, staring at Jiang Chen.

“There should be a lot of things, I didn’t look carefully, I took it all with my brain.” Jiang Chen said.

Immediately, Jiang Chen waved his hand and placed the things he had brought from the treasure house in front of them.

In an instant, I saw two more hills in front of the three people, divine light filled, and even the Sound of Great Dao could be heard, just like the ancient and obscure sound of chanting!

Loying’s sharp eyes, immediately saw a bottle among these treasures, and the breath that pervaded it was the Nine Turns Back to Heaven!

“It’s not the nine-day turn back to Tianlu, but the nine-day return to Tianlu!” Lou Ying exclaimed!

Nine Days Return to Heaven Dew, is the advanced thing of Nine Days Return to Heaven Dew, it is brewed for one hundred thousand years, condensed for one million years, and can be consumed after ten thousand years!

“I can take it soon!” Jiang Chen also exclaimed. In the past nine days, Huitianlu has been stored for several times, but now it looks like it is not far from being taken!

Jiang Chen said his words and gave the nine days of Huitian Lu to Lou Ying, saying: “I can’t take it for the time being, but I feel the breath that it emits. I should be able to take it for another three to five years. It’s.”

“What are you afraid of in three to five years? My family has lived for several times in Old Ancestor. Three to five years is just a blink of an eye!” Lou Ying was excited.

You must know that the effect of the Nine-Day Resurrection Dew is very against the sky. Once taken, it can not only become the Divine Emperor, but also condense the Divine Emperor Taoism and achieve the High God Realm!

This thing is invisible forever, unavailable forever!

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