I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1011

Nine-day Huitianlu gave Louying to Lou Ying. This guy was extremely happy. After all, having this thing is equivalent to having a High God emperor in Shadow Sect!

“What is this?”

After a few breaths, everyone saw a blue light among a bunch of treasures, which looked like Jiang Chen’s Myriad Transformations Tianzhu !

It’s just that the blue lamp was not lit, and there were cracks on the body and it was broken.

When Jiang Chen first saw the blue light, his heart moved, thinking that it was really his own Myriad Transformations.

But after a careful observation, Jiang Chen frowned and said: “It’s just an ordinary blue lamp.”

“There are rune on it, and some lines, look It seems like coordinates…” Lou Ying looked at it with the blue light, and then her expression changed drastically!

The Young Master of Cassia on the side seemed to have thought of something. He snatched the blue lantern and looked at the rune and lines on it. He cry out in surprise: “Coordinates! Absolutely. Coordinates!”

“Coordinates? What is it?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Have you heard that in a certain era in the Six Realms, a group of cultivators went to other places, as if they were going on an expedition.” Cassia Young Master said, “And according to the record, those cultivators were extremely Powerful, ancestors known as cultivation.”

“There was a record that those people went to an indescribable place. I don’t know if they went to fight or what they did. But one thing is certain, if those people are If you are still alive, you will come back!”

Speaking of which, Louying nodded, said: “But the road between the two places is very far away, so the ancestors left Coordinates, guiding their way back”!

“Then…this blue light is a coordinate?” Jiang Chen was astonished, staring at the lines and rune on the blue light, and after careful observation, it was indeed like a map!

Moreover, these runes and lines are united together, and they are like a mark again!

“I definitely have a dead tree in Shadow Sect, which has existed for a long time. There are similar runes and lines on the dead branch, as well as a mark, but it is different from the mark on the blue lantern.” Said: “Each coordinate represents a different ancestor.”

“This should be the return of an ancestor of the Dark Temple…” Cassia Young Master said: “It is hard to imagine those How terrifying the ancestor’s cultivation base is, I’m afraid I’m standing in the Peak of cultivation.”

“Maybe beyond the avenue, beyond the shackles.” Lou Ying said.

At this moment, after hearing these words, Jiang Chen couldn’t help taking the blue lantern.

After that, he both hands forming seals, and put a lot of seals on the blue lantern, isolating the blue lantern from the outside world!

“cough cough…the ancestors of the Dark Temple, don’t come back for now.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “If he returns, how will we live?”

“Perhaps he died a long time ago.” Lou Ying said, “This blue lantern has a connection with the ancestor of the Dark Temple. The cracks in the blue lantern means that the ancestor of the Dark Temple is probably in an accident. Dead, maybe seriously injured.”

“Just like the ancient tree in Shadow Sect, it used to be lush and leafy, but suddenly withered one day, even the mark on it was dim. Almost disappeared.”

Speaking, the Cassia Young Master expression on the side condensed slightly. After a while, he said: “Actually, many people don’t want the ancestors to come back.”

“Why?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Because of uncertainty.” Cassia Young Master said: “What the ancestors will do after they come back, and how they will affect this World, these are uncertain.”

“If they come back, are they to destroy the Six Realms?”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen felt a little weird.

If those ancestors really wanted to destroy the Six Realms, they would have destroyed the Six Realms before leaving.

Why wait until after you come back?

However, since Cassia Young Master said so, there must be some reason.

“I don’t know the specifics, but Great Sage once deduced it and left a prophecy. When the ancestors return, the six realms will no longer exist.”

” Therefore, many Peak forces are now secretly searching for these coordinate objects, or destroying them, or sealing them.” Cassia Young Master said.

“The water in the six worlds is too deep.” Lou Ying sighed, sometimes feeling like an ant, looking up at the sky, all she saw was that’s all.

“Seal it up first.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “As for whether the ancestors can return…It is not our decision.”

But, having said that, Jiang Chen’s heart is not peaceful.

He thought of the evil deity in the immortal city!

Today’s Jiang Chen can be sure that the evil deity is definitely an ancestor!

Before he returned, he was an amiable old monk, but after the return, everything has changed!

Not only the character has changed, but the strength has skyrocketed!

Looking back now, Jiang Chen felt a bit chilly in his heart, because he simply didn’t know what realm the evil respect was!

Before, Jiang Chen always thought that the evil deity was the main god, the Peak Master god, infinitely close to the Divine King.

But with the passage of time, Jiang Chen has witnessed the strength of the gods, and suddenly discovered that the original evil gods are far above the gods!

So, what exactly has the evil venerable’s cultivation base reached! ?

Divine Emperor! ?

Or it is beyond the Divine Emperor! ?

But one thing Jiang Chen can be sure of is that after the return of the Evil Venerable, he did not at all endanger the Six Realms, but stayed in the city of Immortality and guarded one side.

“The ancestors return, the six realms will no longer exist…” Jiang Chen secretly thought in his heart, thinking that this is a rumor, untrustworthy.

“Don’t worry about this, let’s divide the money first!” Jiang Chen said.

In the end, the three did not pursue the ancestors deeply, and began to “divide the spoils”!

And just as the three were sharing the spoils, in a certain time and space, a certain place, a creature sitting cross-legged here for an unknown number of times suddenly opened his eyes!

The moment his eyes opened and closed, the avenue around him collapsed, the universe collapsed, and the countless rays of light rushed into the sky, illuminating the whole world!

“The coordinates of this seat in the Six Realms…how did it disappear?” This creature frowned, with a look of doubt.

After that, he did it and started deduction!

After a few breaths, this creature complexion is gloomy down, and the unchanging heart at this moment has a wave of fluctuations.

“A group of incompetent juniors! I lost my coordinates in the Six Realms, and was sealed!?” This Spiritual Qi’s molars had no coordinates, and he wanted to return It’s too difficult to fall to the six worlds!

Even, it is very possible to get lost in the endless time and space, lose direction and even lose yourself!

“Tianchen? What is the Divine King? Is it him?”

After a few breaths, this creature seemed to have thought of something, and a calm boat appeared under his feet, which carried him into chaos The time and space, moved towards the unknown land.

At the same time, in another distant time and space, someone is walking in the chaos, the laws around him are subverted, all around the ethereal emptiness.

But at this moment, a road suddenly appeared at the feet of this person, leading straight to the distance!

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