I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1012

This person is covered with Primal Chaos Qi, his body is divine light, and Sun, Moon and Stars are floating under his feet.

An avenue in front of him runs through time and space, leading to the front, seeming to welcome him!

“It turned out to be so close to the ancestral land, it’s time to go back.” This person lightly said, then stepped onto the road and disappeared here.

At the same time, such scenes appeared in several corners of the world.

A crack appeared in front of someone, and the starlight in the crack was shining, guiding the direction like a light.

There are also people who step on auspicious clouds, shuttle through the void, and fly towards the place they want in their hearts.

As for all this, no matter whether it is the Great Thousand Worlds or the creatures of the Six Realms, they didn’t even notice.

At this moment, in the farewell within the valley, Jiang Chen has divided the spoils among the three of them. The three are very satisfied and very happy.

Especially Cassia Young Master, got a rare medicine pill, which is enough to transform his foundation and origin!

“What are you going to do next? You don’t want to find the main gods anymore?” Lou Ying frowned and worriedly said: “If there is such a big disturbance this time, the main gods will be wary. “

“Not going for the time being.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “I got so many treasures, it’s enough for them, and I can use it myself.”

” Then… stay in the farewell valley?” Cassia Young Master asked.

“My identity is too special. Many of them are staring at me. If I stay in the farewell valley, I am afraid it will cause you unnecessary trouble.” Jiang Chen frowned and thought about it carefully. , A person could not help but pop up in his mind.

“It’s time to see her too.” Jiang Chen lightly said, without saying where he was going, and after bidding farewell to Louying, he left the farewell valley alone.

One day later, in a tavern in Tian City, Luozhou, Luozhou…

Luozhou, it is not very famous in Nine Heavens God World, just because there is nothing Peak’s Power, not much powerhouse.

In the eyes of the world, the overall strength of Los Angeles can be regarded as the bottom of the entire God World.

However, this is just the world’s view of Los Angeles.

In the eyes of many people, especially those of Old Monster who have lived for several generations, the water in Luozhou is very deep, not shallower than Cangzhou!

There are rumors that many elderly Divine Kings are here to hide, enjoying a quiet and peaceful time, and not participating in worldly battles.

It is also said that there is a prosperous Divine Emperor in Luozhou, but it has never been shot, unless it is about the survival of Luozhou, then Divine Emperor will do it.

But, these all are rumors.

According to the guesses of those Old Monsters who have lived for several generations, although there is not necessarily a Divine Emperor in Los Angeles, there are definitely a few Divine Kings!

Also, they are all Peak Levels!

Therefore, under normal circumstances, no one will go wild in Los Angeles. Even with the power of Divinity Venerable Level, coming to Los Angeles is also a leisure trip and will not cause trouble here.

In addition to these, Luozhou is most famous for its Luotian tea made by Luoshen.

Many people travel thousands of miles to Luozhou, not for others, just to drink a pot of Luoshen tea!

Someone once drank it and felt that this tea is comparable to a holy medicine!

Even, there was a Divine King who came here when his life essence was exhausted. He was thinking of old-age care, but he lived out his second life after drinking a cup of Luoshen tea and reappeared brilliantly!

“Luo Shen…is still making tea?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen entered the tavern, and the scenery here is no different from before.

The only difference is that the second person in the tavern has changed.

Jiang Chen remembers clearly that when he was Tianchen in his previous life, he just entered Nine Heavens God World not long after he came here to drink tea.

But who would have thought that if the money was not enough, after an overlord meal, he would fight with the shopkeeper here.

As a result, it is conceivable that Jiang Chen was suppressed on the spot.

Afterwards, if it is not for Luoshen, Jiang Chen will probably be abolished the cultivation base.

At the beginning, Luoshen wanted to help Jiang Chen for a very simple reason. She felt that Jiang Chen was too weak……

That’s it!

This matter keeps Jiang Chen on his mind, so after becoming the Divine King, he came here again and wanted to buy this Luoshen Bistro.

But it turned out…and it didn’t work.

As for what happened in it, Jiang Chen didn’t want to say, but it felt very embarrassing!

“Xiao Er, come to a pot of Luoshen tea.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen found a seat at random and greeted the store Xiao Er.

“Sorry objective, Luoshen does not make tea today.” Xiaoer from the new shop smiled and walked over, holding a teapot in his hand, and said: “Why don’t you drink this?”

“What is this?” Jiang Chen wondered, and said: “Luo Shen makes tea every day, why not make tea today?”

You should know that since Luoshen became famous, one of them lived here every day. Making tea is a common practice and a habit. The wind does not change and the thunder cannot move.

But today…

“I don’t know objectively. Luoshen is going to get married. During this time, he will not make tea, and he may not make tea anymore.” Xiaoer explained Tao.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen hadn’t spoken yet, and the others in the tavern couldn’t sit still.

Someone came here on purpose just to drink a cup of Luoshen tea.

But listening to Xiaoer’s words, these people who have traveled all the way are naturally uncomfortable.

“Go and call Luoshen! Today, I have to drink a pot of tea if I don’t say anything!”

“Xiaoer, I’ll wait for ten thousand li to come. Here, it’s all if you don’t drink tea. Luoshen should always let us meet, right?”

“Yes, tea is a trivial matter, I will see you later.”


Hearing these people’s words, the shop’s second person bitterly laughed and said embarrassedly: “I am just a handyman, and the guests’ requests are really embarrassing to me.”

Speaking, there was even a hint of contempt in the eyes of the shop’s little second.

Jiang Chen was also bitterly laughed, secretly thought that this group of people drank some kind of tea, obviously they came to see Luoshen.

Whether Luoshen’s tea is good or not, Jiang Chen really doesn’t know, because he can’t taste tea.

However, Jiang Chen knows exactly what Luoshen looks like.

Nine Heavens God World Two flowers, one above the clouds, side by side with Yaoyang-Moon God.

The other one is called Luoshui Spirit, which is Luoshen.

At first, when the Moon God fell because of Jiang Chen, it caused a sensation in the entire Nine Heavens God World.

The men who admired the Moon God were crying and sad for a long time.

Fortunately, there is also a luna.

But now, hearing that the Moon God is getting married, can this group of people sit still? !

As the saying goes, I can’t get you, just look at it!

If you don’t even want to watch it, then I will disagree!

“After the Moon God fell, the name of Nine Heavens God World’s number one beauty fell on Luoshen’s head.” Someone stood up and said solemnly: “I am waiting to admire Luoshen, no Drinking tea, just look at it and feel satisfied!”

“Yes! Moon God gets married, I have no objection to wait, but… I also have to see who I marry, and I can wait and check! ”


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