I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1013

The beautiful name of Luoshen, Nine Heavens God World everyone knows.

Now, Luoshen is getting married, which makes those who admire her feel very uncomfortable.

Furthermore, many people are wondering, when has Moon God liked someone?

“Isn’t it just a tea maker, see you are excited.” Jiang Chen muttered.

In his eyes, Luoshen is a Lady Boss in a tavern, and a tea maker.

In addition to looking good, there is nothing special about it.

“Everyone, the posture of Luoshen, how can ordinary people be worthy of it.” Dian Xiaoer’s novel: “The person Luoshen is going to marry now is the Young Master of the Pingtian clan behind Linlang Academy!”

“The Young Master of the Pingtian Clan!?”

“The one with the same name as the End of the World!?”


This one , A group of people froze.

They really don’t want to watch Luoshen get married, but the identity of the person Luoshen wants to marry is too unusual!

The Young Master of the Pingtian clan is so noble and his aptitude innate talent is extremely strong, which is rare in ancient times.

Such people are indeed worthy of Luoshen.

However, some people were angry and couldn’t help saying: “Did the Pingtian clan force Luoshen?”

As soon as these words came out, many people immediately agreed.

You know, since Luoshen opened this tavern, she has never heard of anyone she likes.

Normally, Luoshen has always been elegant and elegant, not staining the world, just like an ethereal Fairy.

It is hard for everyone to imagine how such an ethereal person would suddenly marry someone.

Even Jiang Chen was stunned for a while, secretly thought this thing is really weird!

At the beginning, Jiang Chen and Luoshen had a good relationship. When the two communicated, Luoshen also told Jiang Chen that she was Luoshui as the way, the water is clear, and her heart is clear, regardless of the world, and abandon Distracted thoughts, how can you marry? !

“The troubled times are coming, Luoshen is a weak woman, she must have a home after all.” Xiaoer sighed: “The creatures of Great Thousand Worlds are coming, and the creatures of Yin Sector are also coming, who I want to live, even if it’s Luoshen, no exception.”

“There is no need to marry someone!”

“Yes! As long as Luoshen nodded, come to me Zong, I will protect her from the clan!”

The shop Xiaoer heard this, and a hint of contempt flashed in his eyes.

The identities of these people are good, and the cultivation base is also high, but compared to the Hepingtian clan, what counts?

At the same time, the second person in this shop also knows a little about Luoshen.

At this time, Luoshen decided to marry the Young Master of the Pingtian clan, and the Pingtian clan is not at all persecuted.

It’s just that Xiaoer Dian is also very curious about why Luoshen made such a decision.

Are there any difficulties?

“Little Er, have tea.”

Suddenly, a cold, unfeeling voice came from the second floor of the tavern.

The second floor of this tavern does not pick up guests, because the second floor is the residence of Luoshen.

At this moment, with the sound of the second floor, the first floor suddenly fell silent.

Everyone looked towards the stairs, wanting to see Luoshen’s appearance.

However, Luoshen did not come down at all, but instead ordered Xiao Er to serve a pot of tea and delivered it to Jiang Chen.

That many inside the tavern gave Jiang Chen a pot of tea for one person, which naturally attracted everyone’s attention.


“Jiang Chen!?”


At this time, everyone found Jiang Chen.

After all, everyone was attracted by Luoshen’s marriage, and they didn’t care about a small cultivator of Heavenly God Realm.

“Tianchen, do you still have the courage to come out?”

“Destroyed the two forces under Divine Throne, the Lord of Light, ransacked the Dark Temple, and offered a reward for assassination Wang, why do you dare to come out?”


Everyone has strange expressions, and even more people have killing intents!

“I came here today to drink tea.” Jiang Chen lightly said, pouring himself a cup of tea, and after taking a sip, an angry look flashed in his eyes and said: “If You have to do it, I don’t mind moving your tibia.”

“hmph! A high-rank Heavenly God that’s all!”

“I’ve heard about it long ago, you destroy the Lord of Light When the two forces under the divine throne are under the help, please help! Later, when looting the Dark Temple, Formation is used! What is your true power!?”

“In my eyes, you of this life, Too weak !”


In the presence, several of them were from the 36 main gods.

These people speak very awkwardly, and there are more killing intents revealed!

Also, while talking, they moved towards Jiang Chen!

“Lady Boss, I’m here to drink tea. It’s a guest.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile: “As a guest, you will be beaten in your tavern. You shouldn’t come out. Do you care?”

“Is it my turn to take care of it?” On the second floor, Luoshen’s cold voice came, saying: “dignified Divine King, why don’t I help the little Lord God? “

“Eh…” Jiang Chen was taken aback for a moment, secretly thought that Luoshen was different from before.

Before, although Luoshen was cold and tall, he would not be so ruthless.

Especially when Jiang Chen and Luoshen discussed Taoism, Luoshen was quite enthusiastic.

Now…what is this situation? How did your attitude become so much?

“This is easy!”

“Since Luoshen doesn’t make a move, then…today you have no Formation and no helpers, let’s see how you get out of this tavern alive!”


For a time, two gods and a title god came over and surrounded Jiang Chen!

After that, several people shot at the same time, and the violent divine force slapped like waves!

“This is it?” Jiang Chen lightly said, never getting up, his palm struck out across the air, and the sound of Dragon-Tiger blew up instantly!

After that, I saw a rose blooming, and the shadow of the dragon followed. Under the sweep, these people were suppressed in an instant!

“I said, I’m here for tea today, I don’t want to do it.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “But, if you really can’t tolerate someone from Jiang, then…you can see blood today. “

“This guy…the high-ranking Heavenly God, suppresses the title god with his fingers!?”

“Looks at it, he hasn’t used his full strength yet! Maybe…he can compete with The Lord God fights!”

The people present are not blind, and you can see Jiang Chen’s battle strength is extraordinary at a glance.

For a while, no one dared to trouble Jiang Chen again.

“After drinking this pot of tea, let’s go.” Luoshen’s voice came from the second floor again. Hearing the meaning, it seemed to be an Expulsion Order.

However, what surprised everyone was that after Jiang Chen heard this, frowned, with a displeased expression, got up and moved towards the second floor!

“Objective!” Upon seeing this, Xiao Er from the shop hurriedly stepped out and stopped Jiang Chen.

At the same time, someone stared at Jiang Chen, coldly said: “Since the establishment of this tavern, apart from Luoshen, there has never been a second person to go up!”

” This is the rule!”


“Fart! The king had been up there! I slept!” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and said: “If you don’t believe me, ask Luoshen! She and I are on the second floor, in her bed, drinking tea and talking about the Tao!”

I made a typo in the previous chapter. It is not the Moon God who is going to be married, but Luo Shen! It’s Luoshen! It’s Luoshen! Say the important thing three times!

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