I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1014

Drink tea on Luoshen’s bed! ?

This fuck! A group of people fry the pan!

In the hearts of everyone, Luoshen is clear as ice and clean as jade, not staining the world, and out of the dust, how can he bring a man into his boudoir! ?

Also let him sit on his bed! ?

“My God!”

“You did that’s all for the Moon God, didn’t expect even Luoshen!”

Waiting all over the field, and some people clutching their chests, heartbroken!

Jiang Chen hearing this, his face turned dark, and the corners of his mouth were chuckle!

What a special one! ? What a mess! ?

At this moment, Jiang Chen didn’t bother to explain, he directly opened the shop, and rushed to the second floor in a few steps.

Kicked open the door on the second floor and saw an impossibly beautiful person sitting on a rocking chair, drinking tea leisurely.

This person is Luoshen!

“Don’t you explain?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen gloomy face naturally walked to Luoshen’s side, pulled a chair and sat down.

Luo Shen seems to have known Jiang Chen would do this for a long time. It’s not surprising.

I saw him holding up the teacup and taking a sip, indifferently said: “I can’t control the mouth of the world.”

“If you are a man or a woman, don’t care. Live!” Jiang Chen felt a chill in his heart, secretly thought how could there be such a person in this world!

Others don’t know, but Jiang Chen knows very clearly!

Luo Shen, who is known as the second only to Moon God, whose gender is male!

Even at the beginning, Jiang Chen personally learned from Luoshen that this guy was tired of making tea in the tavern and found a rich lady and the goddess, so he was raised by Bao!

What made Jiang Chen didn’t expect was that after so many years, the world didn’t even know that Luoshen was a man!

The most important thing is that Luoshen has never come forward to explain!

“I am a man or a woman, I know it myself, why should I explain it to others?” Luoshen said lightly: “They are blind, and even men and women can’t distinguish that’s all.”


“Okay! Let’s not mention this! Let’s talk about it first, why do you have a special big man to marry!?” Jiang Chen endured the cold and asked.

As soon as these words came out, Luo Divine Eyes flashed a hint of helplessness, and a trace of sadness appeared on the beautiful face, and he sighed: “I can’t help it, just to survive.”




Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, someone rushed up and kicked the door that had just been closed again!

After that, a group of people rushed in. When they saw Jiang Chen swaggering in the chairs, the hearts of the group of people were sore!

“Luo Shen! You are the number one beauty of Nine Heavens God World anyway, can you cleanse yourself!?”

“Although I am your admirer, but…you This behavior is too…too bad!”

Many people shouted, but the tone of voice was still very gentle.

“Jiang Chen! No matter who you were in your previous life, this life is rebuilt in your realm, Divine King Divine Spark is not there, you lose your identity!”

“A trifling upper Heavenly God, also Fit to sit with Luoshen!?”


“I want to fight you!”


A group of People seem to run away, unable to bear that Goddess in his heart has such special treatment for Jiang Chen!

Jiang Chen hearing this, his face grew gloomy, staring at Luoshen, as if telling him: “Should you not explain?”

However, Luoshen is really not there. Explanation!

I saw him slowly getting up, like a white jade, with a hand that was whiter than a woman’s lightly waving in the air, and teacups fell in front of everyone.

“Since you are all here, you can drink tea here, even if I make an exception.” Luoshen said.

“This…this is Luoshen’s boudoir! I am lucky to wait!”

“Goddess invites me to drink tea in her boudoir!”

… …

A group of people were irritated before, but after Luoshen poured them a cup of tea, it was just like that… it was all right! ?

However, Jiang Chen’s face is getting darker and darker, staring at Luoshen, and secretly sound transmission, saying: “You can explain it clearly! I don’t know what to do!”

“Explain now, doesn’t it take my life?” Luoshen calmly sounded transmission with Jiang Chen, and said: “I’m almost married to the Pingtian clan, now if I say I am Man, don’t the Pingtian people think that I’m playing with them and can’t take me alive?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, anger in my heart!

Since you know that you cannot afford to offend the Pingtian clan, then you promised to marry the Young Master of the Pingtian clan! ?

You have a pit in your head! ?

However, Luoshen’s next words let Jiang Chen understand Luoshen’s difficulties.

Before, Luoshen was really unwilling to explain his gender.

After all, in his mind, these people can’t distinguish between men and women, so why do they explain?

But when he wanted to explain later, it was too late!

Luo Shen is in charge of Nine Heavens God World 3000 Luoshui, which is known to all!

Just because Luoshen’s body is a drop of psychic Luoshui!

And Luoshui, flowing from the great void, does not know its source or destination.

And now, Luoshen tells Jiang Chen that the source of Luoshui is in Yin Sector!

Nowadays, Yin and Yang are about to reverse chaos. Once Yin and Yang are out of balance, the creatures of Yin Sector can enter the Yang Sector without any scruples!

But this is not absolute!

Because the creatures of Yin Sector need to cross Luoshui if they want to enter Yang Sector!

Luoshui is also called stagnant water. Living creatures cannot pass. Every creature who wants to cross Luoshui must pay a great price!

Now, Yin Sector is going to aggressively attack Yang Sector, and it is impossible for every creature to pay a great price to cross Luoshui!

Then, there is only one way to cross Luoshui and enter Yang Sector without any cost!

Fill the Luoshui River!

And Luoshen is the spirit of Luoshui, if you want to fill up the river, you must first kill him!

Now, Luoshen is also trying to protect himself, and only then did he find a way to “take refuge” under the Pingtian clan!

If not, wait until he is found by the creatures of Yin Sector, if no one is sheltered, it must be a dead end!

“You also know that my body is the spirit of Luoshui…” Luoshen bitterly, sighed: “I cut off the boundary between Yin and Yang. The creatures of Yin Sector now want to kill me and fill up Luoshui. Dahe…”

“But…you don’t need to use this method to save your life, right?” Jiang Chen frowns saying.

“So what else can I do?” Luoshen asked back.

You must know that in this era, not only the prosperous times will come, but also chaotic times!

In this era, what is Divine King? Not even the gods can stand on their feet!

Only with the shelter of those Peak forces, it is possible to live!

And now Nine Heavens God World, in the eyes of everyone, the strongest, and dare to come forward to contend with Yin Sector, only the Pingtian clan!

As for the end of the world, the Heavenspan Church and other forces are now closed, and Luoshen can’t find them!

“This matter…it’s a bit troublesome!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “In case the people of the common people know that you are a man…”

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