I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1015

Luo Shen is also worried about this matter now, in case the Pingtian people know that he is a man and marry their Young Master…

This matter, Think about all terrifying!

“You mean, as long as you don’t die, even after Yin and Yang rebellion, the creatures of Yin Sector will have to pay the price if they want to enter Yang Sector?” Jiang Chen suddenly realized the key to this matter !

“Yes.” Luoshen nodded, said: “Luoshui, also known as stagnant water, separates Yin-Yang two sectors and lies between the two sectors.”

“It’s like A dividing line, anyone who wants to cross the past will have to pay the price.”

“Then…As long as you do not die, this Luoshui will not be destroyed, and the creatures of Yin Sector will also have to enter Yang Sector. Paying the price, isn’t this weakening them in disguise?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It can be understood that way.” Luoshen lightly said, but then shook his head, and said: “But it can’t be summarized, once a certain limit is exceeded, it will not be affected by Luoshui.”

Speaking of this, Luoshen finally showed a trace of sadness on his face, and he didn’t want to continue to dwell on this topic.

Now, what he cares most about is how to hide the Pingtian clan.

Be aware of the Pingtian clan, but there is a powerhouse of God Emperor Level, and there is definitely an emperor!

In front of this kind of creature, Luoshen’s male body will certainly not be seen through.

When the time comes, the Young Master of the dignified Pingtian clan actually married a man. This matter spreads out, where is the face of the Pingtian clan? ?

At that time, you can only kill Luoshen’s face!

“By the way…what are you doing with me today?” Luoshen asked.

“What did you say?” Jiang Chen squinted, and said angrily: “What did you keep in your care?”

As soon as this was said, Luoshen’s expression seemed a little bit It’s not natural!

At the beginning, when Jiang Chen had not fallen, he left a bone coffin here, allowing Luoshen to wash and save it with Luoshui.

This time Jiang Chen came here, naturally to retrieve the bone coffin!

It was also an accident when Jiang Chen got the bone coffin.

At that time, Jiang Chen just became the Divine King shortly after, accidentally went down the Eastern Sea forbidden area, and even accidentally entered a Small World.

In that Small World, Jiang Chen saw a panic scene!

In Small World, everything is white, even if it is blood, it is not red!

The ground is full of white bones, the carrion is pale, even the Yaoyang and Haoyue there are pale!

In that Small World, Jiang Chen found this bone coffin.

I thought it was a very ordinary coffin, but after Jiang Chen observed it carefully, he realized that this bone coffin had a lot to come!

The material is cast with Ancestral Dragon Bone, and it is covered with white lines, like a rune, but also like a book!

And, under the white lines, there is also a hint of black hidden!

That black, like the darkest thing in the world, gloomy and cold!

After Jiang Chen got the bone coffin, he studied for a long time, and finally found that the bone coffin was sealed!

And the thing that seals the bone coffin is the black substance!

Finally, Jiang Chen found Luoshen and asked him to purify the black substance on the bone coffin with Luo water, hoping to open the bone coffin!

Of course, this is only the case nowadays, and Jiang Chen this life doesn’t have to worry about it.

Because, after Jiang Chen handed the bone coffin to Luoshen, he went to the Small World again!

In the end he found a ruin!

In the ruins, there are inscriptions on which some things are recorded, including this bone coffin!

According to the record on the inscription, the Small World was originally the dojo of a certain Major Sect, but due to a change, the entire Major Sect was destroyed!

At the beginning, the most powerhouse of Major Sect, seriously injured and sleeping, seemed to have entered this bone coffin!

The most important thing is that Major Sect is suspected to be related to the ancestors!

Nowadays, Jiang Chen has been exposed to more and more things about the ancestors. Jiang Chen wants to understand what kind of creatures the ancestors are.

What is their attitude towards the Six Realms?

Is it like Great Sage’s deduction, will destroy the Six Realms? Or does it protect the Six Realms?

“You may not believe it, I suspect that the person buried in this bone coffin may be related to me.” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

There is a record on the inscription tablet that after Major Sect was destroyed, Sect Lord entered the bone coffin.

There are also records on the inscription monument, mentioning the words Xuan Xuan and Tian Qing!

Jiang Chen would naturally not care if he changed it.

But this life, Jiang Chen knows a lot!

For example, he has been in reincarnation for several lifetimes!

So, the words Tianxuan and Tianqing mentioned on the inscription tablet refer to his previous lives? !

If this is the case, then how did Jiang Chen and this Major Sect relate? ?

Because of many doubts, Jiang Chen has to think more, and now he wants to open the bone coffin urgently and find out!


“You know, I was raised by a heroine god Bao.” Luo Shen whispered: “You also know why the heroine god Bao raised me, I also spent a lot of things.”

“So what?” Jiang Chen snorted in his heart, secretly thought something happened!

“No one didn’t expect you to be reincarnated, so after you fell, I dedicated the bone coffin… to the heroine god.” Luoshen did not dare to look at Jiang Chen now!

Just because he knows that Jiang Chen is here this time, it shows that he attaches great importance to the bone coffin!

But now, the bone coffin is gone!

“I!” Jiang Chen stood up suddenly, his face was dark, and he pointed to Luoshen’s nose in front of everyone, and said: “believing or not I cut you off!?”

“you dare!”

“impudent! Tell me Goddess respectfully!”


Rather than wait for Luoshen to speak, all around a group of people They also got up one after another, and even protected Luoshen behind!

This scene makes Jiang Chen a little messy, secretly thought, are you worth it for a man? ?

“A group of blind people!” Jiang Chen slandered, glared at Luoshen, and asked: “Where is the heroine god!?”

“Now it’s ten thousand barrels The little daughter-in-law of the bank owner…” Luoshen sound transmission said.


At this moment, Jiang Chen’s eyes dizzy, he almost didn’t faint, and his heart was very messy!

Your circle is really messy!

“You don’t know the working style of the Qiantong Bank!? You can’t get in! I want to get the bone coffin back from the Qiantong Bank, easier said than done!?” Jiang Chen said solemnly, his head is big Up!

Furthermore, let’s change to someone else, maybe you can go to the Ten Thousand Barrel Bank to exchange the bone coffin.

But if you change to Jiang Chen, this won’t work!

In the previous life, Jiang Chen’s credit at the ten thousand barrel bank was an astronomical figure!

As a result, Jiang Chen died before the debt was repaid…

It’s okay now, unless it is to pay off the debt owed in the previous life, if not…don’t think about it!

“Don’t you have a good relationship with the Ten Thousand Barrel Bank? You go get it, people won’t give it to you?” Luoshen whispered.

“You know what a fart!” Jiang Chen’s face became more gloomy, and said: “That was before! Now they can bird me? What can I care about?! Nothing!”

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