I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1016

Three thousand years ago, when Jiang Chen was the Divine King, the Nine Heavens God World was calm and there was no turmoil. Even the ancient Divine King and the powerhouse of the gods were not born.

At that time, Jiang Chen was the best powerhouse in Nine Heavens God World!

This is the case, the ten thousand barrels of money bank will open the back door for Jiang Chen, let him credit!

Because the ten thousand barrels bank also wants to win over Jiang Chen.

But who would have thought that Jiang Chen in his previous life was ambushed by 36 main gods, body dies and Dao disappears.

And the account on credit has not been paid off now.

Of course, if this life, Jiang Chen is still the most powerhouse, then this account will naturally not be repaid!

After all, everyone wants to win the most powerhouse.

But now… Jiang Chen, what a! ?

“In the previous life, there should be some kind of rules that caused the ancient Divine King and even the powerhouse of Divinity Venerable Level to never be born, so I was invincible for a while.” Jiang Chen sighed, “Yes. This life is different. The ancient Divine King is recovering, the powerhouse of the gods also appeared, and even the Divine Emperor, and even the emperor!”

“Compared with them, even if I return to the Peak of the previous life Cultivation base, you can’t get into the magic eye of a thousand barrels of money!”

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen has a headache!

“This life…I can’t say that you are nothing.” Luoshen whispered whispered: “This life, you are the dísciple of Heavenspan Church, the acting emperor of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, the tutor of Shengshi Academy, these identities Isn’t it enough?”

“Will the ten thousand barrels bank sell this face?” Jiang Chen said grimly.

Thousand barrels of money are very realistic. If Jiang Chen’s own strength is not enough, relying on other forces, simply won’t give him a good look!

Even, Jiang Chen suspects that if he is found by the people of the ten thousand barrels bank now, it is estimated that he will be stripped alive!

“That’s right! Someone might be able to help!”

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s heart brightened, and he thought of one person, that is, Nine Worlds!

At the beginning, when I first met with Jiu Tianxia, ​​it was because of the Eldest Miss Ji Qingxue of the Ten Thousand Barrel Bank!

Jiu Tianxia and Ji Qingxue are best friends, very good!

So, if Ji Qingxue can take out the bone coffin from the ten thousand barrels of money, it will not work if it can drag the relationship between the nine worlds!

It’s just that Jiu Tianxia now has amnesia, and I don’t know if I can help Jiang Chen.

Thinking of this, Jiang Chen couldn’t sit down anymore, glared at Luoshen, said solemnly: “Pay attention to yourself! If one day is really discovered by the Pingtian clan, go to Jiu Tian Dynasty!”


“I hope I won’t be discovered…” Luoshen said with a bitter smile.

Finally, Jiang Chen left, and with the help of the Transmission Array of Luo Divine City, he came directly to the gate of the Nine Heavens Dynasty.

The current Nine Heavens Dynasty has been unblocked and born.

Furthermore, declare that the world will protect the world’s creatures against Yin Sector and Great Thousand Worlds!

Now, because of this time announcement, the Nine Heavens Dynasty has become famous in God World, and its prestige has been greatly expanded!

Many people came here admiringly. Some worshipped at the imperial gate, and powerhouse became the official guest official of imperial consecration. Of course, people who came to seek refuge were indispensable.

Looking at it, today’s Nine Heavens Dynasty, there are many lives, and there are dozens of people at the gate alone!

In the square, there are hundreds of dísciples in cultivation!

Moreover, Jiang Chen also saw several main gods and an ancient Divine King!

And these, for the current Jiang Chen, it is of course not surprising.

After all, Jiang Chen of this life can be considered to have seen the world, and has met with the gods!

But when he entered the mountain gate, crossed the square, and came to the great hall of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, his face changed!

Before the great hall, it was the square.

At this moment, before the great hall, there is a skinny Elderly sitting here with her eyes closed.

The divine light on his body flickers slightly, there are big runes condensed around him, and there is a wisp of law under the seat like a real dragon-like hovering!

He seems to be in Scripture Lecture, preaching for the dísciple in the square!

And the moment Jiang Chen saw this skinny Elderly, his soul throbbed instinctively!

It seems to have encountered a dormant Great Desolate beast, and it seems to have met an emperor, and the meaning of acknowledge allegiance swept through the heart, and even the soul!


Jiang Chen’s body was trembling, and the heart of acknowledge allegiance in his heart became stronger and stronger, and he almost couldn’t help bowing down!

Fortunately, Elderly woke up at this moment, and the imposing manner on her body disappeared and turned into a very ordinary Elderly.

After seeing Jiang Chen, he hurriedly got up, arched his hand to Jiang Chen, showing a pair of yellow teeth, said with a smile: “many thanks to Heaven’s grace of unsealing.”

“en? Unblock?” Jiang Chen was stunned, then reacted, and asked: “Senior…you are born?”

In the beginning, Jiang Chen unblocked the seal of the Nine Heavens Dynasty. , Released Jiu Shen.

After that, entrusted by the nine depths, enter the world inside the bronze gate, and slowly unlock the blood moon seal with Strength of Array!

Didn’t expect, so long has passed, the creatures who were previously sealed in the blood moon came out!

Moreover, it recovered quickly, and the cultivation base seems to have reached the Divine Emperor!

Even…the emperor!

“I don’t know how many times have been sealed in the blood moon. If you didn’t make a move, I am afraid this life would not come out.” This Elderly was grateful and said: “old man has a single name with nine characters, heaven If Fellow Daoist Cang doesn’t dislike it, he can be commensurate with my peers, and it’s okay to call me the old nine.”

“The previous life, no matter who I am, has passed. This life is called Jiang Chen.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “I should call you Jiu Senior.”

“Senior is not a word, just call me the old nine.” The old nine said resolutely: “Although the first few The world is over, but I will remember it all. It is my blessing to be able to meet your peers.”

After that, the old nine’s expression condensed and stared at Jiang Chen for a while. , Asked in a condensed voice: “You…Primal Chaos Qi!?”

“en?” Jiang Chen was moved, and he didn’t even think of seeing him within the body at a glance!

Also, looking at the expression of Lao Jiu, it seems very jealous, and there is a hint of fear in the depths of his eyes!

“Senior, this Primal Chaos Qi…is there a problem?” Jiang Chen asked hurriedly.

You must know that the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi today blend with Jiang Chen’s soul, and it can also be said to be attached to Jiang Chen’s soul.

If there are any problems with these three wisps of Primal Chaos Qi, Jiang Chen’s soul will be lost, when the time comes directly the soul flew away and scattered!

“This…it’s hard to tell.” Old Jiu frowned, with a hint of doubt, and said: “It stands to reason that chaos is impossible to be controlled and controlled.”

“From ancient times to the present , Anyone who is contaminated with chaos will not end well, and even disappear for no reason.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, his heart was chilling, and he asked: “Is nothing to disappear for no reason? Will not be swallowed by chaos.” Is it?”

“It may be swallowed…but there are rumors that those creatures who once wanted to control and control the chaos were not swallowed, but went to another world.” Lao Jiu said, shook the head, said: “It’s weird, but it can’t be verified. It’s hard to say clearly.”

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