I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1017

There are many legends about chaos, but most of them are full of weird colors.

Even the God Emperor Level powerhouse, I am afraid I dare not easily set foot in the Primal Chaos Domain.

At this moment, Lao Jiu no longer discusses this topic. The expression grave’s looked towards Jiang Chen and said: “The Nine Heavens Dynasty is born again, so don’t go out, and cultivate here with peace of mind.”

“The outside is chaotic. Many forces have been born quietly. You have never even heard of some forces.”

“Which forces?” Jiang Chen asked.

Jiang Chen knows that the water in Nine Heavens God World is very deep, but no one knows how deep it is.

Perhaps, only those Old Monsters who have lived for several generations will know one or two.

“Leave aside the Hepingtian Clan on the End of the World, now everyone knows the existence of these two forces.” Lao Jiu said, looking into the distance, after taking a deep breath, a trace of jealousy flashed in his eyes Meaning.

“Three mountains and six seas are about to be born.”

Finally, the old nine sighed and explained to Jiang Chen what three mountains and six seas are.

Sanshan was called Three Purities upper sect a long time ago. However, due to a huge change, the Three Purities upper sect burst and finally split into three sects, each of which was established as the original Three Purities upper sect. The sect’s sacred mountain is a mountain gate, thus renamed Sanshan.

These three mountains have been strong from ancient times to the present, and even later generations have Human Sovereign, imitating one of the three mountains, and named their dojo third mountain!

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen expression condensed, the Human Sovereign that the old nine said, is it the one from Atheus Continent?

Be aware that there is a forbidden area in Atheus Continent, called third mountain!

In the third mountain, the one who claims to be Human Sovereign lives!

However, before Jiang Chen asked, Lao Jiu continued.

Today, the three mountains are all in the Eastern Sea forbidden area, each occupying an island, which is a forbidden area on its own and never allows outsiders to enter.

Even Sect’s Disciples can only live on the island, and cannot really enter the “mountain”.

These three mountains have always been mysterious, but some people have clearly understood something. Nine Heavens God World, and even the great turmoil of the Six Realms, have three mountains behind them!

It is not only the old nine who is worried, but also the leaders of several other Peak forces. Does Sanshan want to destroy the Six Realms? !

Be aware that there was a turmoil at the beginning, but it caused the destruction of three forbidden areas, hundreds of millions of lives died, and the entire God World was bloodied!

And the turmoil at the beginning, even the “Human World” of Six within the realm collapsed and almost collapsed!

Afterwards, if it weren’t for Human Sovereign to take action and protect Human World with Great Divine Ability, I am afraid that Human World would have been destroyed without a foreign land action.

Hearing this, Jiang Chen’s heart tightened.

If what Laojiu said is true, then these three mountains are too terrifying!

The turmoil caused almost wiped out a big world!

“Now, the three mountains are born, but they have not yet come out of the Eastern Sea forbidden area.” Lao Jiu said: “I can sense the breath of the old monsters in the three mountains, as strong as ever, as if It will not weaken with the years, the blood energy and life essence are still strong!”

“Three mountains and six seas…what are the six seas?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Six seas, one of which is the Eastern Sea Forbidden Land.” Old Jiu said. When he mentioned the Eastern Sea Forbidden Land, the doubt on his face became more and more intense.

Because, Eastern Sea forbidden land has been a forbidden land since ancient times, but no one knows who the owner of this forbidden land is!

In this world, many people have entered the Eastern Sea forbidden land. Some people have returned alive, but some have died inside.

The people who came out alive have never seen the owner of the Eastern Sea forbidden area, and even after coming out of the Eastern Sea forbidden area, some memories seem to be cut off and disappear!

The most puzzling thing is that Eastern Sea is originally a forbidden land, but why should the three mountains be built in the Eastern Sea forbidden land? !

Isn’t this a forbidden place among the forbidden places?

As the owner of the Eastern Sea Forbidden Land, can you really tolerate the establishment of power by the Three Mountains on their own territory?

“Perhaps the owner of the Eastern Sea Forbidden Land has died a long time ago, or… he doesn’t want to care about these things at all.” The old nine said solemnly.

“Are there any treasures in the Eastern Sea Forbidden Area?” Jiang Chen lightly said: “If not, why would the Three Mountains be built in Eastern Sea?”

“This is just a guess “Lao Jiu said: “There are many speculations about Eastern Sea, but only one is the most convincing!”

“What?” Jiang Chen asked.

Lao Jiu took a few deep breaths, his expression was very solemn, and only after a few breaths did he speak slowly, saying: “Eastern Sea forbidden land, perhaps the place where the south wall manifests!”

If not, why would the Three Mountains enter the Eastern Sea Forbidden Land?

And why, Eastern Sea never sees its owner in the forbidden land! ?

Perhaps, there is only one possibility. There is no owner in the forbidden area of ​​Eastern Sea. This place is just a natural barrier that protects the south wall that’s all!

Furthermore, Sanshan is a Peak force, and its inheritance is immortal. In their eyes, this God World, or even the entire Six Realms, is not worth their shot.

They are aloof and remote, already detached, how can ordinary things come into their eyes!

After all speculations, many people finally came to the conclusion that the three mountains entered the Eastern Sea forbidden area for the south wall!

Of course, these all are guesses, and no one knows what the facts are.

Perhaps Eastern Sea has a forbidden land owner, maybe dead, maybe still alive.

The three mountains entered the Eastern Sea forbidden area, or for other purposes.

“Apart from Eastern Sea, what other seas are there?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Reincarnation, You Ming, Sen Luo, extradition, death.” Old Jiu said, there was a hint of fear in his eyes!

This made Jiang Chen very scared, and even more shocked!

During the conversation, Jiang Chen learned that Lao Jiu was an emperor, the highest realm within the realm!

Such creatures originally stood on the top of cultivation, overlooking the eternal life.

It stands to reason that such creatures will only be jealous, so how can there be fear? ?

However, at this moment, Jiang Chen clearly sees that there is a sense of fear in Old Jiu’s pupils!

“Wait! These seas…how come the names are strange!”

Suddenly, Jiang Chen realized one thing!

Reincarnation, You Ming, Senluo, Insidious, Death, these few names…however they sound like…something only in the underground palace! ?

is it possible that, these five seas originate from the underworld! ?

“You guessed it, right?” Lao Jiu Ning said: “There used to be an underground palace, and it was turned into an ancient underground palace by later generations.”

“However, the ancient underground palace was a long time ago. It collapsed and was destroyed. In later generations, the ancient palace reappeared, but turned into five different forces, and these five forces are these five seas.”

The expression of the old nine is very high. It is dignified, not only the fear in the eyes, but also the fear in the expression, it is difficult to conceal!

“These five seas…they have a very clear purpose, to destroy everything and reproduce the original ancient palace!” Old Jiu said.

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