I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1018

The purpose of Sanshan is not clear, and most of them are guessing.

But the purpose of the six seas as everyone knows!

The ancient land was established in Primordial Chaos Era, and it was glorious in the later period of Hongmeng.

At that time, the ancient house, powerhouse as clouds, was full of emperors!

Even, there is a suspected existence beyond the emperor!

At that time, the ancient palace was said to truly control reincarnation. Whoever died would have to die, and whoever lived could live!

At that time, all creatures in the world could reincarnate, but they needed the consent of the ancient palace!

Because of this, some people in later generations resisted, and eventually united with many Peak powerhouses to destroy the ancient palace, break the cycle of reincarnation, and let the matter of reincarnation no longer be controlled by the ancient palace!

However, what makes the world didn’t expect is that since the ancient palace was destroyed, reincarnation has also changed.

Until later lives, not everyone can reincarnate. After some die, they will never appear.

Sometimes, some people may wonder whether the reincarnation would still be controlled if the ancient palace was not destroyed, and whether every creature could be reborn in reincarnation?

Some people also regret that if the ancient palace is still there, when the life essence is exhausted, as long as you provide enough treasure to the ancient palace and lower your posture, you may be able to reincarnate and live again!

But, everything is over, the ancient palace was destroyed after all, and it was not accepted.

However, just when everyone thought that the ancient palace would no longer appear, five great seas appeared in later generations!

In Great Desolate Era, the five great seas were born out of thin air, controlling a corner of reincarnation, allowing people to ferry back and live a lifetime, and even several lifetimes!

However, the practice of Five Great Seas is unacceptable to the world.

They uphold the will of the ancient land and want to control all the creatures in the world and control their Life and Death Samsara!

This naturally caused dissatisfaction among all living beings. Until the end of the Great Desolate Era, the Five Great Seas finally caused public outrage, and they were finally destroyed and hidden.

So far, the Five Great Seas and even the Ancient Mansion have disappeared from the eyes of the world, and they have not appeared in several times.

But many people know in their hearts that these forces are impossible to be destroyed!

They are absolutely dormant, looking for a chance to be born again, and even control the life and death Samsara of sentient beings, and reappear the ancient palace!

“Do you know what does it mean to reproduce the ancient palace?” Old Jiu asked.

“I don’t know.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

Perhaps, Jiang Chen’s previous lives have been exposed to these things, but he doesn’t know anything about this life.

As for these three mountains and six seas, now he has heard the old nine say so, and he only knows a little.

“They want to turn this World into a real underworld!” Old Nine said solemnly: “All creatures are like the solitary soul, unbound ghost in that underworld. Let the underworld at their mercy, this is what Their purpose!”

“So…no one would agree to the reappearance of the ancient palace?” Jiang Chen asked.

Lao Jiu hearing this, but he shook his head affirmatively and directly rejected it!

Just because there are many people in the world who don’t want to just die like this!

However, there is a problem with reincarnation nowadays, not everyone can be born again in reincarnation!

So if those people learn that the Five Great Seas are about to be born, they will definitely stand on the side of the Five Great Seas!

If they can help the Five Great Seas to rebuild the ancient mansion, then their rebirth will have a goal!

Even if the ancient land cannot be rebuilt, the Five Great Seas also control a corner of reincarnation, at least it can make those people reincarnate for one or two lives!

“Five great seas were born, three mountains were born, Yin and Yang rebelled against chaos, the south wall was about to collapse, Great Thousand Worlds fell into the Nine Heavens God World…”

“Water , More and more muddy! Even the Divine Emperor, even the emperor, may not be able to survive this chaos safely!” Old Jiuchang sighed.

This time he was born, the old nine thought that with his emperor’s cultivation base, it was enough to overwhelm everything and reproduce the former glory of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

But he also didn’t expect, unexpectedly encountered this kind of turmoil rare in ancient times!

Now, the only thing Lao Jiu can do is to protect the Jiu Tian Dynasty, even with his own life, to keep the inheritance of the Jiu Tian Dynasty immortal!

Just like this, after he was born, the Nine Heavens Dynasty declared the world, this is not only to enhance its own strength, but also to receive dísciple!

The Nine Heavens Dynasty wants to spread the inheritance, if the Nine Heavens Dynasty is really destroyed one day, at least the seeds are still there!

Maybe one day, the Nine Heavens Dynasty will reappear!

At this moment, Jiang Chen remained silent.

During this period of time, he “roamed” outside and gained a lot.

For example, the power of title and cultivation resources are all available!

With these things, Jiang Liu and the others need not worry about the way forward. As long as they don’t die, they will at least be able to cultivation to Divine King.

In this way, Jiang Chen also felt that he did not need to continue to roam outside.

Perhaps, it’s time to come back and be cultivated with peace of mind.

But before that, Jiang Chen has one more thing to do!

“Can you go to the 10,000-barrel bank and help me get something back.” Jiang Chen looked towards Lao Jiu, and said: “That is a bone coffin I got in my previous life. “Is it important?” Lao Jiu frowned: “If it is very precious, the ten thousand barrels bank will not return in vain. It must be exchanged with something equivalent.” “

Speaking of this, Lao Jiu’s expression became weird and said: “Didn’t you ransack the Dark God Temple? You have that many treasure on your body, should you be able to replace the bone coffin?”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s face blushed and said: “This…maybe not enough.”

Be aware that Jiang Chen had credited too many accounts at the Wan Barrel Bank. It’s an astronomical figure!

Now, even if Jiang Chen gives all the things stolen from the Dark God Temple to the Ten Thousand Barrel Bank, it may not be able to pay off!

Therefore, in this matter, he is not easy to come forward and can only entrust others!

“Now that the great chaos is coming, the old man, as the emperor, would be very happy if he signaled to have a relationship with the 10,000-barrel bank, the 10,000-barrel bank would be very happy to come, when the time comes asked them for a bone coffin, It should be nothing difficult.” Old Jiu thought for a while, and said: “You wait for me here, and I will come as soon as I go.”

“I’m sorry to trouble you.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Lao Jiu went straight to the Void and Jiang Chen stood at the door of the great hall, waiting for Lao Jiu to return.


After half a day, a clear and pleasant voice came from not far away.

I saw Nine Worlds, like an elf, jumping to Jiang Chen’s side.

Her memory has not been restored yet, now it is as simple as a piece of white paper.

And, in her memory, only Jiang Chen is remembered!

Sometimes Jiang Chen is also wondering how much resentment the nine worlds had towards him at the beginning. After losing his memory, he still remembers him…

“Xia Xia, long time no See, are you good at this time?” Jiang Chen smiled and touched Jiu Tianxia’s head, unavoidably a hint of guilt in his heart.

After all, Nine Worlds blocked him once. Although it was an accident, Jiang Chen was still very sorry.

“Xia Xia is very good.” Jiu Tianxia blinked bright and intelligent’s big eyes, and said: “That strange grandfather said it can help Xiao Xia restore her memory.”

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