I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1019

The strange grandfather that Jiu Tianxia said is probably the old nine.

With Lao Jiu’s emperor-level cultivation base, it is naturally simple to restore the memory of Jiu Tianxia.

However, some preparation is required, otherwise the memory of the nine worlds at this moment will have been restored.


Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s eyes condensed, staring at Jiu Tianxia, ​​and he saw the terrifying murderous aura from him!

These murderous auras are very rich, almost all of them are going to materialize, like a long knife, standing behind her!

“Your Dao Soul…is going to wake up!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, knowing how terrifying the Dao Soul in the Nine Worlds!

Before, Jiang Chen knew that Dao Soul of Nine Worlds is a long knife, a greedy ghost!

This Dao Soul is not greedy for money, not for sex, but for the lives of all creatures in the world!

Once this Dao Soul is born, Jiang Chen does not need to think about it. The Nine Worlds will inevitably be swallowed by the murderous aura of greedy ghosts and become an unconscious walking corpse, only knowing to kill!

However, there was “dust” on the greedy ghost before, which sealed the greedy ghost.

But now it seems that this dust is going to disappear!

“I have to find a way!” Jiang Chen thought, and asked: “Xia Xia, how do you feel now? Is there any discomfort in your body?”

Nine Worlds Hearing this, tilted his head and thought about it, Xiu eyebrows slightly frowned, and said: “It seems a little uncomfortable, it’s like it’s about to split…but it doesn’t hurt.”

Speaking, nine The world shook Jiang Chen’s hand and pressed it on his chest…

“Eh…” Jiang Chen didn’t react for a while. When he touched the soft thing, his old face blushed and hurriedly Withdraw your hand.

“This girl, I really don’t understand anything.” Jiang Chen whispered, his eyes are up and down, and rune is as bright as stars!

It is observing the souls of the nine heavens!

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen’s face became ugly.

Look carefully, among the souls of the Nine Worlds, there is already a piece of blood, even the soul is dyed blood!

In the Sumeru world of the soul, there are murderous aura everywhere, and a sea of ​​blood is formed!

In the bloody ocean, a long knife rises and falls, and the terrifying murderous aura is emitted from this long knife!

And this knife is just a greedy ghost!

“The strongest killer in the world, the greedy ghost!” Jiang Chen concentrated, frowning, and couldn’t think of how to help Jiu Tianxia seal this greedy ghost!

“Perhaps the old nine has a way.” Jiang Chen whispered.

At this moment, the void in front of the great hall cracked, and Old Jiu came back with a black face.

“Wan barrels of money bank disagrees, I have to let you go there in person.” The old nine said solemnly.

“Can’t you even come forward as an emperor?” Jiang Chen was stunned.

Emperor King level powerhouse, walking in this world, no matter who it is, should give him face, right? !

But didn’t expect, the ten thousand barrels of money houses are so emboldened that they don’t even give the emperor’s face.

“The 10,000-barrel bank has a profound background. It is estimated that a supreme powerhouse has been born in this life. Otherwise, how can you not give me the emperor’s face.” The old nine complexion is gloomy, this time I went to the 10,000-barrel bank. It’s a shame!

At this moment, Jiang Chen is also helpless, and really does not want to go to the ten thousand barrels bank.

After all, he still owes a lot of “money” to the bank!

If this is gone, if it is still there, it is estimated that people will be gone!

“Will you go with me?” Jiang Chen lightly said: “I will go by myself, I’m afraid…it’s dangerous.”

“Okay! I’m thinking about it again. Let me go! I want to see how much confidence and strength he has if he dare not give me face.” Lao Jiu said.

“I want to go too!” Jiutianxia said, bouncing aside, blinking bright and intelligent eyes, as if you would not let me go, I would cry!

“Go and go, this Old Ancestor is here, no one dares to hurt you!” Old Jiu said.

Finally, Lao Jiu again Tearing the Void, taking Jiang Chen and Jiu Tianxia moved towards the mountain gate of Wan Barrel Bank!

On the way, Jiang Chen carries Jiu Tianxia, ​​an expression grave.

He glanced at Old Jiu for a few moments, and then he spoke after a few breaths, and said, “Do you know her Dao Soul?”

When these words came out, Old Jiu looked confused. Forced, and said: “What’s wrong?”

“You don’t know?” Jiang Chen was stunned, but he was right to think about it carefully. After all, Lao Jiu hadn’t been born for a long time, so where would he have time to take care of Jiu Tianxia.

“She owns Dao Soul.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “It’s a greedy ghost.”

“What!? A greedy ghost!?” The old nine was hearing this immediately. Exclaimed!

Because he knows what a greedy ghost is!

Once this Dao Soul wakes up, the Nine Worlds will definitely be swallowed!

“The greedy ghost is waking up soon. I just explored her Soul World. The killing intent inside has become a sea, and the dust on the greedy ghost is about to disappear!” Jiang Chen said.

“My lineage of the dynasty of the Nine Heavens, so far there are only two brats, Tianzhong and Tianxia…” The old nine said solemnly: “No one can lose!”

“First solve your problem, I will find a solution.” Old Jiu said.

After more than ten breaths, the three of them walked out of the void and directly entered the gate of the ten thousand barrels bank!

Ten thousand barrels of money, located in a piece of Small World, this is their base camp.

In general, outsiders who want to enter the Small World of the Ten Thousand Barrel Banks need to notify them in advance.

But, for Lao Jiu, what is the report! ?

dignified imperial powerhouse, come to your Small World to give you face!

At this moment, after the three entered Small World, they came directly to a building.

Here is the place where the core personnel of Wan Barrel Bank live and cultivation.

“This…what are these?”

After arriving here, Lao Jiu was taken aback, and saw sheets of white paper floating in the air in front of him.

Look carefully, every piece of white paper has a few lines written on it, and the word “Tianchen” is written in the place of the signature!

“This special thing is all promissory note!?”

After a few breaths, Lao Jiu understood that there are tens of thousands of pieces of paper floating in the air. It is a promissory note written by Jiang Chen in his previous life!

“Tianchen, you are finally here!”

At this moment, the owner of the ten thousand barrels bank walked out of the great hall.

When he saw Old Jiu, a trace of jealousy flashed in his eyes, and he bowed his hand to him.

When he saw Jiang Chen, his eyes almost burst into flames!

“Big village owner, long time no see, I really miss it!” Jiang Chen said with a smile haha, pointing to the promissory note floating in the sky, and said: “What does the big village owner mean? Will someone in Jiang renege on a debt?”

“Will you renege on a debt, you don’t have a point in your heart?” The big owner said irritably, and the anger in his eyes almost quickened Made a killing intent!

You must know that when Jiang Chen was credited to Jiang Chen, it was his guarantee!

After that, Jiang Chen died suddenly without paying back the money.

This made him, the guarantor, very uncomfortable, and he was even almost driven out of the position of the big dealer by Elder!

For these years, the big owner has been “missing” Jiang Chen, and even regretted why he had to pay him on credit!

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