I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1020

Since learning of Jiang Chen’s rebirth, the great owner has been thinking about Jiang Chen’s return.

He doesn’t want Jiang Chen’s life, he just thinks that Jiang Chen can clear these promissory notes!

“When the powerhouse didn’t come out, you, the Divine King, dominated Nine Heavens, but it gave you a glorious scene.” The big owner said solemnly: “Now, this world is not the Divine King! Should I pay the debts I owe?”

“Slowly, I don’t renege on a debt.” Jiang Chen said with a smile and pointed all around the air The suspended promissory note said: “Let’s put it away, it’s so ugly.”

“Do you know that it’s ugly?” The big boss was not angry!

These promissory notes, each one is huge!

He is suspecting that Jiang Chen of this life may not have this ability to pay off!

But he still doesn’t give up, so he asked Jiang Chen to come to the ten thousand barrels of money house, just want to ask!

“I heard that you ransacked the treasure house of the Dark Temple some time ago. You should have money now?” The big boss raised an eyebrow and said: “Should I pay it back?”

“This…has been used up.” Jiang Chen shrugged, said: “Rebirth in reincarnation, I need a lot of cultivation resources, you also know this.”

“Are you farting!?” Dazhuang The main face suddenly became gloomy, staring at Jiang Chen, and said: “In the hidden treasure house of the Dark Temple, that many rare treasures, you have run out so soon!?”

“Don’t give me nonsense ! If you don’t pay the money today, believing or not will not let you out of this door!”

As soon as this word came out, Jiang Chen laughed, and he made up his mind to renege on a debt anyway.

even more how, Lao Jiu is here, Jiang Chen doesn’t believe it, how can a ten thousand barrels of money house Lao Jiu!

“Little Brat, the ten thousand barrel bank is mainly business. If you hurt your peace, you will lose business.” The old nine lightly said: “What? The old man brought him here today, if you don’t let him If you leave safely, don’t you give the old man face?”


When the voice fell, there was a roar from Old Jiu, and a terrifying imposing manner broke out. The void around me was crushed!

However, what is surprising is that the big boss faced the emperor, Lao Jiu, without a trace of fear!

I saw him looked towards Lao Jiu, first bowed his hands, and then slowly said: “Nine Emperors, my ten thousand barrels of money can stand up to this day and not fall, the reason for this, you should be very Clear.”

“In this world, no one dares to call invincible, and no one can be invincible. If the Nine Emperors think that he is invincible and undefeated, then… you can try today.”


Who is Laojiu? A prehistoric giant, the Old Ancestor of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

How many people dared to speak to him like this once? !

Even the emperor of Same Realm, dare not speak to him in this manner!

In the ears of Old Jiu, the words of the big boss is undoubtedly threatening him!

“You, courting death!”

At this moment, Lao Jiu didn’t have any hesitation. With a scream, a strand of hair fell!



Splitting the air sound sounded, and the hair was like a stream of light, more like that no stronghold one cannot overcome, Go straight to the big boss!

“You!” The big boss’ expression has changed drastically. Although he has confidence, he is absolutely impossible to be the opponent of Lao Jiu!

Even the other side’s hair is enough to kill him!

“Nine Emperor Gods, one of them is old and angry, what do you care about with a Junior?”

Suddenly, a calm voice came.

Lao Jiu’s hair burned and turned into ashes.

At the same time, an Elderly wearing a white Chief Yun robe appeared in front of the master.


Jiang Chen was shocked. At the moment Elderly appeared, he noticed the imposing manner on this person, not weaker than the old nine!

Moreover, this person’s robe is tattooed with nine white clouds!

Throughout the entire Nine Heavens God World, there is only one family who dared to tattoo nine white clouds on this robe, and that is the Pingtian clan!

“No wonder Wan Barrel Bank is so emboldened, it turned out that this life has taken refuge in the Pingtian clan.” Lao Jiu was relieved, then cast his lips, and said: “Ping Si, although you are now an emperor, but… Even if your father is here, you don’t necessarily dare to intervene in my affairs!”

As soon as these words came out, not only Jiang Chen was moved, but even the expression of the big boss changed!

The big village owner thought that the Ping Si Clan backing him would be enough to compete with the old nine, and even suppress the other side.

After all, every clansman of the Pingtian clan is extremely strong, even more how is an emperor!

But what made him didn’t expect is that facing Ping Si, Lao Jiu was so calm, and even when he spoke, he didn’t leave a trace of face to the other party!

Furthermore, after the Ping Four Questions, it is also indifferently smiled, nodded, said: “The strength of the Nine Emperor Lords, overawes the world, I am naturally no match for you.”

But, this Speaking of words, Ping Si expression suddenly condensed, and said: “However, how strong are you? You alone can compete with my entire family of ordinary people!?”

“hmph!” The old nine is coldly snorted, He didn’t speak, obviously a little helpless!

After all, the Pingtian clan is really too strong. According to the old nine, there is more than one emperor in the Pingtian clan!

The emperor in the Nine Heavens Dynasty is now the only one!

“Anyway, I brought him today, and I have to be responsible!” After a while of silence, Lao Jiu said solemnly: “How he came, he has to go back ! One less vellus hair will not work!”

“Nine Emperor Gods, look at what you said, can we still embarrass him?” Ping Si said with a smile.

After that, I saw Ping Si looked towards Jiang Chen and asked with a smile: “a debtor must pay his debt, it’s just right, you don’t know this rule?”

“Of course I know, I didn’t say not to pay it back.” Jiang Chen muttered, thinking in his heart, the treasure stolen from the Dark God Temple, I am afraid that I will explain it here today!

Even if these treasures are given to the tens of thousands of barrels of money, I am afraid it is not enough!

However, today the two emperors are facing each other. If this matter is not handled properly, I am afraid it will get worse.

even more how, this is Jiang Chen’s failure!

“cough cough…that…I owed too much in the previous life, this life has to be paid back slowly.” Jiang Chen coughed slightly, concealing his embarrassment.

The big owner is hearing this, frowned, and he also knows that Jiang Chen is telling the truth!

However, Jiang Chen has owed this debt for too long. If he can’t get it back, his position as the big owner may not be guaranteed!

And what makes the big dealer most angry is that after Jiang Chen returned to Nine Heavens God World, he actually went to Virtual God World to make trouble and moved away several blessed places that belonged to the ten thousand barrels of money!

“I owed money, and robbed me of the blessed land of the ten thousand barrels of money house. Your behavior…too bad!” The big owner said solemnly.

“I have said everything, today he must be unclear, but… he should pay it back!” Lao Jiu said: “Moreover, today, the bone coffin must be returned to him! “

As soon as these words came out, the big boss’s face looked ugly!

What are you kidding? ? The debt has not been paid off, and I still want to get the bone coffin back! ?

even more how, the bone coffin was sold by Luoshen to the Ten Thousand Barrel Bank, and the Ten Thousand Barrel Bank was indeed bought at the beginning!

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