I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1021

The bone coffin can be given to Jiang Chen, but it must be redeemed too!

The key point is that your debts have not been paid off, and now you are coming to redeem things again. Isn’t this… inappropriate?

“The Ten Thousand Barrel Bank is also the first consortium of Nine Heavens God World anyway, you still have this money?” Lao Jiu said irritably, thinking that the Ten Thousand Barrel Bank was too stingy.

The big boss is hearing this, his chest is ups and downs, almost bleeding!

This little money?

You still have the face to say it!

“Nine Emperor Gods, you don’t know how much he owes, do you?” The big owner said solemnly: “In the previous life, all his cultivation needs were provided by my ten thousand barrels bank! Tianchen When Divine Sect was established, the materials needed were also provided by my 10,000-barrel bank!”

“After that, the dísciple of Tianchen Divine Sect and the cultivation resources needed by his brothers are all my 10,000-barrels. The banker provided it!”

“And he just wrote us a few promissory notes, and didn’t see a penny!”

Speaking of which, the big banker I was so angry, a mouthful of old blood was sprayed out!

“Lord of the house, take a moment, don’t be angry.” Jiang Chen said lightly on the side: “I’m angry with my body, who will collect this debt?”

“You !” The big owner paled for a while, his eyes were black, and he almost fainted!

Is this what people said! ?

“He will pay back part of the money first. You will return the bone coffin to him, and I can also promise a million barrels of money.” The old nine thought carefully and asked Jiang Chen to pay off his wife in one go. Difficult.

And Jiu Tian Dynasty is not so profound. Although it can help Jiang Chen to pay off, the Jiu Tian Dynasty will also go bankrupt!

In this way, Lao Jiu can only pay for his own pockets!

But, Lao Jiu doesn’t have much money, except for a cultivation base, there is really nothing else!

However, the cultivation base of Old Nine is his most precious thing!

At this moment, when the boss heard what Old Jiu said, his eyes immediately lit up, and said: “Any request!?”

“Don’t go too far!” Old Jiu said solemnly .

“Hmm…” The big owner frowned and thought for a while. As a businessman, his mind was running fast, thinking about what requirements to make in order to maximize the benefits!

After a few breaths, the big house owner eyes shined and said: “When the troubled times come, can the Nine Heavens Dynasty protect my ten thousand barrels of money!?”

As soon as these words came out, Old Jiu’s face It’s a lot ugly!

Be aware that the chaotic times at this time are rare in the ages. Compared with other chaotic times in history, the chaotic times at this time are particularly terrifying!

Even in the troubled times of this time, even the emperor may not survive!

Although the old nine is very strong, he still has to protect the Nine Heavens Dynasty. How can there be time to protect the ten thousand barrels of money?

Even more how, isn’t the Hepingtian family involved in the ten thousand barrel bank?

With the shelter of the Pingtian clan, what do you want him to do for shelter?

“I can help the ten thousand barrels of money house once.” Lao Jiu said: “If an emperor makes one move against the ten thousand barrels of money, I will come to help you once.”

” ?” The big owner frowned, feeling that the deal was not worthwhile!

He was silent again, thinking for a long time, eyes shined, and said: “The ten thousand barrels bank can forgive the debt owed by Jiang Chen, but… you have to help me ten times! “


Without waiting for Lao Jiu to speak, Jiang Chen agreed in one fell swoop, and even patted Lao Jiu’s shoulder and said: “You can.”

“I…” Old Jiu blinked his eyes, very messy!

Big brother, it’s not you who made the shot, it’s me!

You said it was easy!

But, after all, it was Jiang Chen who helped Lao Jiu unblock it. This can be considered life-saving grace. Lao Jiu thought about it for a while and agreed, as it was Jiang Chen’s kindness.

“I shot ten times.” Lao Jiu said, “And, I only shot against the emperor. If there is any Divine King, gods and other things come to trouble the money house, then don’t Come call me!”

“This is natural!” The big owner hurriedly nodded, then took out a silk book, wrote a line of words, placed it in front of Lao Jiu, and said: “The Nine Emperor Gods , It’s better to sign it. It’s best to have a certificate.”

“You wrote all the promissory notes like this?” The old nine expression gave Jiang a weird look. Chen, he was very happy to find this guy grinning…

Finally, Lao Jiu signed this silk book, which is considered to have reached a deal with a million barrels of money!

Aside, Ping Si has been listening quietly, never speaking.

But his heart is not peaceful, it seems that stormy sea is sweeping in his heart!

“After the birth of the Nine Emperor Gods, has the cultivation base improved a lot?” Ping Si secretly thought, because he saw the confidence in the eyes of the old nine!

Lao Jiu promised ten thousand barrels of money to make ten shots, and the opponents of these ten times all need to be Emperor King level!

This means that Lao Jiu is very confident that he has the strength to fight any emperor!

This is absolutely terrifying!

You know, even the father of Pingsi, the third person of the Pingtian clan, is not so confident!

“Is his cultivation base comparable to my grandfather?” Ping Si secretly thought.



Suddenly, a heart-piercing voice rang from the side!

Everyone looked back and saw that a sea of ​​blood had risen from the body of Nine Worlds!

In the sea of ​​blood, a long knife stands, exuding today’s killing intent!

At the same time, the eyes of Nine Worlds lost their brilliance and became bloody, even their hair was dyed red!

“That’s bad! The dust on the greedy ghost is gone!” Jiang Chen exclaimed, and he could clearly feel that the nine worlds are being swallowed by the greedy ghost!

Especially her soul and will, almost disappeared in that terrifying killing intent!

“Greedy ghost!?”

“This is…”

Ping Si and Dazhuang take the initiative, they face the nine worlds, their eyes are full of Shocking!

“Legendary the strongest Slaughtering Dao soul, greedy ghost!” Ping Si said solemnly: “The dust disappears, she…is not saved.”

“There is nothing in the Pingtian clan. The way!?” The old nine was anxious, his face flushed, and his eyes were full of bloodshot eyes!

Be aware that the direct descendant of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, now there are only Nine Heavens and Nine Heavens!

These two people are the future and hope of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

Of course, no matter it is the Nine Emperor Gods or the Nine Shens, you can regenerate several.

But you must know that the higher the cultivation base, the stronger the Taoism within the body, and the lower the probability of reproducing offspring!

Even, as long as you surpass the main god’s cultivation base and want to breed offspring, it is almost impossible!

It is this day that those Peak forces, families, will be so important to their descendants!

“My clan naturally has a way, but…why do I want to help you?” Ping Si frowns saying: “When the prosperous and troubled times come, my Pingtian clan and your Nine Heavens Dynasty are enemies or friends. Unknown.”

“Save her! I agree to any conditions!” Old Jiu grabbed Ping Si’s shoulder, said solemnly: “She is one of the only two descendants of my Nine Heavens! Nothing to lose!”

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