I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1022

Lao Jiu is in a hurry. He is an imperial powerhouse, and at this moment he is helpless against greedy ghosts!

He grasped Ping Si’s shoulder, and there was a trace of weakness in the emperor’s eyes after all!

Who said that the emperor is invincible, but that’s all that it has not reached the place of affection!

“Even if I agree to her, it may not really save her.” Ping Si sighed: “The greedy ghost is the first Slaughtering Dao soul in the world. Since ancient times, I have this Dao Soul. No one can survive.”

“I know!” said Lao Jiu said solemnly: “But there must be a way for the Pingtian clan! Your inheritance is ancient and you have a deep heritage, and there must be a way!”

“There is a way… of course, but there is no guarantee that she will be saved.” Ping Si sighed: “I have never encountered this kind of thing, I can only say that I did my best. “

“many thanks!” Old Jiu bowed his head. For an emperor, bowing his head to other creatures is already the greatest courtesy!

However, Ping Si is shook the head, saying: “You have to promise me one thing, otherwise…I don’t have that need to save her.”

“What’s the matter? ?! Just say it!” Old Nine asked hurriedly.

“No matter what happens in the future, the Nine Heavens Dynasty shall not be an enemy of the Pingtian clan.” Ping Si said: “If you agree to this condition, you will make a blood oath, and I will bring her back to Ping. Tian Yi Clan, help him resolve the murderous aura of this greedy ghost.”

“Okay! As long as you can save her!” The old nine was nodded, without even thinking about it, and immediately made a blood oath!

In the end, Ping Si left with Jiu Tianxia, ​​while Lao Jiu and Jiang Chen both looked sad.

“The old man has bowed his head for the first time since he became an emperor.” Old Jiu sighed, his mouth full of bitterness, and his heart was extremely helpless.

Lao Jiu once thought that in this life he will not bow his head, even if the Nine Heavens Dynasty was almost destroyed, he was sealed in the blood moon, he never bowed his head!

But he didn’t expect even himself. In this life, he who never bowed his head would actually bow his head for one of his descendants!

Perhaps, this is family affection.

Jiang Chen patted Old Jiu’s shoulders, comforted: “Pingtian has a profound family heritage and should be able to heal the Nine Worlds.”

“I hope so.” Old Jiu sighed in his heart. There is no bottom.

After all, Ping Si has said it himself, so he can only do his best!

As for whether it can really save the Nine Worlds, that is really hard to say!

“This is the bone coffin you want.”

At this moment, the great owner handed the bone coffin to Jiang Chen, with an ugly expression on his face, and said: “The previous thing should be I’ve settled it. From now on, you won’t want to pay at my 10,000-barrel bank! Not a single cent will work!”

“I knew you were so picky, so difficult, I shouldn’t have credited it in the first place.” Jiang Chen pouted. .

As soon as these words came out, the boss almost didn’t get angry!

If you have seen shameless, you have never seen such shameless!

Finally, Jiang Chen and Lao Jiu left and returned to the Nine Heavens Dynasty.

As soon as he came back, Jiang Chen went directly into the mountainside and came to a secluded place. After setting up the Formation, he began to study the bone coffin.

He found this from a ruin in the Eastern Sea forbidden area, and it seems to be related to his previous lives!

At the same time, Jiang Chen also realized one thing, the Eastern Sea forbidden land is absolutely extraordinary!

The Three Mountains are built in the Eastern Sea forbidden area, and the bone coffin is from the Eastern Sea forbidden area, and the southern wall is suspected to be in the Eastern Sea forbidden area!

All these are connected, Jiang Chen has to wonder what the Eastern Sea Forbidden Land is!

That place, is it the center of Nine Heavens God World?

If not, what kind of mystery and mystery are related to the Eastern Sea forbidden area? !

“The original Major Sect was destroyed, and Sect Lord was buried in this bone coffin…”

At this moment, Jiang Chen stared at the bone coffin, his brain full of inscriptions The ancient character!

On the inscription in the ruins, some things about the Major Sect were recorded, and even the words such as Tianqing Tianxuan were mentioned.

Jiang Chen guessed that the Major Sect is related to him!

“This…how should I open it?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen tried to open the bone coffin, using all his strength, but was unable to shake the coffin lid.

Later, he discovered that there was a special rune on the bone coffin!

Under closer comprehension, these runes are like seals, originating from the avenue, and are very profound!

Fortunately, Jiang Chen is proficient in these. After ten days of comprehension, he finally realized this cracking method.

Finally, Jiang Chen broke the seal and pressed his hands on the bone coffin. With the push of his arms, the coffin lid was slowly pushed open!

After ten breaths, when the coffin lid was completely pushed open, Jiang Chen’s expression was frozen!

Because the bone coffin is empty, there is no corpse!

Be aware that the inscription tablet clearly records that the Sect Lord of Major Sect was buried in this bone coffin!

Besides, the seal on the bone coffin is still there. Even if the corpse of Major Sect Sect Lord is psychic, it is impossible to come out of the bone coffin!

So… Could it be said that the things recorded on the inscription tablet are fake! ?

“If it’s fake, it’s not necessary.” Jiang Chen whispered.

And Jiang Chen didn’t know that at the moment he opened the coffin, a gloomy light floated out of the coffin, and it disappeared in an instant!

At this moment, when Jiang Chen was wondering, a yellow rays of light burst out of the bone coffin!

rays of light is very bright, gorgeous, but with a terrible resentment!

“What is this!?” Jiang Chen was frightened and kept backing up until he exited a kilometer before stopping and watching from a distance.

A few hours later, the yellow rays of light in the bone coffin disappeared, and there was no change all around, Jiang Chen returned to the bone coffin.

“It’s weird…what’s the matter with rays of light?” Jiang Chen frowned and carefully observed the inside and outside of the bone coffin, not at all any special place.

Even at this moment, the bone coffin began to turn black, no longer as white as jade as before!

In just over ten breaths, the bone coffin turned into a black coffin, exuding a decadent breath.

“How do you feel that this thing was dug out from the Netherworld Palace…” Jiang Chen whispered, this rotten breath was too crippling, as if it did not belong to this World.

“Well? This is…”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen planned to close the bone coffin, but when he turned over the coffin lid, he found the inside of the coffin lid. Test, there is actually a line of bloody words!

“I take the name of the sky, palm the power of the zodiac, create the Holy Sect in the world, and cross the world.”

Jiang Chen froze in place, the coffin covered What is the word? !

Is it written by the creatures buried in this coffin? !

But what about the creatures! ?

For a moment, Jiang Chen’s hairs all over his body stood upside down, because he saw that there were some pieces of meat and nails that had never rotted in these words of blood!

The coffin lid is facing downwards. I want to engrave on the inside of the coffin lid, unless the coffin lid is not closed.

If not…there is only one possibility, there was really a living being buried in the coffin!

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