I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1024

Lao Jiu obviously knows something about the three-day killing, but he can’t tell exactly what happened.

He only heard the words “whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it”.

And now, Jiang Chen has become the coffin guard, and he firmly believes that this is true!

However, Jiang Chen is very depressed.

I finally opened the bone coffin, but I didn’t get anything, but the unfathomable mystery became the coffin guard.

What makes him most uncomfortable is that the distance between this bone coffin and him shall not exceed kilometers in the future. Once it exceeds, the bone coffin will open by itself!

In this regard, Jiang Chen doesn’t care, just open it and open it, what’s at the worst?

Lao Jiu told Jiang Chen that if the bone coffin is always open, Huang Tian will be able to find his fleshy body soon.

When the time comes, Huang Tian was born, is it fortune or misfortune, but it’s hard to say.

According to the current unclear situation, Lao Jiu suggested that Jiang Chen still bring this burial coffin with him and seal the coffin lid.

After the situation becomes clear, it is not too late to make a decision.

In desperation, Jiang Chen can only carry the burial coffin on his back, feeling uncomfortable.

Especially thinking that there is Huang Tian’s body in this burial coffin, Jiang Chen has one’s hair stand on end, as if something was staring at him behind his back!

“The burial coffin on your back, for you, may be a blessing, or a chance.” The old nine was comforted.

However, Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and asked angrily: “If you are you, can’t you recite?”

“This…” Old Jiuyu is stuck. No one wants to carry a coffin, right? !

Not to mention detrimental to the image, the corpse of Huang Tian in the coffin alone makes the scalp numb!

Although Huang Tian looks really amazing!

“Xia Xia has gone to the Pingtian clan for some time? Would you like to check it out?” Jiang Chen asked.

As soon as the words came out, the old nine expression condensed, nodded and said: “Now go!”



However, before the two of them walked out of the gate of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, an explosion resounded throughout the Nine Heavens God World!

As if the entire world had exploded, the deafening sound made the world dizzy for a while, and some even fainted on the spot!

At the same time, the avenue between this Heaven and Earth has changed!

This avenue seemed to be broken with the explosion, and it seemed to be broken. Many cultivators could feel that their foundation and dao fruit were affected!

But soon, this avenue changed again!

Invisible, there seems to be a pure power of Grand Dao permeating, spreading everywhere in the world!

Like mist and neon, floating in the sky.

People in the world only need to wave their hands to earn these power of Grand Dao within the body, and the cultivation base has been improved a lot!

“Heyday is coming!”

“Yin and Yang are against chaos!”


At this moment, everyone looked up and looked towards sky!

I saw the direction of Yong Prefecture, where the yin and yang meet, next to the blood moon, I don’t know when a round of shining sun appeared!

That Yaoyang is very bright, but it gives people a gloomy and pale breath!

Under the brilliance of the sun and the moon, the place that separates the yin and yang is finally broken!



With a few tremors, the junction of yin and yang collapsed, and a gloomy black portal can be seen emerging!

Behind the portal, there is a strong Yin Sector atmosphere, and there are silhouettes flashing behind the portal!

After more than ten breaths, a creature walked out from behind the portal of Yin Sector.

When his feet were on the ground of Yang Sector, he could not help but roar towards the sky and said: “Yang Sector! I am finally here!”




Many people exclaimed, never thought that after Yin-Yang reverses chaos, the first to set foot in Yang Sector is an emperor!

Immediately afterwards, several people walked out of the Yin Sector portal. The imposing manner was extremely powerful, and the weakest was a god!

After one hour, there were three Yin Sector emperors, five gods, and many Yin Sector main gods at the intersection of Yin and Yang!

However, if you look closely, there are still many people standing on the other side of the Yin Sector portal.

Before them, there is a big river rushing, which seems to be blocking their way!

And someone saw that a creature in Yin Sector wanted to cross the river, but was swept by the river accidentally, and then dissipated, and there were no bones left!

“That is Luoshui.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

At the same time, it was also discovered that the creatures who entered the Yang Sector stood still and did not move.

They seem to be injured, they are vomiting World’s Essence Qi at the moment, and are healing!

“The rumors are true that Luoshui has isolated the Yin-Yang two sectors. If you want to step into the Yang Sector from Yin Sector, you need to cross the Luoshui River, and you have to pay a price!” someone said.

However, this so-called price simply can’t be considered for the powerhouse of the god, King level.

The price, at most, is to hurt them all that’s all, not their lives.

“Where is the Spirit of Luoshui!?”

An hour later, one of the three emperors in Yin Sector spoke.

I saw his eyes open and close, the universe turned upside down, and the avenue turned into a blossoming Black Lotus floating around him!

He is using Magical Powers and wants to find Luoshen!

Just because you kill Luoshen, Luoshui River will disappear, when the time comes Yin Sector creatures enter Yang Sector, you don’t have to pay any more!

“A dirty land, a rotten world, starting today, everything will be destroyed!”


Not waiting for Yin Sector The emperor found Luoshen, outside the sky, the voice of Venerable Honglian came!

Afterwards, many people saw that in the extreme east of Nine Heavens God World, one after another Profound Light soared into the sky, reflecting a city wall!

The city wall doesn’t know how high it is, but it looks very illusory, like a mist!

It penetrates the entire Nine Heavens God World and surrounds the six realms!

Like a wall, enclosing the entire six realms!

At this moment, the city wall is collapsing, turning into strands of rays of light and dissipating until more than ten breaths later, the entire city wall collapses and disintegrates, leaving no trace!

“South Wall! That is the South Wall!”

“It collapsed!”


At this moment, the world’s creatures Exclaimed again and again, and even more people were full of fear!



At the same time, a group of powerhouses outside the sky broke through the sky, like one after another meteor, moved towards Nine Heavens God World and swooped Come!

“A group of dirty ants that’s all in the burial ground! Clean this place today!”

“All will be destroyed!”


With a few roars, I saw a group of people headed by Venerable Red Lotus crossing the clouds, more like sensing the breath of the emperors in Yin Sector, moved towards them quickly rushing!

“The deity said that when it comes, the burial ground will be washed with blood!”

“Today, take the so-called invincible emperor in your eyes to operate!”


After ten breaths, the entire group of Venerable Honglian finally arrived!

Looking around, I saw that the entire group of Venerable Honglian has thirteen, among which the strongest is Venerable Honglian. The cultivation base is at Divinity Venerable Level!

Others, the cultivation base is similar, they are around Low God.

And these thirteen creatures from Great Thousand Worlds, when they met the three emperors and five gods of Yin Sector, they had no fear!

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