I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1025

The arrival of the entire group of Venerable Red Lotus made the group of people in Yin Sector a little confused.

They expressed weird looking towards Venerable Red Lotus and the others, as if they were looking at an idiot.

“You think you can kill me, etc.?” The emperor headed by Yin Sector raised his eyebrows, with a strange expression, and said: “Are you sure you didn’t find the wrong person?”

“trifling funeral What about that’s all the creatures of the dirty land, what about the cultivation base of emperors like you? In my spiritual eyes of Great Thousand Worlds, like a trivial ant!” Venerable Honglian was very arrogant and depressed for a long time. The anger finally vented!

After that, I saw him step out, the red lotus blooming on his body, and then turned into a seal, moved towards the headed emperor suppressed!

“Huh?” The Yin Sector emperor was taken aback for a moment. He raised his brows as he looked at the rushing seal, and a halo burst around him.

After that, the seal dissipated, and even the Venerable Red Lotus was blown away, the fleshy body cracked, and the Divine Soul almost died!


“Impossible! How can the emperor of the burial ground have such strength!?”


At this moment, the creatures from Great Thousand Worlds were frightened.

In the Great Thousand Worlds, they have always heard that the cultivator in the burial ground is very weak. Even the emperor’s cultivation base can only be compared with the god’s cultivation base in the Great Thousand Worlds.

Therefore, Venerable Honglian and the others have always believed that the burial site has nothing to pay attention to. Even when facing the emperor, the deities of them have no fear.

It can be realistic, often so skinny.

“The people of Great Thousand Worlds are so arrogant now?” The emperor whispered headed by Yin Sector, looked towards the two emperors around him, and asked: “Is it the same before?”

“This… Great Thousand Worlds has been to the Six Realms several times before, but they are all obediently and honestly, and I have never seen anyone so arrogant.”

“This time… It’s a little weird.”

The other two emperors frowned, secretly thought Great Thousand Worlds, what’s wrong? Really look at the Six Realms as ants?



At this moment, Venerable Red Lotus and the others are completely panicked, the intelligence is wrong, and the emperor of the six realms is still Is the emperor, battle strength is invincible!

“Want to destroy the Six Realms? Huh…Don’t go.” The emperor headed raised his eyebrows, and gently pushed out with a palm. The emperor’s breath erupted, like a wave and a tsunami. Venerable Red Lotus and the others drown!

After that, the palm exploded, blooming like fireworks, followed by the entire group of Venerable Red Lotus.

Perhaps, who would not have thought that a group of people who had been in the world for so long just entered the Six Realms and died like this.

But it is also understandable, who made the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds overestimate themselves.

They think that the gods can contend with the emperors of the six realms, even crush them.

This…I don’t know where the confidence and courage come from.

“You guard this place, and bring other people from Yin and Yang over, and I will kill the spirit of Luoshui.” The emperor headed said, his eyes were bright and he looked directly at the place where the Pingtian clan was!


Along with splitting the air sound, the emperor disappeared, and when he appeared again, he had already come to the gate of Shengshi Academy!

Obviously, he has found Luoshen!

However, without waiting for him to take action, Ping Si appeared at the gate of the mountain, browsed tightly knit, and asked: “I will find my Pingtian clan to fight?”

“You can go to war, but it’s not necessary.” The emperor of Yin Sector shook his head and said straightly: “Hand over the Spirit of Luoshui, I can leave.”

“Hey, is it going to go to war?” Pingsi’s eyes condensed, and Leng Sheng said: “As you know, the Luoshen today belongs to my Pingtian clan!”

“So what? He is not a direct line of the Pingtian clan.” Yin Sector emperor lightly said: “There is no need for the Pingtian clan to fight my Yin Sector for an outsider, right?”

As soon as this word came out, Pingsi’s expression became serious.

Handing over Luoshen is undoubtedly a confession. This will not only hurt the imposing manner of the Six Realms, but also lose the face of the Pingtian clan!

After careful consideration, Ping Si cupped the hands at the emperor of Yin Sector and said: “Please enlighten me!”

“Oh? It seems that this battle is inevitable. “The emperor of Yin Sector said lightly: “But that’s right, my Yin Sector entered Yang Sector, not just to find that person!”

“Yin-Yang two sectors are destined to merge, and I Yin Sector The creatures must become the masters of this World!”



However, just under the tone barely fell of the emperor of Yin Sector At that time, a crack suddenly appeared in the sky!

Everyone looked up and found that the sky seemed to be split, and you could see the scenery of Foreign Domain!

The stars are turning around, and the brilliance is accompanied by the cold darkness of the universe, which seems to illustrate the ruthlessness and splendor of the avenue.

At the same time, a man with blond hair stood in the crack, his eyes were like torches, which seemed to illuminate the past, present and future!

“The one who hurt my Great Thousand Worlds, is it you?”

At this moment, I saw the golden light in this person’s eyes shoot out, approaching the emperor of Yin Sector!

“My Yin Sector cultivator, I have never been afraid!” The emperor of Yin Sector did not hesitate at all. After a long whistle, he rushed out!

After that, everyone only saw the brightness and ripples spreading in the sky, and there was one after another explosion!

The emperor from Yin Sector was too strong, and he chose to start the fight directly!

“Yang Sector’s cultivator, if half the courage of Yin Sector’s life, would not be bullied to the point where it is now!”



Many Yang Sector sighs, everyone didn’t expect, and the true first battle with Great Thousand Worlds was actually opened by the emperor of Yin Sector!

Many people are looking forward to it, hoping that the emperor of Yin Sector can win, even the creatures of Yang Sector are cheering for him at this moment.

However, only 2.5 minutes of time, then the Emperor Yin Sector will return.

He is wounded on his body, there is a crack in the center of his eyebrows, his breath fluctuates, and the injury is not light!

At this moment, I saw him returning to the place where the yin and yang meet, staring at the sky, with a hint of sneer at the corner of his mouth, and a hint of contempt.

“Great Thousand Worlds prides itself on being aloof and remote, and everything has overwhelmed the six worlds, but now it seems…only this!” said the emperor of Yin Sector.

When these words were spoken, everyone discovered that the blonde man from Great Thousand Worlds had only one soul left at this moment!

Its fleshy body was bounced, and it is being recast at this moment. The blood essence of scarlet gold is scattered in the air, like golden stars in the sky!

The blond man remained silent, recasting his fleshy body for a few breaths, and then the golden light in his eyes exploded again.

“The Six Realms are indeed powerful.” The blonde man lightly said, fighting intent on his body, reaching for the headed emperor of Yin Sector, and said: “Come here, dare to fight again!?”

The leader of the Yin Sector, the emperor, hearing this, expression changed, staring at the blond man in surprise, secretly thought that his injury has completely recovered! ?

You know, in the previous battle, both of them were seriously injured!

Even the creatures of Yin Sector can be sure that the other party’s injuries are definitely heavier than him!

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