I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1068

The Emperor Yin Sector retreated, and the Pingtian clan died in battle. At this moment, the Three Mountains and Five Seas also escaped into the Space-Time Tunnel and headed to the Ancestral Realm.

At this moment, the entire Six Realms seemed to be quiet, without a trace of breath.

Someone was bathed in the blood of the emperor, and the cultivation base skyrocketed, but there was no hint of joy in his heart.

Some people also looked up at the starry sky, wondering what the ancestral world looked like.

More people are sad, silently closing their eyes, waiting for death to come.

Everything seems to be ending in the ultimate glory, and a great ruin is ushered in the flourishing age.

It was clearly a prosperous age, but in the end it became like this. No one can accept it, let alone face the reality.

Yes, it is so cruel!

At this moment, Jiang Chen is standing on the mountainside of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, squinting, as if thinking about something.

Lao Jiu stayed by his side, his eyes full of anxiety.

He has been coming back from Jiu Shen and Jiu Yuan, but now…no trace is seen!

“It’s not time to wait, it’s time to report.”

Half a day later, Lao Jiu suddenly spoke, and a cold light flashed in his eyes, even more determined and determined!

After he gave Jiang Chen the key to the treasure house of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, he left without looking back.

As much as he should say, he has said to Jiang Chen.

At this moment, he has no nostalgia for this World.

Jiang Chen looked at Lao Jiu’s leaving back, and couldn’t help asking: “Go to report? Where?”

“The Pingtian clan fought to the end, and the three mountains and five seas also left. Do you say where else I can go now?” Old Jiu said with a smile, seemingly relaxed: “Now, it is estimated that all the emperors of the entire Six Realms have gathered there.”

“On the End of the World?” Jiang Chen whispered, then relieved, and said: “Yes, in the end, the final result of the resistance is still on the horizon.”

“The world in the future will be your youngster’s world.” Old Jiuqing Sigh, take a step out, and disappear here like a stream of light.

And Jiang Chen frowned. He has been thinking about whether he should leave here.

However, if you want to leave Nine Heavens God World, unless you have the emperor’s cultivation base, you simply cannot cross the void.

Furthermore, if we leave like this, Jiang Chen will not be reconciled!

Although their real home is in the ancestral world of Great Thousand Worlds, this place is also their home!

This place was created by their ancestors!

Generations have lived here, no one does not regard this as a home!

“Leave here, I am unwilling!” Finally, Jiang Chen sank down and didn’t want to leave!

Even if you know that the Six Realms will be destroyed, you still have to do something before it is destroyed!

After that, Jiang Chen sat on the mountainside and released the fleshy body of heaven, both hands forming seals, and began to merge!

With the ebbing of time, the sky turns into a ray of brilliance, and along with the divine light, it sinks into the body of Jiang Chen.

At the same time, some incomplete memory images appeared in Jiang Chen’s mind!

These pictures are not very complete, they seem to record a great battle!

In the picture, there is a bloody coffin standing on a plain.

The plain is very weird, it is even higher than the sky, as if it is outside the world, above the sky, it is beyond the six realms!

And near the blood-colored coffin, the silhouette is dazzling, each is filled with chaos and the fog of the avenue!

These silhouettes surround the blood-colored coffin, seemingly waiting for something.

Suddenly, the picture turned, Jiang Chen saw a stalwart man who seemed to walk out of the long river of time, covered with time fragments, and the avenue could not get close to him!

With the appearance of this man, the silhouette of all around began to slowly approach the blood-colored coffin!

However, the picture is suddenly broken here!

When the memory screen appears again, the plain is still there, but the bloody coffin is gone!

And on that plain, there are corpses everywhere!

All the creatures who had surrounded the scarlet coffin were dead!

Only the stalwart man, dragging his half-worn body, holding an ancient token in his hand, said lightly in his mouth a few times.

At the end of the memory screen, the token shattered and turned into a little rain, then… Jiang Chen saw Mu Youde!

After Mu Youde appeared, both hands forming seals sent the stalwart man into a land of silence.

That place is full of the brilliance of the six realms, and there is a dark, endless road.

“Go to reincarnation, now you, simply not you.”

Until finally, Jiang Chen heard a word from Mu Youde, and the memory picture disappeared.

At this moment, Jiang Chen came back to his senses, the fleshy body of the heavens has been fused, and the cultivation base has reached the upper god, and it is only one step away from the title god!

“Is that my memory? As the memory of heaven?” Jiang Chen frowned, very puzzled.

As a heaven, what happened in that life! ? Why did the sky fall? !

Could it have something to do with the bloody coffin! ?

Also, in the days of heaven, I seem to have met Mu Youde!

Furthermore, when the sky reincarnated, Mu Youde also helped!

So what is going on with all this?

Why did Mu Youde help Heaven in the first place? !

What’s in the bloody coffin? Why did that group of people die? !

“The truth! I must find the truth!” Jiang Chen stared, feeling that things are getting less and less simple!

“Do you know that there is a blood-colored coffin in this world?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen thought of the nine Princess lying in the funeral coffin.

She has recovered Peak, and her memory has recovered, and she wants to know something!

After the Nine Princess heard this, she was silent for a while, then asked: “Which blood coffin?”

“Well? How many blood coffins are there in this world?” Jiang Chen Astonished, the question was a little confused for a while.

“I don’t know, blood coffins have appeared in several eras, maybe they are the same blood coffin, or maybe they are different.” Nine Princess is also not sure.

Because, in the history of the Six Realms, blood coffins did appear.

It seems that every era will appear!

However, in this era…there seems to be no blood coffin!

At the beginning, it was speculated that every time a blood coffin appeared, the world would be in chaos, the common people would bleed, and the bones would become mountains!

The blood coffin is called ominous, but no one can tell what is in it!

“You asked me about the blood coffin? Master, logically speaking, you are the person who understands the blood coffin best!” Nine Princess suddenly reacted, and said angrily: “You had several This time, we are all standing next to the blood coffin!”

“Moreover, you are the only one who survived next to the blood coffin!”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen also has a headache!

Just because he doesn’t remember at all!

“But…I remembered something.” Princess said solemnly: “A long time ago, the coffin was not used for burials, but…powerhouse was used for rest and It’s for sleeping.”

“It’s just…it seemed that something happened to the coffin. What happened to the powerhouse sleeping in the coffin. Since then… the coffin has been considered an ominous thing. , Is used to bury the dead……”


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