I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1070

Jiang Chen left, not by himself, but forcibly sent away by red-clothed.

red-clothed told Jiang Chen that everything has changed, even she will change!

red-clothed said something about unfathomable mystery. Normally, the joy, sorrow, sorrow and joy do not show up on her face, but her eyes are slightly red this time.

Jiang Chen doesn’t know so, only knows that red-clothed is very sad.

“Everything will change?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen is back in the Nine Heavens, thinking about what red-clothed said, while cultivating the method red-clothed gave him .

Time is also slowly passing by…

I don’t know how long it has passed, maybe one day, maybe three days, or maybe ten days.

On this day, the stars of Foreign Domain suddenly lit up!

Like Yaoyang, the entire Foreign Domain looks very shining!

However, on this day, the creatures of the Six Realms were completely desperate!

Only because the star suddenly lit by Foreign Domain is not a real star, but an emperor!

Looking at it, those emperors are as numerous as stars, each of which is extremely powerful and exudes an extremely terrifying atmosphere!

The Emperor of Great Thousand Worlds is here!

“Are there three thousand?”

“I’m afraid it’s more than that?”

“Is this the foundation of Great Thousand Worlds?! Thousands of emperors! “

The growth of the crowd sighed and sighed again and again.

Faced with such a large number of emperors, how should the Six Realms resist! ?

Obviously, the six worlds are destined to be destroyed.

At the same time, somewhere in Nine Heavens God World, the earth suddenly cracked, broken stones shot out, and more laws and order were burning!

Look carefully, under the ground, there is a void, and under the void is a foreign battlefield!

At the same time, the world also saw that legendary ancient city, the immortal city!

However, the immortal city at this moment has collapsed, the life in the city is almost dead, only a few emperors are still alive!

Jiang Chen also saw it, his eyes condensed, through the void, he wanted to find the Xuanzu and Desolate God and the others!

However, the reality is so sad, I searched the entire Immortal City, only to see the ruins everywhere, and…the corpses of a few people!

At this moment, Jiang Chen felt sad. When he ascended from Immortal City to Nine Heavens God World, I still remember Xuanqing said that he would fight with him again in the future!

And the Qingkong I of the Qingkong clan, Qingkong scholars, have disappeared.

Even some old people of Zhong Prefecture dynasty have disappeared.

Jiang Chen knew that they were all killed in battle.

The city of Immortal is broken, which explains everything!

“This is the world…” Jiang Chen sighed, unwilling to accept this fact.

But, reason tells him that everything is true!

Jiang Chen smiled wryly, he told himself, maybe it should have been such a day?

The immortal city that blocked the foreign land for several eras finally collapsed.

“Meet the emperor!”

“Meet the emperor!”


After ten breaths, under the void , The silhouette is so powerful, I saw countless creatures flying up from a foreign land!

these all are alien creatures!

No, to be precise, they are the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds. Several times ago, they were sent into a foreign land with Great Divine Ability!

Now, they have broken the Immortal City and joined the emperors of Great Thousand Worlds!

However, even if the Immortal City does not collapse today and the alien creatures do not appear, the Six Realms will be destroyed.

“Old Grey, I am making a crown!”

At the same time, on the end of the world, Zixiao stood on the top of the mountain, behind which gathered the Nine Heavens God World who were still alive All emperors!

These emperors have never left, they stick to it, even if they once had enmity with each other, they have put down now!

They stood together and looked at Zixiao in front of them. In addition to sorrow and sadness, they were more passionate and fighting intent, and a will of disobedience!

The same emperor, why Great Thousand Worlds aloof and remote! ?

“It’s time to light up the weapon!”

“Activate, the last battle of life!”


No The Young Emperor said with a smile, seemingly relaxed.

Some people are teasing, and some are smiling, looking cynical.

Similarly, there are some people who have killing intents in their eyes!

At this moment, the gray-haired old man walked in front of Zixiao, with a trace of love in his muddy eyes.

gray-haired old man, with no name and no surname, but Dao Protector of Zixiao!

Before Zixiao became the emperor, this gray-haired old man was everything to him!

At the moment when Zixiao became the emperor, the gray-haired old man’s mission was completed. Since then, he has given up his identity and changed Zixiao as the master.

At this moment, the gray-haired old man stretched out his thin hands and wiped vigorously on his clothes, as if he was afraid that his hands would stain Zixiao’s hair crown.

Zi Xiao watched the gray-haired old man’s movements. He didn’t speak or stop him.

Even the group of emperors behind him became serious when they saw this scene!

They all know that the end of the world is the maintainer of the balance of the six realms!

They also know that Zixiao’s hair crown is the will of the six worlds!

Being upright!

Head straight!



“The old man recognized you when he became the Divine Emperor. See you step by step, and eventually become an emperor and become the master of the world.”

“Recalling the past, It seems to be yesterday.”

gray-haired old man lightly said, as if he wiped his hands clean.

After that, he said over and over again, while placing his hand on Zixiao’s hair crown, gently flicking, straightening out the hair, and correcting the hair crown!

Finally, the gray-haired old man knelt down slowly, raising his hands to the sky, lightly said: “Please, the Lord of the End of the World, Zixiao, please die!”

“Please Zi Xiao goes to death!”

“Please go to Zixiao to die!”


At this moment, the dísciple on the end of the world roared out with a sound like War drum, shake the sky!

Go to death! ?

Yes! That’s right!

This battle is a fight to the end!


At this moment, Zi Xiao’s imposing manner skyrocketed, his body was surrounded by divide light, and the tens of thousands of Purple Qi rushed out of endless void!

And at this moment, far in the east, the emperor of Eastern Imperial Clan stood in front of his mountain gate, looking towards the direction of the horizon, lightly said with a smile: “Zixiao, after all, is fulfilled I’m sorry.”

After that, I saw the emperor of Eastern Imperial Clan looked towards a row of clansman brushed behind him, and asked: “Are there complaints?”

“No No regrets!”

“No regrets!”


Thousands of clansman from Eastern Imperial Clan kneeled to the ground, followed by one Burned himself!

Finally, the emperor of the Eastern Imperial Clan also began to burn, and the entire Eastern Imperial Clan was sacrificed!

After more than a dozen breaths, the Eastern Imperial Clan disappeared, and at the same time a Purple Qi came from the east, penetrated the sky, and landed on Zixiao!

“Zi Xiao! The old man is old and can’t fight anymore. Today I will be the Eastern Imperial Clan and I will send you East-Rising Purple Qi!”

“Take me the Eastern Imperial Clan’s will, kill him!”

In the emptiness, everyone seemed to hear the voice of the Eastern Imperial Clan emperor.

He died, sacrificed himself, and sacrificed the entire Eastern Imperial Clan!

A Purple Qi goes from the east, falls on the horizon, into the purple sky!

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