I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1071

At this moment, all creatures in the world are throbbing!

Be aware that Eastern Imperial Clan has been an imperial family since ancient times!

This family has a deep heritage, and the emperor of Eastern Imperial Clan has plenty of blood energy and is still in the Peak moment!

However, he still chose to sacrifice himself and even the entire clansman to complete Zixiao!

Because he knows very well that if you want to fight against Great Thousand Worlds, one must stand up!

This person must have invincible battle strength, able to fight one against a hundred, or even one against a thousand!

And such a person, looking at today’s Nine Heavens God World, there is only Zixiao!

“Human Race is righteous!”

“Hey… born as a human.”


Many people sigh , Even those emperors were moved by it, thinking of the Eastern emperors in their hearts.

At this moment, the emperors of Foreign Domain have not yet come, they seem to be waiting for something.

Of course, for them, there is simply no difference between coming early and coming later.

The six realms are doomed to fall, it’s just a matter of time that’s all.

“It’s really interesting, this life my Monster Race and Human Race are teaming up.”

At this moment, the West of Nine Heavens God World.

There is the territory of Monster Race, so Nine Heavens God World Monster Race, also known as Western Monster Race.

At this moment, an extremely arrogant voice came, and a boundless monster qi covered the sky and covered the sun. It rose from the west and fell on the horizon in a few breaths!

Look carefully, this is a man with black hair. His body is very burly, his pupils are erect, and his body is monster qi!

“Western Monster Emperor!”


“Didn’t expect you to be alive!”

… …

Everyone was moved, and they were deeply afraid of this man!

At a certain period of time, the Western Monster Race messed up the Nine Heavens God World, and almost destroyed the Human Race and unified Nine Heavens!

At that time, it was this man who initiated the chaos!

Its body is a domineering head, shaped like a tortoise, born with infinite power!

In that era, if it weren’t for the previous owner of Tianya, I’m afraid Monster Race would be the owner of Nine Heavens God World!


At this moment, he is coldly snorted, looking provocatively towards everyone, saying: “What? Do you want to fight with this king?”


“The strength of the Western Monster Emperor, I know everything.” Someone said with a smile: “What? I want to join forces with my Human Race today?”

“Fart!” Rejected, saying: “I’m fighting for Monster Race! This Six Realms is not just your Human Race! My Monster Race is also a member of the Six Realms!”

“It sounds good, I hope to wait Don’t run away,” someone teased.

Hearing this, he did not get angry, but looked towards the west, lightly said: “It’s going to end.”

“Well, it’s going to end.” Zi Xiao nodded , A group of emperors looking towards Foreign Domain, and a group of alien creatures, said: “They are waiting for someone.”


“Who is waiting for? A group of emperors, counting Thousands of people, are they afraid of whom?”


Many people are puzzled, but thousands of emperors, is it possible that there is something about God World Fear not?

“Wait for Guardian.” Zi Xiao lightly said: “When Guardian is exhausted, it will be when they attacked Nine Heavens.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone suddenly Woke up.

At this moment, these emperors discovered that, at some point, a layer of shining sand appeared in the Foreign Domain.

Sand surrounds the entire God World, like a rotating Star River, protecting God World.

In the sand, an Elderly can be seen faintly, sitting there, holding a fishing rod, as if fishing something.

“Guardian of the Six Worlds!”



Everyone exclaimed, and the world was even more amazed. There are still this and the others in this world, and with the power of one person, it blocked the emperor!

However, many people are even more puzzled. Why didn’t such a powerful person ever make a move before?

“Congratulations to the Guardian!”

At this moment, Zi Xiao bowed his head and saluted the angler through the void.

Everyone didn’t know, so they looked at all this in a daze.

Guardian seemed to hear the voice of Zi Xiao, sitting cross-legged in the vast star sand, he slowly turned his head, with a smile on his face, and nodded at Zi Xiao.

At the same time, the emperors of Foreign Domain stared at the angler, in addition to jealousy, they were still jealous!

They have always known that there is a very strong emperor in the Six Realms who is Guardian!

Its identity is out of the ordinary, and its strength is so strong that it is almost detached!

Furthermore, this person is in charge of the Six Realms Dao Fa. Once he takes a shot, he is so powerful that even the emperor can hardly compete with him!

However, for these emperors today, no matter how strong you Guardian is!

Thousands of emperors gather, unless they are detached, they will all die!

“After waiting for several times, he still hasn’t returned.” The angler sighed, with a hint of decline in his eyes, which made him even more puzzled.

“Is it…the rumors are true? That guy lied to me?” The angler frowned, not knowing who he was in his mouth.

However, Zi Xiao is very clear. He knows some things at the beginning and who the angler said in his mouth!

Even Zixiao is puzzled. It stands to reason, this life, that person should return!

But now the six worlds are almost destroyed, and there is no trace of that person!

Could it be that something happened to that person! ?

“Old fogey is gone, and I don’t want to fight anymore. Leave hope to the young.”

Half a day later, the angler sighed, his voice ethereal and illusory, and seemed to blend into the road Among.

His body is disappearing, turning into a rain of light, dissipating as the void flows.

However, these light rains did not completely dissipate, but penetrated an empty Dao Void tunnel, forming one after another portal on the ground of Nine Heavens God World!

“5 minutes.” The angler lightly said, and when he finished speaking, there was only a strand of Remnant Soul left in his body!

At this moment, the creatures of Nine Heavens God World are excited!

They looked at the one after another portal, that is the way to Great Thousand Worlds!

This is the way that anglers use the six worlds, as well as their own dao fruit and essence, to leave to the world!

However, the exact coordinates of this road are unknown, and only 5 minutes of time!

Within 5 minutes, if you can’t enter this portal, then the remaining people will be destroyed together with the six realms.

At this moment, the world is running wildly, some screaming, some mourning, more dare to move and joy.

As long as you step into the portal within 5 minutes of time, there is hope of survival!

As for entering the Great Thousand Worlds, how is your life? Whether you live safely or not is another matter.

But at least, they have hope at the moment!

“You don’t have to be like this. I, Great Thousand Worlds, accommodates all living creatures. As long as you hand over the bodies of the invincible, I can spare the creatures of the six worlds and extradite them into the Great Thousand Worlds. And treat them kindly” said one of the emperors.

However, these words fell in the ears of everyone, like farting, which is very ridiculous!

“Our within the body is full of the blood of the ancestral world. You are eager to break our fleshy body, decompose our soul, and find the invincible secret hidden in the bloodline.” Guardian Contemptuously said: “Be kind? Oh, I think it’s raising, right? Raising like a domestic animal to make you invincible?”

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