I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1072

The bloodline of the six realms originates from the ancestral realm, and the ancestral realm contains invincible secrets!

In the world, only one invincible appeared in the ancestral world!

Someone once deduced that the other world is impossible and the invincible appears, only the ancestral world can do!

At the beginning, for the secret of clearly understood, for the sake of invincibility, many races, the world invaded the ancestral realm, and wanted to get the true meaning of invincibility!

The final result is the destruction of the ancestral world, falling into darkness, the invincible fighting to the end, and finally dying.

However, the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds still have not let go of the ancestral world. They have searched for several times and finally found the land of burial of the invincible!

Now, they are here, not only to get the body of the invincible, but also to nurture the creatures of the six realms, and find the secret of invincibility from their bloodline!

At this moment, after hearing the angler’s words, all the emperors looked calm, not at all defending.

Just because everyone knows their thoughts and thoughts, and as emperors, they are too lazy to explain.

After all, where the strength lies, even if it is robbed, what can it do?

“The previous batch of creatures sent to Great Thousand Worlds, for the sake of the Buddha, I can wait for them, but the other creatures of the six worlds…hmph!”


“Invincible? It’s a pity, in the last ages, an invincible appeared. And you, will be our pets that’s all, let us kill, and…you have to please us!”


Several emperors spoke, with very high postures, and they did not regard the creatures of the Six Realms as human beings!

Many people feel resentful, with killing intents in their eyes, and they want to tear up these emperors from Great Thousand Worlds!

“Some people are born as kings, some people fall into the grass, and the remnants of the ancestral world are like this.” Someone contemptuously said: “Not everyone is invincible, and you… are not invincible, So I will die.”

“Just you? Are you worthy?!”

Suddenly, an angry voice came from God within the realm!

At this moment, I saw a skinny man walking out of a restricted area.

His body is as thin as firewood, his blood energy is dry, and his hair is sparse. At first glance, he is in his twilight years.

He is about to die, but he still has a breath!

At this moment, he is shining, vomiting grand dao’s aura, absorbing World’s Essence Qi, and his whole person is covered by divine light!

After more than ten breaths, this person’s appearance has undergone tremendous changes!

He has become younger, his hair is black and thick, and his imposing manner has reached the Divinity Emperor Realm!

“He…Emperor Hao Heavenly God!?”

“Really is Emperor Hao Heavenly God! He is not dead? He has been sleeping in the penalty area all the time!?”


Many people saw him and exclaimed, and they were extremely excited!

Be aware that Emperor Hao Heavenly God is the real Divine Emperor in the history of Nine Heavens God World!

He is praised by the world, and he has suppressed several great turmoil at the beginning!

But in the end, it is said that Emperor Hao Heavenly God was injured too badly and fell!

No one thought that a generation of Divine Emperor was still alive!

And, at this moment, he has recovered to Peak, and dare to challenge the emperor!

“trifling Divine Emperor?”

“Oh, that’s all, if you don’t become an emperor, you will eventually be a mustard.”


Foreign Domain looked contemptuous, looking towards Hao Heavenly God, as if looking at a cloud of dust.

“There have been many Divine Emperors in these six realms since ancient times, but you know why only three Divine Emperors can establish forbidden areas?” There was an Elderly lightly said, with excitement flashing in his eyes, said “It’s just because of their strength!”

“The three Divine Emperors? Haotian, the female emperor, the poisonous Divine Emperor!?” A younger generation asked, “They…compared to other Divine Emperors, Is there anything special?”

“You will know soon.”


At the same time, in the other two forbidden areas, The same creatures came out.

One person is old woman, with white hair, crumpled figure and wrinkles all over her face.

She also raised her head and glanced at the emperor of Foreign Domain, and then opened her hands, between her mouth and nose, she spit out the glow, and her body was full of flames!

After more than ten breaths, this old woman, like the emperor Hao Heavenly God, has undergone a shocking change!

She became young, like a seventeen-eighteen-year-old woman, beautiful as a fairy, peerless grace and elegance!

One of them is dressed in Tsing Yi and his hair is flying, and his eyes are open and closed, there are fragments of the road up and down!

“The Empress!”

“One emperor through the ages!”


Many people were surprised, but some people thought of it Another empress!

Perhaps, that female emperor is the real first female emperor!

It’s just that the female emperor seldom takes action. It is said that she disappeared and was suppressed in Atheus Continent.

“jié jié…”

At this moment, a short old fogey also walked out of another restricted area.

He is grinning, his laughter is very gloomy, making people have one’s hair stand on end!

At the same time, his face, even his hair, are purple and black, very weird!

“Poison Divine Emperor!”

Someone has revealed the identity of this short Little Old Man, and he is endlessly afraid!

Among the three Divine Emperors, only the poisonous Divine Emperor has the worst reputation!

However, at this moment, the poisonous Divine Emperor was born, and he also breathed out the glow, absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon, smelted the power of Grand Dao, and returned to Peak!

At this moment, the three Divine Emperor looked at each other through the void, and smiled at each other.

After that, these three people got up and came to the end of the world, standing side by side with Zixiao!

You know, the emperors of the six worlds dare not stand shoulder to shoulder with Zixiao!

And these three Divine Emperor dare to do so!

At this moment, a group of emperors standing behind, there are a few Old Monsters who have lived for several eras, with weird expressions and frowns.

They seem to be thinking about something.

Until a few breaths later, an elderly emperor lightly coughed, breaking the peace.

After that, he stepped forward a few steps, slowly lowered his body, saluted the three Divine Emperors, and whispered: “I have seen the Three Emperors.”

“Oh? Does anyone remember us?” The poison Divine Emperor raised his eyebrows and jokingly said: “You dignified emperor, why do you bow to the three Divine Emperors?”

“This…you… It’s a real emperor!” The old emperor hesitated for a while, and was even more puzzled, saying: “Why did the three emperors… become like this?”

“What!? The emperor!?”


“When did the three major Divine Emperors become emperors!?”


Many people are puzzled. In their eyes, the three major Divine Emperors are indeed The truth is Divine Emperor cultivation base!

“Before I became an emperor, the balance in this world was maintained by their three people.” Zi Xiao suddenly said: “They are old, and they have been ascended to the fullest, and they have restored to the past. How much is the cultivation base.”

“How much is the cultivation base, it is the Divine Emperor!?”

Someone exclaimed, then… if these three emperors recover to Peak, That… really the emperor!

Furthermore, once restored to Peak, their strength might not be under Zixiao!

At this moment, everyone was relieved, no wonder these three dared to stand together in Zixiao!

“Everyone in the world calls me the Divine Emperor, and I will recognize it when I wait.” Hao Heavenly God said with a smile: “Heaven and Earth is big, the world is the biggest creature, what do they say , That’s what.”

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