I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1073

The three emperors were born and merged with the horizon, letting the world know their true identity!

At this moment, between Heaven and Earth is filled with a depressive breath, and an invisible fighting intent is burning!

Everyone knows that the real battle is about to begin!

Everyone is waiting for the last 5 minutes of time!

Wait until Guardian disappears and when the star sand surrounding the six realms dissipates, it will be the time to fight to the end!

“It’s almost over.” Jiang Chen stood on the mountainside of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, with the burial coffin quietly standing beside him.

He didn’t choose to leave, just because he didn’t want to leave like this!

And most importantly, there is one more person, he has not seen yet!

“It should be soaring… but where did you go?” Jiang Chen frowned, worried about the Moon God.

According to the news, the Moon God has indeed ascended, and ascended to the deserted state.

But, the Moon God was injured at that time, and after his escape, there was no more news.

Jiang Chen thought, has the Moon God gone to Great Thousand Worlds?

Has her memory awakened?

Thinking about it, unconsciously, 5 minutes of time finally arrived!

At this moment, the star sands surrounding the six realms disappeared, one after another gateway to Great Thousand Worlds shattered, and the rays of light on the foreign domain emperors rose sharply, like stars, illuminating This starry sky!

“No need to say more, just kill!”

“A group of remnants of the ancestral realm, delusional to use the power of the six realms to create the Reincarnation Road and revive the invincible!? Dreaming! “

“Today, all will be cleansed. From now on, the six realms will not exist, and the invincibility will not be seen!”


At this moment, Foreign Domain stars are falling , That is one by one emperor, coming from the sky!

Their purpose is very clear, reaching the end of the world!

They all know that as long as the horizon is destroyed, no one in the Six Realms can stop them!


At this moment, Zixia didn’t say much, spit out a word of kill, and then rushed out first!

A Purple Qi rushes into the sky, accompanied by several fists, like one after another big star, rushing upward!

Behind him, a group of emperors followed closely like tigers and wolves. In addition to killing intent, they still saw killing intent!

They have no fear of death. After all, when they choose to stay, they know that this battle will undoubtedly die!


“I wait for the ancestral world beings, invincible in the whole world!”


bang !



At this moment, one after another explosion sounded from the sky, the void collapsed in an instant, and the sky seemed to It’s cracked, and there is a thunderbolt everywhere!

Only dozens of emperors of the Six Realms rushed into the group of Great Thousand Worlds at this moment, such as the light of firefly, but before they went out, they bloomed with the brightest radiance!

At the beginning of the battle, the emperors of the six worlds fell and were besieged by hundreds of emperors, and it was difficult to even one move!

Many people have seen it, and they gave up the offensive directly!

I saw more than a dozen emperors of the Six Realms, with fierce gleams in their eyes, their own avenues and laws turned into Domain, covering many of the emperors of Great Thousand Worlds!

After that, a shocking sound came out, and I saw that these emperors had chosen self-destruct directly!

The power of the emperor, the power of the emperor, can cut mountains, blood can turn into a sea, and its self-destruct power has crushed the avenue of the six realms!

For a time, I saw one after another brilliant sparks blooming in the sky, which was produced after the emperor of the Six Realms self-destruct!

“This is really a flourishing age… With the blood and soul of the emperor, blooming the brightest fireworks between Heaven and Earth!”

“Fireworks are easy to cold. After blooming, everything belongs to Nothingness.”

Those creatures who were too late to leave the Six Realms looked up, feeling bitter and helpless.

Emperor is like this, what else can they do? Can only wait to die!

“If there is an afterlife, I will enter the Great Thousand Worlds, and Mieer will wait for the upper and lower nine races!” A six-world emperor roared, his face flushed, and his hair stained with the emperor’s blood!

This person is very strong, one person fights more than 30 emperors alone, after killing two people, directly choose self-destruct!

For a time, the “fireworks” were even brighter. Under the self-destruct of several emperors, Great Thousand Worlds suffered heavy losses!

In just a dozen breaths of time, Great Thousand Worlds has lost a dozen emperors!

But, for Great Thousand Worlds with thousands of emperors, a dozen emperors are simply nothing!

Even if it is one for one, they can win!

“Come here! Siege this person!”

Suddenly, the emperor of Great Thousand Worlds exclaimed!

Everyone looked back and saw a purple light slaughter all sides among the crowd!

The method is very simple, with fists and hands, simple and unpretentious, but every trick is a killer move!

This person is Zixiao!

Its battle strength is already strong, and now it has been added by Oriental Imperial Clan’s Purple Qi, making its battle strength even more terrifying!

I saw him rampage, without a pause, and emperor blood fell everywhere he went!

Beside him, under his feet, more than a dozen Great Thousand Worlds emperors have been suppressed and killed!

“So courageous!”

“There are emperors like you in the Six Realms!? It’s a pity, today you are doomed to die!”


At this moment, hundreds of Great Thousand Worlds emperors rushed over, a group of people with fierce faces moved towards Zixiao suppress and kill away!

“True my name, my body, my hair crown, and the six worlds unparalleled!”

The purple sky roars, brave and invincible, and Purple Qi bursts all over, like between Heaven and Earth, the most brilliant A ray of brilliance!

However, two fists are hard to beat four hands. In just 2.5 minutes of time, his fleshy body was shattered!

However, Great Thousand Worlds also paid a great price for this, and more than a dozen emperors were suppressed and killed by Zixiao!

He is like an emperor who has fallen into the demon. The killing is too fierce. The moment the fleshy body collapses, Zixiao directly burns blood essence, and the fleshy body is recast in an instant!

Immediately, he shot again, his fist struck out horizontally, shattering the void, and even the avenue trembled under his feet!

At the same time, on the top of his head, a flower bud can be seen faintly!

The flower buds are bathing the avenue, spitting in the sunlight, as if to bloom!

“Not good! He wants to step into the extraordinary with this battle!” Someone was cry out in surprise, and his expression changed drastically!

As an emperor, what does this state of Zi Xiao mean now!

He uses war to support war, and he is actually in breakthrough at this moment!

Once the flower of the avenue takes shape and blooms, it is the day when Zixiao enters the extraordinary!

“You don’t have that chance!”

Suddenly, a cold voice came from a distance, and then a blood-colored dragon head lance shot out!

Lance cuts through the void, with a sharp edge, as if no stronghold one cannot overcome, and directly penetrates the center of Zixiao’s eyebrows!

Even the flower bud on top of his head almost fell apart!

“Who can stop me!? I am invincible!” Zi Xiao roared, his hands were suddenly hard, and he pulled out the bloody lance inserted between his brows!

After that, his blood essence burned again, and the injury instantly recovered completely, even the flower buds on his head seemed more real!

“How many of these nine Dragon Transformation spears can you block!?” In the distance, the voice came again, and then eight blood-colored dragon heads lance moved towards Zixiao came back!

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