I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1074

The Dragon Transformation spear fell and pierced Zixiao’s body one after another. There were endless emperor attacks all around, falling like a mountain and a sea!

At this moment, Zi Xiao’s body vibrated. It was the Blood Essence Combustion, and it was difficult to stop it!



With a burst of noise, Zixiao’s Fleshy body exploded again, and even his soul was cut in half!

The flower buds on top of his head disappeared, and the dao fruit was damaged!

“Want to step into the transcendence? Can you be worthy?” In the distance, the emperor holding the Dragon Transformation spear was sneered. When the voice fell, the nine Dragon Transformation spears condensed, like a sky light. , Shining directly on Zi Xiao’s mutilated soul!

“Oh, he almost made him become an extraordinary place.”

“It’s a pity, he is dead after all.”


Many people sneered again and again, watching Zi Xiao’s half of the soul shatter under the Dragon Transformation spear, and the strained hearts of a group of people also let go.

However, at this moment, a poisonous mist burst out, like a purple-black lantern, gathering the broken souls of Zixiao!

“You guys, didn’t you see me in your eyes?”

At this moment, I saw the poison Divine Emperor rushing over, and everything on his own was burning on the way, even Dao fruit exudes amazing divine light!

By the time he rushed to Zixiao’s side, he had already sublimated as much as possible, burning the remaining life essence and essence, and the cultivation base had reached the emperor!

However, next moment, he did not make a move, but turned into a poisonous mist in the sky, and then the poisonous mist dissipated, and a bright star rune fell in front of Zixiao!

“The old man doesn’t want to do it himself, anyway, it’s a death, it will make you perfect.” Inside the star rune, the voice of the poisonous Divine Emperor came out.

He has no nostalgia for this World, directly Dao Transformation, condenses everything about himself into this star rune, and then poured it into the body of Zixiao!

“Thanks to the poison of Divine Emperor!” Zixia’s expression condenses, smelting the poison of Divine Emperor dao fruit, and the injury recovers completely in an instant!

At the same time, the flower buds on the top of his head reappeared and became more solid!

The light of the avenue fell on him, like the ocean, breaking through the void and falling!

“Quickly stop him!”

“This guy wants to be detached!”


A group of people from Great Thousand Worlds The emperor was a little panicked, they knew the horror of the detached, and the power of one person might really destroy their entire group!

“You can’t do it!”

At this moment, the emperor holding the Dragon Transformation spear is coming again!

This time, his body rushed to him, and the nine Dragon Transformation spears around him rose and fell, shooting down, like the roar of True Dragon, and the universe turned upside down beside him!

He is very strong, and even more decisive in his shot, moved towards Zi Xiao’s bud on top of his head!


But, before his Dragon Transformation spear fell, I saw a snow-white fist strikes on the Dragon Transformation spear!

Everyone came back to his senses, and after a closer look, she was actually a beautiful woman!

“If you are extraordinary, there is hope in the Six Realms.” The female emperor lightly said, turning into a million, like layers of light and shadow, guarding Zixiao!

And her body, even after its extreme sublimation, rushed to kill the emperor holding the Dragon Transformation spear!

“A women, even if they become an emperor, how can they enter the eyes of my law, how can they compete with me!” The emperor holding the Dragon Transformation spear looked contemptuous!

I have to say that this person is too strong, controlling nine Dragon Transformation spears to attack Zixiao, and on the other hand, with the power of his body, he fought fiercely with the Empress!

At the same time, all around more emperors moved towards here, rushing towards here, one by one carrying a monstrous breath, like a group of tiger wolves, about to swallow the purple sky!

“Clear Sky Divine Splendor!”

And at this moment, Emperor Hao Heavenly God is also extremely sublimated, a brilliance shattered and enveloped the purple sky!

After that, a seven-foot green front appeared in his hand, like a butterfly shadow, dancing in the void!

Sword glow bursts out, like the stars are falling, and no one can compete wherever it goes!

“The head of the three emperors, the emperor Hao Heavenly God!”

“It is Haotian!”


6 In the world, those creatures looked up to the sky, all excited.

However, it was only a dozen breaths of time. First, the female emperor was shocked by the emperor, and she was seriously injured and fell into the void. Then Emperor Hao Heavenly God was besieged by nearly a thousand people, and finally chose self- destruct!

Their ultimate battle did not last long. Although they were ascended to the extreme, they could not change their destiny after all!

Perhaps, like that short-lived, the world has already remembered it!

“The gap in the number of people is too big!”

“Hey…in the end, it’s still futile.”

World people Sigh, how powerful the three emperors are, but as a result, they just went out to fight and died!

“In fact, we should all understand that there is no suspense in this battle. The reason why the emperors of the six realms dare to fight is because they have too many feelings and memories for these six realms.”


“It is said that the emperor is ruthless, but it’s hard to see the emperor’s tears that’s all.”


At this moment, the emperor of the six realms is almost dead!

This battle is completely one-sided!

After all, there are too many opponents. Thousands of emperors will take action together. It is your peerless grace and elegance. Battle strength is so powerful and difficult to stop!

After more than ten breaths, many people stopped their hands, standing in the void with indifferent faces.

They looked towards Zixiao, and each of them was full of jealousy and greed!

“He has the ability to break through and detach himself, his dao fruit…must be out of the ordinary!”

“Taking his dao fruit, I might be able to take that step too. , Achieve an extraordinary fruit position!”


Many people are shocked and excited, and the greed in their eyes is getting stronger!

At this moment, Zixiao is breaking through while killing the enemy!

However, there are really too many enemies all around, and these people looks like is deliberately consuming the power of Zixiao.

They don’t compete head-on with Zi Xiao, they have been attacking from the side.

Some people even speak directly, saying that this is walking the dog!

“After all, I can’t do it, I’ve lost you.”

Zi Xiao sighed, if the opponent is only a few hundred people, he can be fearless, and he can fight!

However, these thousands of emperors are really hard to deal with with his own power!

Moreover, as time goes by, Zixiao feels powerless!

His power is rapidly consuming, and even the flower buds above his head are dimmed!

He knows that it is too difficult to break through and beyond, and there is no hope!



Suddenly, a splitting the air sound resounded throughout the six realms!

At this moment, I saw a silhouette shrouded in the aura of the zodiac rushing out of the mountainside of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

Like a yellow dragon, under the rampage, even this world resonates with it!

“With me, there will be six realms!”

Jiang Chen Xiaoxiao, he waited till now, Huang Tian’s power finally recovered again!

He killed him. At this moment, he doesn’t even care about all the consequences, he just wants to kill the enemy!

He has anger and resentment in his heart, and he is full of blood and fighting intent!

“hmph! Another emperor? The ending is the same.” The emperor holding the Dragon Transformation spear is very strong, and he thrusts out, lance penetrates the void in his hand and cuts Jiang Chen’s head straight away!

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