I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1075

The emperors all around did not move, only a few people were besieging Zixiao.

As for Jiang Chen, these emperors didn’t even see it!

Because the emperor holding the Dragon Transformation spear is too strong, they believe that this alone can suppress Jiang Chen!



However, when the two collided, only a Dragon Transformation spear was directly shattered, even that The emperors were all shaken out!


“The Emperor Dragon Transformation… was shocked!?”

“That’s the Dragon Transformation spear. Use True Dragon The emperor’s weapon made of bone is actually broken!”

All around exclaimed again and again, and even the emperor stepped out, wanting to make a move.

“Little ant! I’ll do it myself!” Dragon Transformation emperor expression was cold, and was stunned by Jiang Chen in front of so many people, making his face a bit unbearable!

At this moment, I saw him rushing out again, and the remaining eight Dragon Transformation spears were reversing, like a big Killing Formation, covering Jiang Chen in!

“That’s it!?” Jiang Chen contemptuously said, knowing that Huang’s strength of Heaven is extremely powerful, and it is nothing difficult to suppress this Dragon Transformation Great!

Sure enough, it was another face-to-face, Jiang Chen shot out with both hands horizontally, and directly shattered the eight Dragon Transformation spears!

Afterwards, before Dragon Transformation would respond, Jiang Chen swept out with a slap and hit the fleshy body of Dragon Transformation!



With a muffled sound, I saw the fleshy body of Dragon Transformation explode, leaving only a soul!


“This…impossible, right?”


At this moment, all around exclaimed The sound erupted, and at the same time, Emperor Dragon Transformation didn’t look back, and its soul moved towards the back!

He is now awakened, knowing that the emperor who is enveloped by the zodiac in front of him is not to be trifled with, very strong!

“I still want to leave!?” Jiang Chen furiously shouted, and a pair of yellow sky wings appeared behind him, like two Kunpeng wings!

Under the flap of his wings, Jiang Chen was like a yellow thunderbolt, and in a flash, he caught up with the Emperor Dragon Transformation!

After that, before the emperor had not reacted, Jiang Chen pressed his fist and smashed the soul of Dragon Transformation directly in front of everyone!


“This guy…”

“Go together!”

At this moment, the emperor who is all around can’t calm down!

Be aware that the Emperor Dragon Transformation is a Peak level among them!

But who would have thought that the Emperor Dragon Transformation would be suppressed and killed like this!

“Today, come and kill as many!”

Jiang Chen screamed, although the fleshy body is out of control, he still needs to have some compulsions.

Immediately, I saw Jiang Chen rushing into the crowd. The power of this yellow sky seemed to be fearless, controlling Jiang Chen’s fleshy body with his fists open and close!

However, there were too many opponents. After a few ten breaths, Jiang Chen’s fleshy body was cracked, and even the eyebrows were severely damaged. His soul throbbed and almost annihilated!

“Hey! Do you have spirituality!? Laozi within the body has the imperial vine, the undying bird, and the Myriad Transformations Tianzhan! You can use it for anything special!” Jiang Chen was anxious, in his heart Quietly, there was almost no curse!

I don’t know whether it was Jiang Chen’s words that worked, or whether the strength of Heaven really has spirituality.

After Jiang Chen said this, the strength of Heaven really gave summon the three Dao Souls!

At this moment, I saw the purple-golden vines plunge into the void, the vines are like flagpoles, and the leaves are like flags. Under a wave of shaking, the starry sky collapses, and the Foreign Domain stars are shaken down!

At the same time, several emperors were hit, exploded like a firework, and their souls were shaken out!

Immediately, the undying bird cried long, the unquenchable fire burned, and the void inch by inch broke apart. Several people couldn’t escape and were contaminated by the unquenchable fire. Then the whole person turned into soot on the spot. Burned to death!

“This is Dao Soul that is used by the power of the emperor!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, didn’t expect his Dao Soul to be so powerful!

“Kill him!”

“Evil creature! Dare to kill the emperor of my Great Thousand Worlds!?”


all around, a group of emperors roar, they are simply not afraid!

Because there are too many of them!

However, when a group of people rushed in, only a blue light appeared above Jiang Chen’s head!

After that, a sword glow pierced through the void, seeming to cut open the eternal river, cutting off time and years!

Under the flying light and shadow, sword glow passed by!




One after another, under the muffled sound, I only saw under this sword, Dozens of emperors were suppressed and killed, and there was no room to resist!

“My God!? This is the power of my Myriad Transformations Celestial Light!?” Jiang Chen was excited.

However, after hitting this sword, Jiang Chen felt that the strength of Heaven within the body weakened a lot!

Obviously, using Dao Soul one after another will consume too much power!

“Myriad Transformations Celestial Light!?”

“How could Dao Soul appear in the small place of Six Worlds!?”


Many people exclaimed, even more greedy!

As emperors, they know a lot of secrets. At this moment, someone wants to deprive Jiang Chen of Dao Soul!

“My king, we are going to kill today!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen is not afraid, although the strength of Heaven within the body has weakened a lot, but Still very strong!

He rushed out again, and the purple-golden vine waste around him burned with inextinguishable fire, and three strands of Primal Chaos Qi turned into sharp edges, spinning around him!

Someone approached, but Jiang Chen flew away in the palm of his hand, and the three Primal Chaos Qi shot out, directly annihilating the opponent!

“Primal Chaos Qi!?”

“Who is this…?”


Many people Shocked, an emperor with three Dao Souls and Primal Chaos Qi…

This… is extraordinary!

“This and the others, can’t stay!”


Until this moment, the other emperors reacted!

At this moment, I saw thousands of emperors all doing it!

The sky full of attacks fell, like howling wind and torrential rain, not only was the void bounced, but the six realms were collapsing!

The power of the emperor is too terrifying, even more how is the attack of thousands of emperors!

At this moment, Jiang Chen was deeply affected by it. Fleshy body exploded, but it was recast in a very short time!

He is still fighting, but he can feel that the strength of Heaven within the body is getting weaker and weaker!

“cough cough…I said big sister, it’s almost done, right? I don’t want to die yet.” Jiang Chen felt distressed. Before, he was able to suppress the Emperor Dragon Transformation, but now… The emperor can’t catch a palm!

The power consumption is too great, and he feels that he will be completely wiped out by the attack of the emperor!

And Huang Tian’s power seems to have spirituality. At this moment, he takes Jiang Chen and turns it into a stream of light, and he just flees away!

“Well!? What about people!?”

“Dead!? Or escaped?”


This Suddenly, a group of emperors were dumbfounded. Just now I saw the zodiacal spirit surging here, how could there be no one in the blink of an eye! ?

“Not good!”

“It’s a major event!”


Suddenly, someone exclaimed When the emperors attacked Jiang Chen just now, they ignored Zixiao!

At this moment, everyone reacted and saw that the flower bud on top of Zixiao’s head had already bloomed, and a petal took shape!

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