I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1076

The emperors of the six realms are like a flash in the pan, and the war has just begun, and they have withered.

We can’t say that they are too weak, we can only say that there are too many emperors in Great Thousand Worlds!

Two fists are harder than four hands. It is Jiang Chen who was possessed by Huang Strength of Heaven and was beaten back at this moment!

However, at this moment, the emperors from Great Thousand Worlds became nervous, and one by one moved towards Zixiao rushed towards Zixiao!

Because the flowers of the purple sky have bloomed!

Although only one petal blooms, the meaning of that petal is extraordinary!

Being detached, there are three steps to take!

And every step taken, the flower of the avenue will bloom with a petal!

“Be careful! He has already taken a step!”

“Kill! Don’t let him go beyond!”


At this moment, the Emperor Qun made a move without any hesitation, and did not attack from the side!

Their offensive is like howling wind and torrential rain, smashing across the four directions, the six realms are collapsing!

The power of the emperor, destroying heaven extinguishing earth at every turn, ordinary people simply unimaginable!

At this moment, Zi Xiao sighed. He knew that in front of the emperor, he could not take the remaining two steps!

But, for Zixiao at this moment, it is enough!

“Master, Senior said, you must be upright and don’t forget your original intention.” Zi Xiao lightly said, straightening his hair crown with his hands, and a hint of unexpectedness in his eyes broke out!

next moment, I saw him thrust forward, his whole body burning, even the flowers of the avenue turned into divine light, blessed on him!

throws a punch, like Azure Dragon breaking through Nine Heavens and falling, more like the falling of the upside down Star River!

After the fist, a dozen emperors were directly suppressed, and there was no room for resistance!

“really strong!”

“He only takes one step, and he has such strength!?”

“The detached…”



Everyone is amazed that there are countless emperors here, invincible in the eyes of the world, but they understand in their hearts that if they are not detached, they are not transcendent, they will be invincible after all!

That is a crucial step. From ancient times to the present, how many Young Emperor Kings have been blocked by that step, and have spent his entire life without being able to step into it!


“This guy, keeping it is also a curse!”


At this moment, the emperor is completely Runaway, colorful brilliance fills the void, that is the strongest method of the emperors!

Zi Xiao never retreats, his fists are dancing, constantly killing the enemy!

There was a crack in its fleshy body, Dao Foundation was also damaged, and even half of his cheek was broken!

But he never retreats, dancing with his fists, except for the decisive meaning in his eyes, it is killing intent!

This is his choice and his will!

He didn’t leave any way for himself!

You must know that with Zi Xiao’s current strength, as long as he wants to leave, no one of these emperors can stop him!

But he doesn’t want to leave!

Everything is gone, but the will is still there.

He will fight to the end, watching the six worlds wither, turning into nothingness with him!

As a person of the six worlds, he holds the balance of the six worlds, and death is also the soul of the six worlds, overlooking the nether world!

“I Zixiao has never been weaker than others in my life!”

In the end, Zixiao fought madly, and the flowers of the avenue fell apart!

He turned into a domain with his own dao fruit, and enveloped hundreds of emperors in it!

Afterwards, under the angry roar, it exploded and chose to self-destruct!

Hundreds of emperors died violently on the spot, all around, and many people were implicated in them and were extremely injured!

However, this battle is finally over.

All the emperors of the Six Realms died in battle, and the entire Six Realms was destroyed in this battle!

At this moment, there is nothingness everywhere, not a trace of anything can be seen, not even a wisp of dust!

The power of the emperor is too tyrannical and terrifying, and the aftermath of the battle destroyed everything!

However, in this nothingness, there is a person sitting cross-legged here.

That was a man with a vague appearance, sitting cross-legged in the void, with his back facing all beings!

The emperor’s battle fluctuations couldn’t get close to him, and even the road wailed around him!


“Sure enough in the Six Realms!”


At this moment, the group of Great Thousand Worlds The emperor got excited, and rushed over one by one, trying to take the body of the invincible!

You must know that this corpse is not bad for the ages. Although the soul inside is extinguished, the invincible road is still hidden in the corpse of the invincible!

This corpse, like an ancient scripture, records invincible roads and methods!

“What the six worlds are just the burial ground that’s all!”

“In the end, the six worlds are also destroyed like the ancestral world. What invincible? It’s not perish!”



Many people look contemptuous, seeming to look down upon the invincible.

However, they all know in their hearts, they all know, their desire for the invincible dao fruit!

Among these people, a few have lived for several times and experienced the great catastrophe of the destruction of the ancestral world!

They have seen with their own eyes how powerful the invincible is!

He was not killed in the first place, but to protect the ancestral world, he sacrificed himself and left hope for the ancestral world!

If in that era, the Invincible didn’t care about it, just for himself, then this Great Thousand Worlds would be killed!

Yes, people are affectionate after all.

The invincible overlooks the past and the present, and in the end, he can’t forget the feeling!

“Love words are the most difficult to understand since ancient times.”

“Goodbye, it’s over…”

Finally, The emperors of Great Thousand Worlds left, and they stepped into the starry sky with the body of the invincible.

At this moment, looking at the six realms, everything has disappeared, leaving only pieces of ruins and nothingness.

But, in the midst of nothingness, Jiang Chen hibernated quietly with the burial coffin on his back.

He has witnessed the destruction of the six realms, and his heart is resentful and resentful!

But, so what? What if there is a big resentment in my heart?

Even Zixiao was killed in the battle, and now with Jiang Chen’s cultivation base, what can we do! ?

“I will kill you!”

Suddenly, a roar came from far away from the stars!

After that, I saw a man riding a calm boat, moving towards the ruins of the Six Realms and rushing forward!

A terrifying imposing manner pervades all quarters, much stronger than the emperor!

At the same time, in several other directions, there are also two creatures quickly approaching here!

“Seal my ancestral realm, and now destroy my six realms!?”

“Damn! It’s still a step too late!”



After a dozen breaths, two men and a woman appeared among the ruins of the Six Realms.

Their eyes are filled with anger and sorrow, and their bodies are full of killing intents!

Jiang Chen is hiding in the dark, looking at these three people, secretly thought these three people are the legendary ancestors! ?

They are back, but…it’s still too late!

“en? There are still two worlds!”

“It’s them!”

“I have hope for the six worlds! There are seeds!”


Suddenly, the three of them got excited, their eyes were shining brightly, moved towards the emptiness!

Jiang Chen hearing this, also staring at it!

From this look, Jiang Chen’s heart is also excited!

He saw that in a ruin of nothingness, that originally belonged to Atheus Continent!

There are two people standing there quietly, their expressions are calm, carefree and unhappy, detached from everything, like being detached from the Great Avenue of the Six Realms!

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