I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1077

The six realms are destroyed, and the worlds under the six realms are also destroyed.

And in the ruins of Atheus Continent, there are two people standing quietly, like statues, completely motionless, inviolable, and the avenue cannot add their bodies!

These two people seem to be meditating, and they seem to be asleep, even the breath on their bodies is very weak.

However, under careful observation, you can feel that these two people within the body exude a strong vitality, even comparable to a world!

“Human Sovereign!? Daoist Heavenspan!?”

Jiang Chen exclaimed, he couldn’t believe it, these two people actually survived!

You must know that in Jiang Chen’s mind, Human Sovereign and Daoist Heavenspan are mysterious and strong, but they have not reached the emperor’s cultivation base!

Since you have not reached the emperor’s cultivation base, how can you survive this war of emperors! ?

Of course, this is Jiang Chen’s idea!

At this moment, under Jiang Chen’s repeated observations, his expression condenses, secretly thought is his own eyes!

“So…they have always been emperors.” Jiang Chen lightly said, staring at Human Sovereign and Daoist Heavenspan, these two people within the body actually have the emperor dao fruit!

Moreover, above the heads of these two people, you can vaguely see a avenue flower!

Human Sovereign’s avenue flower has one petal, but Daoist Heavenspan’s avenue flower has two petals!

“Two people, I have suffered.”

At this moment, the two men and one woman came to the front of Human Sovereign and Daoist Heavenspan, one after another saluted.

Daoist Heavenspan opened his eyes, but did not speak, just stroked his chest.

Immediately, he was frowned and lightly said: “It’s time to let them out.”

“You guys are really on time.” Human Sovereign’s face was ugly, looked towards this The three people said: “You arrived after the collapse of the Six Realms? Did you crawl back?”

As soon as these words came out, the three people expressed embarrassment, and one of them hurriedly explained: “Human Sovereign, the ancestral world is too far away, even the emperor is easy to get lost.”

“The coordinates I left in the six worlds are a bit fuzzy.”



The three explained that while speaking, there was anger and helplessness in their eyes.

Human Sovereign hearing this, an angry look flashed in his eyes, looking at the ruins in front of him, said solemnly: “How is the ancestral world?”

“The ancestral world…or The same way.” One of them sighed: “The Ancestral Realm is cursed, and the creatures inside have changed.”

“A lot of people died. When a group of us went to the Ancestral Realm, we are still alive… Ten does not save one.” The woman sighed: “It is too difficult to unlock the seal of the ancestral world. The group of Great Thousand Worlds has been interfering. I have waited for several times and still cannot unlock the seal of the ancestral world.”

“Since they don’t want us to untie the seal of the ancestral world, they are puzzled.” Daoist Heavenspan suddenly said, coldly said: “Seal my ancestral world, destroy my six worlds, and now take away the body of the invincible… …What a Great Thousand Worlds!”

“Demon Sovereign means…” the woman asked.

“Since they want to fight, then accompany them to fight!” Daoist Heavenspan said coldly.



When the voice fell, I saw Daoist Heavenspan’s palm directly inserted into his chest!

After that, a radiance burst out, and after his palm was pulled out of his chest, there was a light flashing in his palm!

“At the time the Five Realms were destroyed, Human Sovereign and I used our bodies as pools to nurture the two realms.” Daoist Heavenspan lightly said, looking at the light group in his hand, and said: “This is mine That realm, the Demon Realm of five within the realm.”

Jiang Chen also heard this, his expression condensed, and his eyes were full of horror!

The six realms are divided into gods, immortals, humans, demons, demons, and ghosts.

Jiang Chen never thought that Daoist Heavenspan was a creature of Demon Realm!

And, listening to what he said, after the Demon Realm was destroyed, Daoist Heavenspan actually sealed the entire Demon Realm within the body!

He is using himself as a pool to nurture the broken and damaged Demon Realm. He hopes to rebuild the Demon Realm someday in the future!

And, Daoist Heavenspan said, this is his realm!

That…this means that Daoist Heavenspan should be the same as Mu Youde, Lord of Demon Realm!

“The human world is almost restored.”

At this moment, Human Sovereign also drew a light ball from within the body. Look carefully, it is a sealed world!

In the world, there are creatures, vegetation, and even Grand Dao Law and order exist!

Obviously, after several times, Human Sovereign and Daoist Heavenspan have paid a lot, and they have already recast Demon Realm and the human world almost!

“Take these two realms as races and evolve the other four realms. When the time comes, the six realms can be present!” Daoist Heavenspan said.


Now he should be called Demon Sovereign!

“It’s just a pity, the old bastard of the Netherworld Sovereign, in order to find the so-called truth, not even his own underworld, and now I don’t know where he went.” Human Sovereign said solemnly: “That guy …I haven’t done any good things!”

“Leave him alone, plant this human world and Demon Realm into this avenue first, and slowly conceive.” Demon Sovereign said.

After that, a few people started using the rules of the emperor to deduce World Strength, and finally unblocked the two worlds, escaped into the avenue, and placed them in the ruins of the six worlds.

The two realms are like two seeds that take root in the ruins. In the future, they will open up their branches and leaves. With these two realms as the center, it is possible to reproduce the six realms!

“It’s late…”

At this moment, among the ruins of the Six Realms, a Profound Light rose!

Immediately, I saw a woman in a red robe walking out of the ruins.

He is surrounded by light and rain everywhere, fiery red and gorgeous, and his body is more like a layer of red star sand!


At this moment, Jiang Chen exclaimed and couldn’t calm down anymore!

He walked out, stepped across the ruins, and came to red-clothed.

“Are you alright!?” Jiang Chen asked.

However, red-clothed froze for a moment, looked towards Jiang Chen in doubt, and slightly frowned, and said: “Who are you…?”

“You…no Know me!” Jiang Chen was stunned, the woman in front of him was clearly red-clothed!

“Oh…I see, you are the only coordinate that I stay in this World, right?” The woman was relieved and explained: “The red-clothed you know, I stay in this The coordinates of World, she has been waiting for me to return.”

“When I came back, she disappeared.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, the expression suddenly became sad.

At this moment, he remembered what red-clothed said before!

It turns out that red-clothed knew his identity a long time ago and knew he would disappear!

“She… will never show up again?” Jiang Chen asked.

“She didn’t disappear, because I am her, she is me.” The woman said lightly, her expression was strange.

Just because she was searching for the memory of red-clothed, her face was a little blush at the moment!

She knows, she actually had a deep “contact” with the boy in front of her!


Suddenly, among the ruins, an entire group rushed out!

Look carefully, the leader is a skinny Elderly, and behind him, there are still a group of people!

“Sect Master!? senior brother and senior sister!?” Jiang Chen stared wide-eyed, watching the group of people behind the skinny Elderly, isn’t it just Song Tingtao and the others!

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