I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1078

Jiang Chen stared wide-eyed, he thought Song Tingtao and the others had gone to Great Thousand Worlds!

I never thought that they were still here, and followed a skinny Elderly with a strong breath behind him.

This person should be the ancestor of Heavenspan Church.

However, after this group of people appeared, they went straight to Demon Sovereign.

The skinny Elderly was full of excitement, but also with a hint of guilt. He came to Demon Sovereign, bowed his head and saluted, his voice was slightly cold, and said: “dísciple has seen the Master.”

“en.” Demon Sovereign clicked nodded, and did not say much, but instead set his sights on Jiang Chen.

“Why are you still here?” Demon Sovereign asked.

“I…unwilling to leave like this.” Jiang Chen said, but the words contained bitterness and helplessness.

What if you are unwilling?

Now that the Six Realms are destroyed, only the Human Realm and the Demon Realm are left. It may take a hundred years, or even thousands of years, before the Six Realms can reappear.

“In the end, you lied to everyone.” Demon Sovereign sighed.

When these words came out, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but be forced.

He lied to everyone! ?

Have he ever lied?

However, Demon Sovereign did not explain. After looking at Jiang Chen a few more times, he waved his hand and said, “Go, the matter here is over, and the return of the ancestors can’t change anything. “

“Will the Six Realms reappear?” Jiang Chen asked.

“If the seed is still there, the Six Realms will reappear.” Demon Sovereign nodded and said, but an angry look flashed in his eyes: “But, I think Great Thousand Worlds will not let the Six Realms reappear. Now.”

“Why!? The body of the invincible has been taken away by them, and the six worlds reappeared. What does it have to do with them?” Jiang Chen asked in doubt.

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of people all around became weird, and several people even sneered.

Because they all know that in the spiritual eyes of Great Thousand Worlds, the ancestral realm and even the six realms are a special existence.

Any person or thing related to the ancestral world is a threat to Great Thousand Worlds!

They are impossible to make the six worlds reappear, just like the ancestral world. Now they are not only sealed, but also cursed!

If you want the six worlds to reappear, the only way is to suppress Great Thousand Worlds!

Let the powerhouse of Great Thousand Worlds have no time to manage the Six Realms, and the Six Realms can slowly recover.

But what should be done to distract the powerhouse of Great Thousand Worlds?

“You are…”

At this moment, the skinny Elderly looked towards Jiang Chen, with bright light glittering in his eyes, and opened his mouth, but did not finish his words.

However, he was very excited and stared at Jiang Chen for a long time.

At the same time, several other people also stared at Jiang Chen, in addition to excitement and doubt in their eyes.

Jiang Chen frowned and frowned when he was seen, and asked: “Who am I… on earth?”

“You don’t even know who you are. Ask us?” Human Sovereign curled his lips: “Okay, maybe this is fate, what should be returned, what should not be returned, it is fate.”

Finally, Human Sovereign and Demon Sovereign left. , They still choose to stay here, guarding the “blooming” of the human world and Demon Realm.

As for those ancestors, they didn’t say much, they seemed very mysterious, and they left after Human Sovereign and Demon Sovereign left.

In the end, Jiang Chen, Heavenspan Church entire group, and “red-clothed” are left here.

“Sect Master…what are your plans next?” Jiang Chen asked.

Now the Six Realms are ruined, the main road in this place is broken and everything is withered, not only not suitable for cultivation, but also not suitable for living.

“Of course it is to Great Thousand Worlds.” Song Tingtao said: “This place is not for people now.”

“Then…Do you know how to get there?” Jiang Chen asked.

As soon as these words came out, Song Tingtao couldn’t help but blinked his eyes, curiously asked: “You don’t know?”

“Um…Why would I know?” Jiang Chen asked back Tao.

Song Tingtao hearing this, is also speechless, rolled the eyes, and said: “We will follow the coordinates left by Old Ancestor in a few moments, but the coordinates…”

“I understand… means you can’t take me.” Jiang Chen reacted quickly, and he didn’t blame Song Tingtao.

He knew that there was probably a problem with the coordinates, so he couldn’t bring him.

However, there are red-clothed and the skinny Elderly here. These two ancestors should have a map to Great Thousand Worlds?

However, when asked, these two people know nothing!

When they left the Six Realms and went to the Ancestral Realm, they directly borrowed the Transmission Array!

That is the Star Domain-level Transmission Array, which can send them directly to Great Thousand Worlds, which is a multinational Star Domain!

Therefore, they are also relatively vague now and cannot determine the specific scope of Great Thousand Worlds.

Furthermore, the Six Realms are now destroyed, and the Star Domain Transmission Array that was left in the Six Realms has disappeared. Now they want to go to Great Thousand Worlds, they have to figure out their own way.

Of course, that skinny Elderly left the coordinates in Great Thousand Worlds, and you can take Song Tingtao and the others with you.

But red-clothed and Jiang Chen……

“That……Are you going to Great Thousand Worlds too?” Jiang Chen looked towards red-clothed, and I don’t know what to do for a while call.

Especially looking at red-clothed’s unchanged face, Jiang Chen’s emotions are very complicated.

red-clothed is also a little dazed. She has been searching for her previous memories. At this moment, when she looked towards Jiang Chen, there was a complex emotion in her eyes.

“I’m still back to the ancestral world, there are still many things waiting for me.” Red-clothed said: “If you don’t know how to get there, you can follow me.”

“It happens to be a long journey to Great Thousand Worlds right here, and the two have a companion.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, he agreed immediately.

With the company of an ancestor, it is safe to go on the road!

Finally, everyone said goodbye, and after a glance at the six worlds turned into ruins, they embarked on the journey.

Before going to the Great Thousand Worlds, Jiang Chen asked red-clothed to search the ruins of the six worlds to find the whereabouts of the Moon God.

However, red-clothed told Jiang Chen that there is no lunar spirit in the entire six realms!

According to red-clothed, if the Moon God died in the Six Realms, he should also be able to find the body of the Moon God, and even a strand of Remnant Soul soot.

Now, there is nothing to be found. There is only one possibility. The Moon God has left the Six Realms.

“She…just fine.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Finally, the two took a deep look at the ruins, and then left.

Coming out of the ruins of the Six Realms, Jiang Chen and red-clothed went all the way, all around there were stars, but also accompanied by coldness.

This is Star Domain, also known as the universe.

If the southern wall of the Six Realms had not been broken, Jiang Chen might simply think that this World is so big and that the Six Realms are all of the entire world.

But now it seems, it’s just a frog in well that’s all.

The vast and boundless sky has one after another life star, and each star is the so-called world.

“Great Thousand Worlds, there is no lack of strange things. After entering Great Thousand Worlds, you have to be careful what you do.” Red-clothed reminded that the expression is quite strange.

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