I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1079

red-clothed took Jiang Chen all the way forward, shuttled in the starry sky, surrounded by radiant layers, as if driving in a long river of time.

However, the red-clothed expression is a bit weird, and I look at Jiang Chen from time to time, as if I have something to say.

“I know this. After going to Great Thousand Worlds, I really should keep a low profile.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

Be aware that Great Thousand Worlds is already hostile to the creatures of the Ancestral Realm. If Jiang Chen reveals his identity, the consequences will be disastrous!

However, red-clothed shook the head, lightly said: “That…cough cough…I don’t know the exact location of Great Thousand Worlds, I can only rely on my stay in the ancestral world. Looking for breath.”


At this moment, Jiang Chen was a little confused.

The feelings you have taken me to fly for so long, it turns out that you are running around! ?

This universe is so big, you take me to fly, are you sure it’s okay? !

Be aware that red-clothed, as an emperor and owns the flower of the avenue, can absorb the power of between Heaven and Earth everywhere, even if it is drifting in the starry sky for countless ages, it will not die.

But Jiang Chen is different!

His current cultivation base is really not high, and he can’t absorb power in the stars at all.

If Jiang Chen has not entered Great Thousand Worlds for a period of time, he may “starve to death” in the stars!

“I said…Is it okay to be reliable?” Jiang Chen’s face turned black and said: “You are blindly leading me like this, so you are not afraid that I will starve to death in the stars?”

“So… I have to find a way.” Red-clothed frowned and looked towards all around, but the sights were about the same.

In the starry sky, except for the stars, it will be dark, and simply can’t distinguish the direction.

Also, in the starry sky, looking at the distant stars, I always feel the same.

This makes red-clothed a headache.

“To be honest, if I didn’t take you, I might have reached the ancestral world now.” red-clothed whispered.

“You mean…I’m holding you back.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“You can understand that.” red-clothed nodded and said.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen didn’t feel happy!

Can you blame me for this! ?

“By the way, you can take me to the ancestral world.” Jiang Chen eyes shined, really want to see the so-called real home!

However, red-clothed shook his head directly, saying solemnly: “The ancestral realm was sealed, and it was planted with a curse. Even the emperors of us will be cautiously afraid of being cursed. Like you Waiting for the cultivation base… to go is to die.”

“It is estimated that you do not have to enter the ancestral world. Outside the ancestral world, you will be eroded by the curse and die instantly.”

Then, red-clothed stopped, frowning, and staring at Jiang Chen with a serious expression, and asked: “Does it only need to send you to Great Thousand Worlds? No matter which world it is?”

“It is best to be the Southern Star Domain.” Jiang Chen said.

Read the long song one step first, tell Jiang Chen before leaving, if you go to Great Thousand Worlds, go to the Southern Star Domain to find him.

However, red-clothed shook the head said it was difficult to do!

Great Thousand Worlds is too vast. Red-clothed has only been to the ancestral world. As for other places, I have only heard of it and do not know the exact coordinates.

She thought for a moment and said: “Send you to Great Thousand Worlds first, when the time comes, you can find a way to the Southern Star Domain.”

“Also… …Advanced to Great Thousand Worlds.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

After that, I saw that red-clothed both hands forming seals are actually constructing a space-time channel!

According to the rule and order of the emperor, split open space forcibly and stabilize it. This kind of channel is enough to transport creatures out of several Star Domains, or even more than a dozen Star Domains!

However, Jiang Chen is a little flustered at the moment!

red-clothed doesn’t know the direction at all, where is the time-space passage going! ?

Don’t send him to a place where no one is when the time comes!

At that time, it was really bad for every day, and the ground was not working!

“I sent you to a world not far from the ancestral world. I have never been there, but… the place should be pretty barren and there is no powerhouse.” Red-clothed said:” As long as you do not reveal your identity, it should be quite safe for you.”

“This is the best.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

Afterwards, the space-time channel was established, and red-clothed sent Jiang Chen into it, and under the show hand knot, Jiang Chen was sent out!

At the moment when the space-time channel was closed, Jiang Chen turned his head and saw red-clothed’s eyes, there was a ray of familiar feeling!

“Did she…have changed, or is she lying to me?” Jiang Chen was taken aback.

In a trance, he has an illusion that red-clothed has not changed!

But, it’s too late to say anything at this moment, Jiang Chen was sent into the space-time channel, and the light around him flew away, as if in a long river of time, moved towards Great Thousand Worlds and flew away!

At this moment, after Jiang Chen left, red-clothed eyebrows slightly frowned, touching his chest with one hand, lightly said, “Can’t you forget him?”

The voice fell , Red-clothed also disappeared here.

Ten days later, Great Thousand Worlds, a star of life in the Eastern Star Domain.

This star, called the Pack Dragon Star, is also known as the Pack Dragon world.

This World is located in the peripheral zone of the Eastern Star Domain, close to the endless dark zone of the universe.

Generally speaking, this kind of place is very remote in Great Thousand Worlds, and there are not many cultivation resources, so few people come here.

But this pack dragon world is different!

According to legend, this World is an ancestor of Dragon Race, it is just abandoned, but there are still many creatures and cultivators.

Moreover, there are rumors that in the pack dragon world, the inheritance of Dragon Race is hidden, and the rank is extremely high!

As a result, many forces have established their own branches within the realm, not only to cultivate their own dísciple, but also to look for the inheritance of Dragon Race to stay here.

With the arrival of Great Influence, this pack dragon world is naturally becoming more and more prosperous!

It can be said that this pack dragon world is the most prosperous world at the border of the Eastern Star Domain!

On this day, Dragon World, Tiansheng mountain range……

Today is the day for Longteng Academy to recruit students!

Longteng Academy, established by Dragon Race, recruits various Monster Race dísciples every year.

This year is no exception!

Moreover, many Monster Races came to sign up this year, including some descendants of the big monster!

Even some Human Races, and even the creatures of other races, are trying to enter the Dragon Academy!

“Have you heard? Longteng Academy seems to have found the inheritance left by Dragon Race!”

“I heard about it too!”

“That Inheritance is extraordinary, it is said to be the inheritance of Ancestral Dragon level! Now the dísciples of all major races are trying to enter the Dragon Academy!”


The Dragon Academy is located in Tian In the grand mountain range, at this moment, the entire mountain range is full of creatures, and they are all discussing the recruitment of Longteng Academy!

Even, some people do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to inject Monster Race bloodline into the body and change from Human Race to Monster Race!

Hesitate to change the race, just for the inheritance of the suspected Ancestral Dragon!

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