I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1081

Longteng Academy has been established for a long time, and it has always been one of the Peak Academy of the Dragon World.

Since the establishment of Longteng Academy, many Monster Race powerhouses have been cultivated. Among them, there are several True Dragons. After graduating from here, they have created Heaven and Earth in the outside world. The giant of the earth!

At this moment, before everyone came to the great hall of Longteng Academy’s outer courtyard, they were neatly arranged one by one, very orderly.

Jiang Chen didn’t dare to be impudent, he was very obedient. After all, he was a creature of the Six Realms, not even a Monster Race. Now that he has mixed in, he naturally wants to keep a low profile.

even more how, after coming here, Jiang Chen realized that he had to keep a low profile!

Because of these newly recruited dísciples, the weakest cultivation base is the god, and the strongest is the main god.

Moreover, the imposing manners emitted by these creatures are extremely strong, far beyond the cultivator of the same realm!

This gave Jiang Chen a new understanding of Great Thousand Worlds!

“It seems that those people were right at the beginning. The cultivators of Great Thousand Worlds are very strong. They are placed in the six realms, and each of them can be called a genius!” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

At this moment, Fire Dragon was standing in front of the crowd, pointing to the three tall buildings of the great hall up ahead, and said: “Now we are divided into classes, the bloodline is pure, and those with strong monsters will live on the first floor, and those with lesser power will live on the first floor. On the second floor, as for the others living on the third floor.”

When the voice fell, I saw Fire Dragon wave his hand and a stone pillar appeared in front of everyone.

Stone pillar is as tall as a person, divided into seven colors, at the moment bleak, but exudes a strand of obscure monster qi.

“This is a demon refining stone. You can inject your power into it. Anyone above azure can enter the first floor, below azure, above green, live on the second floor, and all green live on the third floor.”

“This…how is the color divided?” someone asked.

“Rainbow colors.” Fire Dragon said: “I still need to ask for such a simple thing? The IQ of this generation Monster Race is generally surrender yes or no?”

“Eh ……”

“Damn! Don’t you tell me, how do we know the color of the rainbow!”


Many Monster Race muttered a few times , And then stepped forward one by one, injecting the power of within the body into the refining stone.

I have to say that the candidates for this class are very strong. After a group of people went up, the rays of light emitted from the refining demon stone were actually azure!

And a few more are blue!

As everyone knows, the rainbow has seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It can reach the blue Monster Race, and the bloodline is very pure. Naturally, it can be vigorously cultivated by Longteng Academy!

Moreover, this time seems to be running on Ancestral Dragon inheritance, so the bloodline of this year’s enrollment is very pure, and the demon power is extremely strong!

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Jiang Chen is somewhat guilty, just because he has tested more than 60 people, all of them are azure or above, and even the Purple Peak Monster Race appeared bloodline!

The most shocking thing for Jiang Chen is that no one is below Azure!

“It seems that the students in this class are very strong.” Fire Dragon is very pleased. He has received so many bloodline pure Monster Race dísciple all at once. Those who want to come to the inner courtyard will definitely praise him!

When the time comes, the benefits are naturally indispensable, and you may even be promoted to the inner courtyard!

“You two don’t need to test, go live on the third floor.”

After another 2.5 minutes of time, the new students at this time have all tested, and there are only three people left. .

Of these three people, one of them is Jiang Chen. He has been hiding behind him. He really doesn’t dare to test it because he is within the body.

As for the other two, one is from Human Race and the other is from Elf Race.

these two people, all came in from behind.

The people of their race are watching, let them test the refining demon stone, isn’t this nonsense!

“Elder Long, if we live on the third floor, this cultivation resource…” The Human Race boy frowned and asked, “Is it the same as the one on the first floor?”

“Of course it’s different.” Fire Dragon said angrily: “Could you enter the Dragon Academy to give you enough face, and you still want to live on the first floor?”

“But…” This Human Race boy opened his mouth, but did not continue.

He was angry in his heart and stuffed that many back hand. After he came in, he arranged for him to live on the third floor! ?

“Fire Elder Long, let’s be honest, how much do I have to pay to live on the third floor?”

At this moment, the girl from Elf Race spoke. direct!

Fire Dragon hearing this, eyes shined, in front of everyone, did not hide it, and said: “Tiancai rare treasure and the like, how can you get three or five pieces?”

“Three or five pieces? Yes!” The Elf Race girl was nodded, and directly took out five rare treasures!

Three bottles of medicine pill, one spiritual grass, and one spiritual flower!

“Elf Race still understands the truth.” Fire Dragon said with a smile, and directly handed a token to the Elf Race girl, saying: “Building No. 1, Tianzi No. 1 room, in the future It’s yours.”

“many thanks Elder Long.” The Elf Race girl smiled and seemed very happy.

When the Human Race boy saw this, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he also said, “Five pieces will do?”

“Oh? Are you going through the back door?” Fire Dragon’s question was straightforward, and his eyes were full of expectation!

This makes other Monster Race a bit speechless.

Big brother, you are barely accepting bribes!

Can you keep a low profile! ?

“Now, these five are almost the same?”

At this moment, this Human Race boy also took out five rare treasures, three spiritual grass, and two bottles of medicine. pill, they are all superb!

“Well, the Human Race kid is also sensible.” Fire Dragon laughed accepting these things, and then handed a token to the Human Race boy, saying: “Building 1, Tianzi Room two will be yours from now on.”

“Fire Elder Long……this……isn’t it appropriate?”

“Yes, they are not Monster Race, but they will Give them a good room, and we as Monster Race…”

Many people are dissatisfied.

Be aware that these three buildings have Spirit Gathering Array for cultivation and various auxiliary Formation.

Building No. 1 has the strongest array, and the array in Tianzi No. 1 and Tianzi No. 2 rooms is said to be arranged by the emperor himself. Those two houses are equivalent to a cultivation holy place!

But now, it was taken away by people of other races! ?

Moreover, bribery is openly!

This…is it inappropriate! ?

“You are really ignorant.” Fire Dragon said: “My rules, presumably your elders all understand, if you take out the baby earlier, will these two rooms be yours? “

“Now…it’s gone.” Fire Dragon joked.

As soon as these words came out, the faces of a group of Monster Race turned black.

If they had known five rare treasures, they could live in Room No. 1 Tianzi, they would have taken it out long ago!

“Oh… by the way, there is one more room, 30 rare treasures can be settled in.” Fire Dragon seemed to have thought of something, and directly offered the price!

“What!? Thirty pieces!?”

“Why don’t you grab it!? Thirty rare treasures, not thirty Chinese cabbages!”

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