I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1082

Tiancai rare treasure is a collective term for some treasures, such as medicine pill, spiritual grass, etc.

And ordinary things, can’t be regarded as rare treasure.

Great Thousand Worlds is vast and rich in resources, but it’s not a trivial matter for some Juniors to take out thirty rare treasures at once.

Furthermore, everyone in this test can enter Building 1. Naturally, no one wants to spend another 30 rare treasures to live in the so-called highest-class room.

But at this moment, Jiang Chen’s heart is full of joy!

He has no demon power within the body. Once tested, he will definitely show up!

When the time comes, whether you can stay in Longteng Academy is a trivial matter. Whether your identity will be exposed or not is a major event!

However, once the back hand is stuffed, there is no need to even test, and you can live in the most advanced room!

This is a good thing for Jiang Chen!

“Fire Elder Long, these thirty rare treasures, are these thirty rare treasures enough?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen walked over and waved his hand, thirty pieces The rare treasure is placed in front of Fire Dragon.

Spirit Pill has a lot of dragon grass, and some appendices, etc., a pile of treasures piled together, divine light flying, colorful!

“hahaha, this…cough cough, which kind of kid, you are really sensible.” Fire Dragon smiled very happily, after all, he didn’t expect. Among the students in this class, there are Such a local tyrant!

I thought that the best room could not be rented out, I never thought…

At this moment, Fire Dragon kept looking at Jiang Chen, with a more exuberant smile on his face, yes The more I watch, the happier I am!

“This kid, can’t see the body, he wants to be a descendant of a big Monster Race, his identity is extraordinary!” Fire Dragon thought, his heart was fiery.

Be aware that Dragon Race’s desire for treasure is far greater than other Monster Races.

As the No. 1 Elder of Longteng Academy, Fire Dragon’s desire for treasure is beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

At this moment, he is wondering how to be on this list!

“This is the room token on the top floor. You will live there in the future.” Fire Dragon handed a token to Jiang Chen, said with a smile: “Anyone who lives on the top floor has some privileges. , You will know in the future.”

“many thanks Elder Long.” Jiang Chen lightly said, took the token, secretly thought this time Great Thousand Worlds trip, it’s pretty good, at least not What accident happened.

Next, everyone entered their rooms one after another, waiting for tomorrow’s class.

Longteng Academy, since it is an Academy, its main purpose is naturally to teach cultivation.

The most powerful Dragon Academy is the Method of Body Refining!

Be aware that Dragon Race is one of the very best among the entire Monster Race group, and its fleshy body!

Dragon Race is unique in the cultivation method of fleshy body.

These Monster Race dísciple, enter this Dragon Academy, not only for the inheritance of Ancestral Dragon, but also to hone their fleshy body.

“You have to think of a way to make up an identity for yourself, or you will show up sooner or later.”

After entering the attic room, Jiang Chen sat on the bed, frowns.

He is not Monster Race, and it is even more impossible to inject Monster Race bloodline into the body, and change from Human Race to Monster Race.

But it is too difficult to make everyone think that he is a Monster Race!

Be aware that Monster Race is very sensitive to breath. Jiang Chen can cheat for a while, but he can’t cheat forever!

“It would be great if the three great virtues were there. In their capacity, even if I am a Human Race, I can safely be in the Dragon Academy.” Jiang Chen sighed and suddenly missed the three great virtues. Moral.

“Monster Race kid, open the door, this Miss has something to discuss with you.”

At this moment, a woman’s voice came from outside the door, with a rather arrogant tone. Gives a savage feeling.

I didn’t wait for Jiang Chen to open the door and saw the Elf Race girl push the door directly. When I saw Jiang Chen, her slender ears couldn’t help but move, her eyebrows raised and said: “How about giving this room to me?”

“Leting it to you? Why?” Jiang Chen looked confused, secretly thought that the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds are so virtuous?

“I’m not used to those low-class places, it feels dirty!” The girl from Elf Race frowned, glanced at the environment of Jiang Chen’s room, and said, “This place…nice, suitable for me Live.”

“This is my room. It took thirty rare treasures to get it!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “And, without my consent, you trespassed me Room, what do you want to do!?”

After that, Jiang Chen covered his chest with both hands, with a look of shock, and said: “You shouldn’t be…under the broad daylight, want to be strong Grab the man!”


The Elf Race girl is hearing this. She was taken aback for a moment. Blue’s pupils contracted slightly, and then she said with an anger: “You are talking nonsense What!?”

“Oh… I didn’t come to grab me.” Jiang Chen muttered, a hint of loss appeared in his eyes.

This makes the girls of Elf Race go crazy!

She is really unimaginable, what is she thinking in the head of this Monster Race in front of her! ?

Of course, Jiang Chen just teased her.

“I’m the Little Princess of Elf Race. If you please me now, I can cover you from now on.”

At this moment, back to the topic, this Elf Race girl is self-destructed Identity, expression is even more arrogant.

Because the identity of Elf Race Little Princess is really beyond the comparison of ordinary people!

She is very confident and thinks that Jiang Chen will definitely agree once she reveals her identity!

Furthermore, even if she does not reveal her identity, she also believes that with her appearance, it is enough to convince Jiang Chen.

However, what kind of beauty Jiang Chen has never seen before, among his few disciplines, which one is not peerless grace and elegance, a person with extraordinary looks?

Although this Elf Race girl looks really good-looking, the standard oval face, the willow waist with a full grip, and the slender long legs are the Goddess of all men’s dreams!

Yes, Jiang Chen doesn’t catch a cold!

Especially the arrogant aura of this Elf Race girl makes Jiang Chen very disgusted!

“What is Elf Race? I’m…” Jiang Chen said subconsciously, but he couldn’t say it halfway through.

Because, he hasn’t thought about an identity for himself!

“What are you?” The Elf Race girl looked curious and asked: “Don’t tell me you are not a normal Monster Race.”

“Of course I am! The race is extraordinary! Even far above the Dragon Race!” Jiang Chen also said nonsense, but looked righteous.

“Huh, on top of Dragon Race?” The Elf Race girl curled her lips and said: “Dragon Race is the king of Monster Race. There is only one Monster Race alongside Dragon Race, but none surpasses Dragon Race.”

“You guy, you can really blow.”

Jiang Chen doesn’t understand Great Thousand Worlds Monster Race. Hearing this at the moment, the secretly thought won’t show up, right?

However, just when Jiang Chen was thinking about how to continue editing, Fire Dragon suddenly appeared!

“En? Lan Mengyue, what are you doing here?” Fire Dragon frowned, shouted: “Go down! Don’t come here if it’s okay!”

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