I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1086

Walking out of the room, Jiang Chen quickly came to the cultivation room.

Ling Huanyin has always been here. She is a tutor invited by Longteng Academy, specializing in dísciple, so there is nothing special, she will not leave here.

At this moment, when he saw Jiang Chen coming, Ling Huanyin showed a charming smile.

No, to be precise, to her, it’s not charming, it’s just natural that’s all.

However, Jiang Chen was flustered when he saw it, and his body trembled. Secretly thought this Nine-Tailed Fox Race is really natural and charming!

“That…Master Ling, I want to ask, why are Essence, Qi, and Spirit out of control after entering Soul World? Did something go wrong?” Jiang Chen lowered He didn’t dare to look at Ling Huanyin at all.

“No, Essence, Qi, and Spirit will be automatically absorbed by the soul after entering the Soul World.” Ling Huanyin said, frowning, walking to Jiang Chen’s side, and said: “I Come take a look.”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen hurriedly backed away a few steps, how dare Ling Huanyin look at his soul!

From this look, it is absolutely necessary to reveal his identity, and it is very likely that he is from the Six Realms!

After all, the breath on the soul cannot be changed, and with Ling Huanyin’s cultivation base, as long as you see Jiang Chen’s soul, you can clearly understand the essence of Jiang Chen!

“Little Brat, what are you shy? I have lived for tens of thousands of years, and I am not interested in a Little Brat like you.” Ling Huanyin said with a smile.

To be honest, it is the first time that Ling Huanyin has encountered a small cultivator in so many years. In the face of her, she can remain clean and rational, and… she can still be a bit shy.

You must know that most people, even those cultivators of the same realm and her same realm, can hardly conceal the enthusiasm in her eyes!

“Master Ling, family elder reminded me that you can’t let people look at my soul casually, it will expose your own body.” Jiang Chen said: “My clan…do not like to expose my own body. “

“Oh? Which race are you from?” Ling Huanyin said curiously.

You should know that Monster Race generally has status and strength. I want to let others know what kind of race he is, so that I can show off.

“I come from the southern Star Domain, surnamed Jiang, and my name is Chen.” Jiang Chen said.

However, Jiang Chen still doesn’t know what the Jiang clan of the Southern Star Domain is.

But after trying it a few times, it feels very useful!

“Southern Star Domain? Jiang surname!? Monster Race!?”

Sure enough, after Ling Huanyin heard this, his expression moved slightly, and there appeared in beautiful eyes. A hint of fear!

After a few breaths, Ling Huanyin calmed down his inner emotions, laughed, and said: “so that’s how it is, the descendants of that Monster Race, this is understandable.”

After that, Ling Huanyin shook the head, said with a bitter smile: “The problem lies in your soul, but you don’t let me see your soul. This matter…I don’t know how to solve it. “

“Then…If it can’t be solved, will I be unable to cultivation Dragon Academy’s Body Refining Technique?” Jiang Chen asked, feeling a little disappointed in his heart.

“It stands to reason that anyone can cultivation this cultivation technique, but this cultivation technique is difficult and requires a lot of Essence, Qi, and Spirit.” Ling Huanyin said, “It’s just…you The situation of Soul World is a bit special. Soul World can’t absorb Essence, Qi, and Spirit…”

Speaking, Ling Huanyin approached Jiang Chen. After looking left and right, her eyebrows frowned, whispered. “You…how do you have the breath of Dragon Race and Tiger Race…”

“Oh…this…maybe because of…” Jiang Chen stuttered, his brain spinning quickly, thinking Find a reason!

However, before Jiang Chen could explain, Ling Huanyin’s face suddenly turned pale!

She stared at Jiang Chen, and the fear in her eyes became more intense!

“That…I’m rude.” Ling Huanyin hurriedly backed up a few steps, seeming to be very jealous of Jiang Chen!

Jiang Chen has a dumb face, and secretly thought that you are a Divine Emperor, how can you be afraid of him as a small cultivator! ?

And Jiang Chen didn’t know that the Jiang’s Monster Race of the Southern Star Domain had a huge background and strong deterrence. Even the Dragon Race faced the Jiang’s Monster Race of the Southern Star Domain. To be somewhat afraid!

Although the Nine-Tailed Monster Fox family is the king of Monster Race, it is still far behind Dragon Race.

Even Dragon Race is somewhat afraid of the Jiang clan, Nine-Tailed Monster Fox is probably afraid of nine points!

“Let’s do this, you can think about comprehend again, if it still doesn’t work, come to me again.” Ling Huanyin said, there was a hint of trembling in his voice!

This makes Jiang Chen even more puzzled.

He realized that the Jiang’s Monster Race in the southern Star Domain is probably a huge source!

“Well, if it doesn’t work, I will come to Master Ling Dao.” Jiang Chen said, very humble.

However, Ling Huanyin directly bullshitting in his heart!

She knows what the Jiang clan of the Southern Star Domain is. At this moment, she is praying, hoping that Jiang Chen will never come to her alone again!

Even, she wondered, should she change jobs?

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked depressed. He thought he could learn the cracking method from Ling Huanyin, but he didn’t even think about it.

“Newborn boys, come out!”

When Jiang Chen returned to Building 1, there were five or six Monster Races standing here juvenile.

One of them was yelling, shouting at a group of dísciples in Building 1, still threatening.

“Don’t be nervous, all the new students come here! Come, come out one by one, rare treasure each person!”

“Hurry up! Don’t let us Go into Building One and do it yourself!”


Jiang Chen couldn’t help but become weird when he saw it. Some of the students of Great Thousand Worlds secretly thought that there were also protection fees. Yeah! ?

In order not to cause trouble, Jiang Chen moved towards Backward, ready to avoid it first.

But who could have imagined that before he could go far, a young man with horns would block his way!

“Newborn boy! Want to run!?” The boy raised his eyebrows and jokingly said: “Can you run?”

“Uh…this…you do What?” Jiang Chen asked weakly, really didn’t want to cause trouble.

Moreover, these Monster Race teenagers are very vigorous, their imposing manner is also very strong, and their dressing is even better. At first glance, they have the identity of Monster Race!

Jiang Chen just entered Longteng Academy, but he doesn’t want to cause trouble!

“Simple, pay the protection fee!” The horned boy put out a hand and said: “Hurry up, a rare treasure will do.”

“Um… …Fine.” Jiang Chen nodded, anyway, now he has money, a rare treasure that’s all, it’s nothing at all!

However, what made Jiang Chen didn’t expect was that the other party looked at Jiang Chen and agreed so happily, and then changed his words immediately, saying: “Others are one piece, you want ten pieces!”

“Isn’t it? Take me as a pig!?” Jiang Chen’s face turned dark, and he looked at the cultivation bases of these Monster Race teenagers, which are all in Lord God Realm.

If they fight… Jiang Chen can easily suppress them!

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