I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1087

Jiang Chen doesn’t want to have more troubles, but the horned boy in front of him does not seem to want to let Jiang Chen go.

Besides, Jiang Chen promised too much before, and it seemed to make this horny boy think that Jiang Chen is very rich, and he is so bullied!

Of course, the current Jiang Chen is indeed rich. After all, he made a lot of money by selling points!

But, the rich goes to the rich, Jiang Chen’s stingy character still remains the same!

“I changed my mind.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s eyes drooped slightly, and a cold glow flashed through his pupils, saying: “Now, I don’t want to Yes.”

“What are you talking about!?” The horned boy’s face suddenly became cold. After looking up and down Jiang Chen, he contemptuously said: “What kind of race? Dare to be on me? Shouting in front of the Fire Bull clan? Don’t you know that my Fire Bull clan has a bad temper?!”

“Hand it over, otherwise, I won’t discount your legs today!”


Jiang Chen hearing this, blinked his eyes, and out of curiosity, he asked: “The fire bull clan… is it strong?”

“Of course! My fire bull clan has always been Qilin The sixth subsidiary race under the clan! Do you know what this means?!” The horned boy looked aloof.

“Uh…subsidiary Monster Race?” Jiang Chen was quite speechless, a subordinate race, how crazy?

You probably don’t know, I have three ancestor-level monsters!

“Cainiu, hurry up!”

“A freshman that’s all, what are you and his ink marks? If you knock it over, just take his space ring over.”



Not far away, several other Monster Race teenagers urged, and at the same time, many people had already walked out of Building One.

Many people have handed in the rare treasure of Tiancai obediently, because they know that these Monster Race boys in front of them are Senior Brother.

They are all dísciples of the inner courtyard!

Perhaps the strength of these inner courtyard dísciples is not as strong as some of these freshmen, but they are old students, and there is a big brother behind them!

Furthermore, anyone who can enter the inner courtyard has a bit of strength, and these freshmen do not want to cause trouble.

“Ask me for a protection fee? Go back and ask your elders, this Monster Race in the world, who dares to ask me for a protection fee for the gluttonous family!”

At this moment, this Among the new students, a gluttonous manifesting the body directly!

He stands proudly in Building One, contorts one’s face in agony, and there seems to be a black hole emerging between his mouth!

At this moment, these freshmen panic.

They really didn’t expect, among the freshmen this year, there is actually a gluttony!

“That…this Little Brother, yours will be spared.” The old man in the lead said hurriedly, squeezing a smile, cold sweat on his back!

The gluttonous family, for a certain period of time, they feed on Dragon Race!

A few of these races dare to provoke! ?

even more how, this gluttonous food in front of me, not only has the cultivation base reached the main god, but also has a bad temper!

If you really irritate him, I might swallow you in one bite!

“Yeah! There are also Human Race and Elf Race!?”

At this moment, the gluttonous food returned to Building One, standing at the window looking out.

And the old students, at this moment, eyes shined, looked towards Lan Mengyue and the Human Race dísciple who walked through the back door.

In the Academy of Monster Race, encountering creatures of other races is very rare!

Especially Elf Race, which is known as the most beautiful race among the hundred races, is very popular!

“Little girl, have a good time with my master. From now on, the Dragon Academy will cover you.” The leading old student molested: “Or, you will be my Dao Companion, and you will be sure to stay in the Dragon Academy in the future. Eat well!”

“Well… you should care about the silly cow first.” Lan Mengyue had a weird expression, and pointed to the young man of the Fiery Bull clan, and said: “He got into trouble. I’m in trouble.”

“What do you mean by en?”

“What trouble can I cause when dealing with a new student?”



Several veterans are a little confused. They can’t see Jiang Chen’s body, but they can see Jiang Chen’s cultivation base.

The trifling god cultivation base, can it be the opponent of the raging fire bull clan youth?

“He is from the southern Star Domain, surnamed Jiang.” Lan Mengyue said: “You…really commit a crime. You must provoke him.”

“From What about the Southern Star Domain? There are many Jiang surnames in the world, he…” The old student at first, who is headed by at first, has a look of contempt, but as he speaks, his expression changes!

Because there is only one Jiang family in the southern Star Domain!

And that one, but even Dragon Race is somewhat afraid of existence!

“Boy, I want to let you know today, why the flowers are so red!”

At this moment, without waiting for everyone’s reaction, under the young angry roar of the fire bull clan, The palm burned with flames, and even carried Grand Dao Law, moved towards Jiang Chen suppressed!

“Really give you a face!” Jiang Chen said coldly, raising his hand and throws a punch, the fist was like a grinding disc, not only shattered the other’s palm prints, but also shook it out!

Afterwards, Jiang Chen stepped out and slammed his foot on the chest of the young man of the fire bull clan!

“Fellow Daoist! Wait a minute!”



At this moment, those old students rushed Coming over, all expressions are nervous, and even more pleasant words!

“Fellow Daoist, it’s all a misunderstanding!”

“This dish is wrong, don’t hurt him! I will apologize for him!”

… …

These old students hurriedly spoke, and the expression was full of fear!

Jiang Chen, upon seeing this, mistakenly believed that the opponent was shocked by his strength!

In order not to be disturbed in the future, Jiang Chen intends to shock them again!



At this moment, Jiang Chen within the body Dragon Vein vibrates, and a dragon roar comes out!

Immediately, a blue tiger illusory shadow manifested behind Jiang Chen with the howling sound!

Dragon-Tiger is here!

“Hey, are you scared?” Jiang Chen thought to himself, squinting.

“Let me take a rub…”

“That’s…Rain Dragon, right?”

“That seems to be a black tiger!?”



At this moment, the people all around are dumbfounded, and more people are trembling. There is not only fear in their eyes, but also shock and surprise!

“Have you…eat Rain Dragon?”

“Have you swallowed a tiger!?”


How many After the rest, someone asked quietly, his face pale!

And those old students, their feet trembled, and they were about to lose their feet!

“Oh my God! The Monster Race in the Southern Star Domain is really ruthless than gluttony. I dare to eat anything!”

“After eating Rain Dragon, I dare to come to Dragon Dragon Academy, really ruthless!”


Lan Mengyue and the others are shocked, secretly thought Jiang Chen is too courageous, right? !

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked dumbfounded, looked towards everyone, and explained: “I have never eaten Dragon Race, and I have never eaten Canghu.”

“Don’t you Explained! The Jiang clan of the Southern Star Domain, this is the virtue!”

“What!? He is the Jiang clan of the Southern Star Domain!? My goodness! This…I want to change the room I don’t want to live in the same building with him!”


For a while, several timid faces turned pale, their bodies trembling, their foreheads and backs, It is covered with cold sweat!

Jiang Chen looked dumbfounded, standing still, secretly thought what’s the situation with this group of people? What happened to the Jiang clan of the Southern Star Domain?

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