I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1088

Jiang Chen was confused and messy, secretly thought what happened to this group of people! ?

“This Fellow Daoist! Let me die!”

At this moment, Cai Niu knelt directly on the ground, shaking all over, with cold sweat on his forehead and back!

Especially when he saw the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow behind Jiang Chen, his soul was trembling!

“Too ruthless! Southern Star Domain Jiang clan, name is not in vain!”

“Even Dragon Race must be somewhat afraid of existence!”


Many people were amazed, and some of them were so scared that their eyes turned white and almost fainted!

At this moment, Jiang Chen is still messy, he feels that this may be a big deal!

He just inadvertently impersonated the Jiang clan of the Southern Star Domain. He never thought… This Great Thousand Worlds not only really has a Jiang clan, but also very powerful!

In case the identity is exposed and others know that he is a fake, the consequences are very serious!

“You have to find information about the Jiang family, and learn more about it, so as not to show your feet!” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

Immediately, Jiang Chen ignored these people and said lightly: “Don’t bother me next time.”

“Yes, yes, no next time! “

“I’ll wait to know what’s wrong!”


These old students look pale, after a nodded flattery, they ran away!

They really don’t dare to stay here, for fear that they will be swallowed by Jiang Chen!

“This Fellow Daoist, I belong to the gluttonous clan, and have a lot of connection with your clan.”

Just as Jiang Chen entered the corridor of Building 1, the gluttonous youngster come over.

I saw him smiling, grinning pale teeth, and said: “According to Old Ancestor, our two races are close relatives.”

oh?” Jiang Chen lightly said, but my heart was extremely stunned.

He doesn’t even know what the Jiang clan of the Southern Star Domain is!

And he can’t ask others clearly! ? Under that question, wouldn’t it be exposed on the spot!

“I know that the Jiang family cares a little about their body, so they don’t like to show their body.” The gluttonous boy said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I understand it.”

“Just understand.” Jiang Chen looked calm and said: “If there is anything in the future, you can help me solve it. I don’t want to fight to avoid revealing my identity.”

Jiang Chen can see it, these people are afraid of him!

And this gluttonous young man, on the surface, is close to him, but in fact he also has jealousy and fear in his eyes!

Of course, please Jiang Chen, that’s true!

At this moment, this gluttonous young man hearing this, without even thinking about it, he directly agreed, patted his chest and promised: “Fellow Daoist, don’t worry, as long as you say a name, I’m sure to let him see Tomorrow’s sun will not be there!”

“Uh… so good.” Jiang Chen lightly said, secretly thought this gluttonous youth is too murderous, right? !

Afterwards, Jiang Chen went back to his room after chatting with this gluttonous teenager.

After returning, Jiang Chen began to ponder the Method of Body Refining again.

At the same time, the Longteng Academy is completely upset!

After the old students returned to the inner courtyard, they immediately explained the affairs of the outer courtyard.

For a while, even the dísciple of the inner courtyard and even the Elder teacher were shocked!

“What!? The Jiang family!?”

“No way!? Didn’t that race never leave the Southern Star Domain? Why did you come to the Eastern Star Domain this time? Entered the Dragon Academy established by Dragon Race…Is this to provoke?”

The dísciple in the inner courtyard is discussing this, and some people want to go. See what Jiang Chen looks like and whether he looks like legendary.

A group of mentors in the inner courtyard and Elder held a conference specially for Jiang Chen!

Finally, the Great Elders of Longteng Academy decided to give Jiang Chen special care!

“Give him what he wants, don’t make him anxious.”

“The Jiang clan…don’t make anxious. This race is not to be trifled with.”


Moreover, the Great Elder in the inner courtyard directly ordered that the inner courtyard dísciple should not go to the outer courtyard, especially the first building!

“I have heard of the Jiang family, but I really don’t know where the Jiang family is strong.”

“hmph, the Jiang family is not originally considered to be Monster Race, it’s just a calculation. Their body… is a bit exaggerated and disgusting!”

For a time, the inner courtyard and the outer courtyard were all discussing Jiang Clan thing.

At the same time, a group of dísciples who originally lived in No. 1 chose to move out in just half a day!

They are really scared, they don’t want to stay with Jiang Chen, they may be swallowed by Jiang Chen someday!

“Why is there no one?”

One day later, Jiang Chen looked depressed. He still failed to practice Body Refining Technique.

After those Essence, Qi, and Spirit entered Soul World, they disappeared without control.

In desperation, he plans to find Ling Huanyin again.

However, when he walked out of his room, he found that the entire corridor was it’s empty, and even the Human Race boy in Tianzi No. 2 room was gone!

“I was scared away by you.” Lan Mengyue in Room No. 1 Tianzi seemed to sense the breath of Jiang Chen. At this moment, he opened the door of the room, staring at Jiang Chen with a strange expression, and asked “That…is the Jiang clan… all like you?”

“Huh? Like me? How am I?” Jiang Chen asked.

“You… dare to eat even Dragon-Tiger? I heard that the Jiang clan dare to eat anything. There is nothing to avoid, but… it seems that the only thing you don’t eat is Human Race…” Lan Meng Yue said, with curiosity and jealousy in her eyes.

Jiang Chen hearing this, jokingly smiled, suddenly walked to Lan Mengyue’s body, opened his mouth, and screamed.


Lan Mengyue was frightened on the spot. With a scream, she turned and ran into the room. The door was closed, and then one after another came out Crying.

“Uh…No way?” Jiang Chen looked dumbfounded, secretly thought whether the prestige of the Jiang clan is too big! ?

“No, you have to figure out what the Jiang family is!” Jiang Chen lightly said, and then moved towards the cultivation room.

However, when he came to the cultivation room, he happened to see Ling Huanyin carrying a small bag, like a thief, glanced around.

“Teacher Ling, are you…going away?” Jiang Chen happened to meet him and walked over with a smile.

“It’s been a long time! How could I meet it!? It’s really bad luck! He won’t…eat me!?” Ling Huanyin said in her throat!

Be aware that Ling Huanyin wondered that Jiang Chen might still come to her, so after thinking about it for a long time, she finally decided to leave Longteng Academy and quit her job!

For her, being a mentor at Longteng Academy is really good, but no matter how good it is, it must be fatal!

“That…cough cough…This instructor has recently cultivated to bottleneck and plans to go out and practice.”

At this moment, Ling Huanyin coughed lightly, her charming eyes raised her head Looking at the sky, I dare not look at Jiang Chen at all!

“Teacher Ling, don’t rush out to practice, I have a problem with the Body Refining Technique.” Jiang Chen said: “Want to wait for me to master this Body Refining Technique, you go to practice?”

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