I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1089

Ling Huanyin’s heart trembled suddenly, and there was a trace of fear in her charming eyes!

“I recently had some problems with cultivation, and I happened to encounter bottleneck again, so I had to go out to practice and seek a breakthrough method.” Ling Huanyin said, “As for your cultivation, you can ask Elder. Long.”

However, as soon as Ling Huanyin finished speaking, he heard the voice of Fire Dragon: “The old man is suffering from illness today, so I don’t care about the outer courtyard for now.”

Furthermore, Fire Dragon made a special warning not to let Ling Huanyin leave Longteng Academy!

At this moment, Ling Huanyin’s face went black!

I saw that her face turned dark after hesitating for a while, and then she returned to the cultivation room with her little bag.

Jiang Chen followed in, with an obedient expression on his face.

However, Jiang Chen’s appearance almost didn’t scare Ling Huanyin to death!

She knows something about the Jiang clan, and she knows better that this clan looks like this when eating!

“Are you…hungry?” Ling Huanyin asked tentatively with a cold sweat on his forehead.

“Ah? I’m not hungry.” Jiang Chen was taken aback, touched his stomach, secretly thought it was indeed a long time since he had eaten.

After the cultivation Heavenspan ceremony, Jiang Chen wants to eat from time to time, but recently he hasn’t eaten for a long time.

I was not hungry at first, but when Ling Huanyin said that, Jiang Chen was really hungry!

“gu lu lu……”

Speaking, Jiang Chen’s stomach can’t be made by gu gu.

At this moment, Ling Huanyin’s face turned green!

You are so hungry! ?

What’s wrong with your belly! ?

“You…Don’t eat me!” Ling Huanyin became anxious, and panicked even more.

Although her cultivation base is far above Jiang Chen, but for the Jiang clan, the creatures in this world have a natural fear!

She has forgotten that she is the Divine Emperor, and Jiang Chen is just a small cultivator.

Fortunately, she reacted quickly, after a few coughs to cover up her embarrassment, she couldn’t help but ask: “Let’s talk, what’s the matter?”

“My Essence, Qi, and Spirit are still out of control after entering Soul World.” Jiang Chen frowned and said, “Is there something wrong with my soul?”

“Unless you let me take a look at your soul, you must Otherwise I really don’t know how to solve it.” Ling Huanyin said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, his brows clustered slightly and hesitated.

After all, he comes from the six realms. If his soul is exposed in front of Ling Huanyin, his identity is very likely to be exposed!

However, this Method of Body Refining, Jiang Chen is also comprehend, it feels very strange and special, I want to give it a try.

“Using Myriad Transformations Tianzhan and Primal Chaos Qi should be able to cover the Source Aura of the soul.” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

Immediately, Jiang Chen nodded, said: “Then show it to you.”

The voice fell, Jiang Chen’s body was shaken, and his soul floated from Soul World. Out and fell on top of his head.

A blue lantern flickers slowly, and three strands of Primal Chaos Qi are like three flowers, floating around the soul, which is extraordinary!

At this moment, Ling Huanyin stared at Jiang Chen’s soul, and he was stupid!

Especially when seeing the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi, Ling Huanyin’s look pale!


In the end, Ling Huanyin, the Divine Emperor, failed to withstand the inner pressure and collapsed to the ground on the spot.

In her beautiful eyes, there seems to be a meaning of being unlovable…

“Teacher Ling, what’s wrong with you!?” Jiang Chen was shocked and thought Ling What was wrong with the magic sound, hurriedly stepped forward to help Ling Huanyin.

However, when Jiang Chen’s hand touched Ling Huanyin, her whole body was trembling, and she rolled her eyes and passed out!

“Huh? No way? Looks like… I was fainted by me?” Jiang Chen looked confused, secretly thought that you, Divine Emperor, could you be fainted by his little cultivator? !

This…is it inappropriate? !

“The Jiang clan is really that scary?” Jiang Chen frowned. What kind of race is this?

After a few breaths, when Jiang Chen was puzzled, Ling Huanyin woke up again.

After all, it is the Divine Emperor, and it has relatively strong resistance to pressure.

However, when she woke up, after seeing Jiang Chen close at hand, she rolled her eyes again and fainted again!

“This…Forget it, let’s go to the Scripture Pavilion first and find the ancient book about the Jiang family.” Jiang Chen sighed. Looking at Ling Huanyin like this, it is estimated that it will be slow for a while. But here it comes.

In desperation, Jiang Chen walked out of the cultivation room. After inquiring about it, he moved towards Scripture Pavilion.

Along the way, when a group of Monster Race teenagers saw Jiang Chen, they all seemed to have seen ghosts, and they avoided it!

“I said… Am I terrifying that way? I won’t eat you.” Jiang Chen whispered.

As soon as these words came out, many people trembled and ran away!

There are even more people who are slanderous about whether you will eat us? ?


Jiang Chen was helpless and depressed. It was not until half a day later that he found information about the ancient book of the Jiang family in the Scripture Pavilion. Understand why these people are so afraid of him.

The Jiang clan originated in the time of chaos. It has a mysterious origin and is regarded as an ominous thing by the world!

And the Jiang family, a long time ago, set off a bloody storm!

That time, the Jiang clan went out and swallowed the entire northern Star Domain!

It is also after that time, this Great Thousand Worlds, no one knows that the Jiang clan is known to everyone!

According to the ancient book, the Jiang clan is not actually a Monster Race, but they think they are Monster Race, so they are forcibly included in the Monster Race group.

This makes many Monster Races very helpless, especially Dragon Race and other Peak Monster Races. Disagree, I am afraid, I agree, I always feel obedient.

“What’s so special…The body of the Jiang clan looks like this!?”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen turned to the last few pages of the ancient book.

When I saw the main body of the Jiang family, the whole person was not good.

On the pattern of the ancient book, there is a big fleshy qiu painted, and the whole body is covered with shots.

On the top of the big meat qiu, there is a big bloody eye, full of bloodshot eyes!

Below the eyes, there is a mouth, messy teeth, very sharp, dripping blood!

At this moment, Jiang Chen understood why the Jiang clan didn’t like to expose his identity.

This fuck, is it too scary? !

The whole body is just a big meat! ?

There are also the tentacles surrounding the big fleshy qiuall around, it makes people sick to look at!

“I…this…I have to live as the Jiang family from now on?” Jiang Chen’s face was also very dark.

The appearance of the Jiang clan’s body makes it difficult for him to accept!

And on the last page of the ancient book, there is a line of records that read the Jiang clan, which was called the evil eye clan before it was merged into Monster Race.

And the most powerful house of the clan, also has a very resounding name-blood-eyed tyrant!

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