I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1090

Since that incident, the evil eye family has indeed repented, and has done nothing bad in these years.

Well, their looks and personality are like this, even if they want to make friends with others, others are not happy!

As time passed, the evil eye clan began to hate the appearance of their own body, and never revealed their body when they went out.

Moreover, they don’t know when, whether they are facing the enemy or their own people, they are all smiling.

Perhaps, they really repented and really want to make friends.

Nowadays, the Evil Eye Clan has been renamed into the Jiang Clan, and many people are about to forget the name of the Evil Eye Clan.

However, anyone who knows the Jiang family knows how terrifying this race is.

Even now, this race is not constrained by anyone. It can do whatever it wants. It’s just a lot of low-key.

Of course, low-key to low-key, they are more serious in food!

It is said that the contemporary patriarch of the Jiang family once swallowed an emperor-level True Dragon!

That swallow, it was a terrible name!

“Isn’t it… If the evil eye clan knows that I am impersonating them, I must not be swallowed up!” Jiang Chen was chilled, and he felt that he should leave here soon!

He doesn’t want to be found by the evil eye clan, when the time comes can’t be explained clearly in a few words!

“You have to enter the inner courtyard as soon as possible!” Jiang Chen lightly said, after coming out of the Scripture Pavilion, he smiled and looked very kind.

No way, he has to learn from the evil eye clan, otherwise he will really be spotted.

Soon, Jiang Chen returned to the cultivation room.

As soon as I came back, I saw Ling Huanyin’s complexion pale curled up in the corner, looking up at the sky, looking like he was unlovable.

Especially when Jiang Chen came back, Ling Huanyin almost didn’t scream!

“You…Why are you back again!?” Ling Huanyin exclaimed, her face pale, without a trace of blood!

“That…you looked at my soul and then you fainted. I haven’t asked what happened to my soul, why can’t I absorb my Essence, Qi, and Spirit. “Jiang Chen said with a smile.

However, this smile fell in Ling Huanyin’s eyes, just like the smile before execution, enchanting with endless danger and terror!

“You…I can’t teach you!” Ling Huanyin was going crazy, his voice was a little harsh, and said: “You swallowed Primal Chaos Qi! You… definitely not the ordinary Jiang clan !”

“Huh? I swallow Primal Chaos Qi?” Jiang Chen was taken aback for a moment, and then he realized that there were indeed three strands of Primal Chaos Qi in his soul.

But it wasn’t he swallowed it, it was attached to his soul.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t know that the evil eye clan had a special Divine Ability, and everything swallowed would turn into an illusory shadow, entwining their souls.

Ling Huanyin is completely scared. She has heard of the evil eye family devouring True Dragon, Phoenix and the like, but she has never heard of devouring chaos!

You must know that Primal Chaos Qi cannot be controlled by even the emperor.

And a teenager from the evil eye tribe can actually swallow Primal Chaos Qi, how outrageous it is!

Of course, this is just Ling Huanyin’s idea.

She felt that Jiang Chen is not simple, it is most likely an Old Ancestor of the evil eye clan!

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t eat you.” Jiang Chen saw that Ling Huanyin was about to collapse, and hurriedly promised, “Don’t worry, I will never eat you!”

“Really?” Ling Huanyin whirled with tears, as if he had forgotten that he was the Divine Emperor, and the other party was just a god that’s all.

“Can you tell me now, why my soul does not absorb my own Essence, Qi, and Spirit.” Jiang Chen doubted.

“That’s because there are too many things in your soul.” Ling Huanyin thought for a while and said, “What did you eat? In addition to Primal Chaos Qi, I also want to have a light…you …Do you even eat lights?”

“Uh…this…wrongly eaten, it’s completely mistakenly eaten!” Jiang Chen explained, and then asked: “Then…what should I do? “

“Seal what you have swallowed, and let your soul return to nature, so that you can absorb Essence, Qi, and Spirit.” Ling Huanyin said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, I clicked nodded, secretly thought this matter is easy to handle.

It is quite simple to temporarily seal Myriad Transformations Tianzhan and Primal Chaos Qi!

Immediately, Jiang Chen thanked him, hurriedly went to the cultivation Body Refining Technique, and left in a hurry.

After Jiang Chen left, Ling Huanyin hurriedly got up, picked up his small backpack, whispered: “I have to get out of here quickly! This guy dared to swallow chaos, maybe someday She will swallow me! This mentor can’t be a teacher!”

However, before she packed her luggage, Fire Dragon appeared.

I saw his expression very serious, staring at Ling Huanyin, and said: “Elder in the inner courtyard has unanimously decided that we should treat him kindly and not irritate him.”

“With me What’s the matter! The deity is not the instructor!” Ling Huanyin looked very ugly, staring at the Fire Dragon, and said angrily: “Can you have a snack when you receive dísciple!? Look what it is!? You dare to accept the Jiang clan!”

“This…I don’t know.” Fire Dragon said with a bitter smile.

At the beginning, when Jiang Chen was admitted to Longteng Academy, he did not know the identity of Jiang Chen.

I found out later, there is no other way. You can’t drive Jiang Chen out, right?

“The Elders in the inner courtyard have discussed it and let you continue to teach him.” Fire Dragon said resolutely: “I heard it just now. He said he won’t eat you, so don’t worry. “

When these words came out, Ling Huanyin couldn’t help but stared at beautiful eyes, coldly said: “You can believe the words of the Jiang clan!? That’s because he is not hungry now! In case he gets hungry someday , My little Nine-tailed Fox is not enough for people to stuff their teeth!” After that, Ling Huanyin picked up her small bag and left.

But, at this moment, Fire Dragon’s face suddenly became gloomy, and his voice was cold, saying: “Longteng Academy won’t let you go, you can’t go!”

“What are you…what are you going to do!?” Ling Huanyin’s expression changed and looked at Fire Dragon somewhat dreaded, and said: “You are trying to imprison me!?”

“What kind of imprisonment, It’s just… let you teach him well.” Fire Dragon said: “As you know, there are not many tutors at the Longteng Academy.”

“What if I don’t want to teach!?” Ling Huan Tone coldly said.

“Don’t want to teach? Then you try, can you get out of this door!” Fire Dragon raised his brows and said, “Trifling has a Nine-tailed Fox, what’s the matter? I still want to challenge my Dragon Race. !?”

As soon as these words came out, Ling Huanyin immediately persuaded.

Although Nine-tailed Fox is also a first-class Monster Race, it is nothing in front of Dragon Race.

even more how, this Longteng Academy was originally established by Dragon Race. Elder here is all True Dragon!

Now, the inner courtyard has spoken. If Ling Huanyin forcibly leaves, she probably won’t be able to get out of this gate!

“You can rest assured, as long as you teach him well, stabilize his emotions, don’t make him angry.” Fire Dragon said: “When the time is right, we will let him graduate and put him Send it away!”

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