I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1093

Ling Huanyin was frightened again. As the Divine Emperor, she received frights continuously within a few days, which is really rare.

The most important thing is that this guy has completely forgotten that he is the Divine Emperor, and the other party is just a small cultivator who respects the gods!

“Teacher Ling, you have misunderstood, I was in the Body Refining Technique of the Dragon Academy of cultivation just now.” Jiang Chen explained, putting on a smile as much as possible, for fear of scaring Ling Huanyin again.

However, when Ling Huanyin saw Jiang Chen’s smile, his heart was cold!

Just because the Jiang family laughed like this when they were hungry!

“You…I brought you food! Don’t eat me!” Ling Huanyin said hurriedly, pouring out all the large and small bags he brought!

In an instant, the room was fragrant, full of colors, and divine light!

On the ground, I saw all kinds of divine fruit, there are hundreds of celestial grasses, and some beasts’ bones and flesh, which have been cooked and delicious!

Jiang Chen looked dumbfounded. He was definitely not hungry before, but now…

Maybe it’s because he has lost a lot of Spirit Physique and has not eaten for a long time. The stomach screamed a few times.

“My stomach is screaming, is it still hungry!? Fortunately, I am smart, and I have prepared things a long time ago, otherwise I am afraid I will give you a stomach!” Ling Huanyin secretly thought himself witty At this moment, he picked up the divine fruit fresh grass and held both hands in front of Jiang Chen.

“Uh…this…Teacher Ling, in fact, you misunderstood.” Jiang Chen wanted to explain, he didn’t want to eat anyone.

But before he could explain, Ling Huanyin’s body shuddered, and the fresh fruits of the divine grass fell to the ground!

She, misunderstood again!

She thought these things didn’t suit Jiang Chen’s appetite!

“Teacher Ling, I am actually a vegetarian…” Jiang Chen wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, secretly thought that his image was ruined like this?

In the eyes of others, he is someone who can eat everything and dare to eat anything?

“Vegetarian?” Ling Huanyin was taken aback, then squeezed out a smile, hurriedly nodded, and said: “Yes, yes, you are vegetarian…you can’t eat meat!”

“This…” Jiang Chen frowned, secretly thought should be unclear, right?

Thinking about it, Jiang Chen didn’t bother to continue explaining, picking up the divine fruit on the ground was just a meal.

No matter what, this time seems to be really hungry. After eating the divine fruit fresh grass, Jiang Chen ate the rest.

After eating, Jiang Chen complexion sank, just because the hunger pang has not disappeared, but it is getting worse!

“Is it because I haven’t eaten for a long time?” Jiang Chen secretly thought. After thinking about it, I haven’t eaten for a long time.

Is the previous hunger pangs suppressed, now that Spirit Physique has been shed, the hunger pangs have broken out?

“Teacher Ling, are there any more? I suddenly feel very hungry.” Jiang Chen whispered, but hurriedly explained: “Just eat anything, I’m not picky.”

“Are you not picky eaters!?” Ling Huanyin rolled his eyes. It’s really good not to be picky eaters!

People in the world, everyone knows that you Jiang clan are not picky eaters!

And you are still hungry now, there is only me a “weak woman” in this room, you are not picky eaters! ?

Do you want to eat me? ?

As the saying goes, people can do anything if they are pressed into a hurry!

At this moment, Ling Huanyin felt that he was threatened and needed to work hard!

She doesn’t want to be swallowed by Jiang Chen!

When he thought of this, an angry look flashed in Ling Huanyin’s eyes, but when he was about to do it, Fire Dragon hurried in.

As soon as I came in, I happened to see Ling Huanyin who was about to do it. This did not scare Fire Dragon!

“What are you doing!?” Fire Dragon yelled, and stood in front of Jiang Chen, looking directly at Ling Huanyin, and said: “You want to reverse it!?”

Ling Huanyin is a grievance. The charming eyes are full of grievances. The tearful woman said, weakly said: “He is hungry…”

” He is looking for food! Do you still want to do it!? If he really died in your hands, how would your Nine-Tailed Fox Race face the Jiang clan!? even more how here is the Dragon Academy, which was established by my Dragon Race! How can I face the Jiang clan with Dragon Race!?” Fire Dragon is really angry!

He feels lucky that he came in time, otherwise Jiang Chen is really in danger!

“That… Jiang Chen Fellow Daoist, Elder in the inner courtyard unanimously decided that your future meals will be reimbursed by the Dragon Academy.” Fire Dragon said, and a space ring was sent to Jiang Chen’s In his hand, said with a smile: “Eat first, if it’s not enough, tell me.”

“Um…well.” Jiang Chen didn’t know what to say, he never thought about it, Jiang The prestige of the family is so great!

For Jiang Chen, he can now rely on the tyrannically abuse power of the Jiang clan, but one day his identity will be revealed, so what! ?

Will the Jiang family chase him for this! ?

“Follow him! At least I am doing well now!” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

For Jiang Chen now, it’s a long way to go. He doesn’t have any foundation. It is the best to live well!

As for what will happen in the future, Jiang Chen doesn’t bother to care!

After that, Jiang Chen took out a lot of food from the space ring and prepared to start the food!

However, when he took out the food, his whole body was not good!

What are these? !

All kinds of cooked Spirit Beast are not affected, among them there are actually two dragon legs! ?

Even, Jiang Chen also saw a Vermilion Bird wing, a tail of a kun!

This fuck! ?

Grilled chicken wings! ? Shark fin! ?

Never mind these, you, as Dragon Race, can really take out dragon legs for me to eat! ?

This…is it inappropriate?

“Fellow Daoist, this is the leg of a lesser dragon, not from my Dragon Race.” Fire Dragon explained: “As for the Vermilion Bird and Kunpeng, we also got it according to the rules, although It won’t be troublesome to eat.”

“Then…I’m welcome.” Jiang Chen was really hungry, grabbing food for a meal, regardless of Fire Dragon and Ling Huanyin That weird expression.

Half a day later, Jiang Chen patted his stomach with a long full burp, and sighed: “Finally, I’m full. I haven’t eaten it for a long time.”

“It’s good to be full, and it’s good to be full.” Fire Dragon felt cold in his heart, secretly thought that Longteng Academy would not be able to support it!

The Ling Huanyin who was on the side was soft all over, she had a feeling that someday she would really be eaten by Jiang Chen!



Suddenly, there was a thunderous sound outside!

At the same time, at the spine of Jiang Chen, one after another Profound Light erupted, and the sound of True Dragon could still be heard vaguely!

“Oh? Dragon Soul is going to be advanced again!?” Jiang Chen was excited, and even sensed the breath of Heavenly Tribulation!

Immediately, Jiang Chen rushed out of the room and looked up towards the sky. When he saw the robbery cloud, his face went dark!

In the cloud of pitch-black as ink, there are wisps of red karmic fire, and all around there is a guillotine condensed by thunderbolt and karmic fire!

“Heavenly Retribution!? Karma!?” Jiang Chen was dumbfounded, and the dragon soul advanced, how could this kind of Heavenly Retribution be attracted! ?

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