I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1094

Karma is also known as one of the three strongest Heavenly Retributions in the world!

This Heavenly Retribution is only targeted at the cultivator that is so heinous and intolerable even the sky!

From ancient times to the present, the creatures who can survive under the fire of profession can be counted on one’s fingers!

After all, there are few cultivators that can attract karma, even more how they have to survive!

At this moment, everyone in Longteng Academy has seen this Heavenly Tribulation!

Many people just walked away, fearing that they would be implicated in the fire.

People are even more confused, secretly thought in Longteng Academy, which guy is so evil that actually attracted the karma!

“It’s him!”

“Jiang Chen! That Jiang clan!”

“This is normal, the Jiang clan draws industry fire Gu, it’s not surprising at all, after all, this race… is really angry with people and gods, maybe he did something bad!”

When everyone saw the fire At the time of Jiang Chen, a group of people calmed down a lot.

Just because everyone feels that this industry fire fighter is a good match for Jiang Chen!

“That…Jiang Chen Fellow Daoist, can you go outside for Transcending Tribulation? The power of this industry is not small. I’m afraid I can’t stop the Dragon Academy array.” Fire Dragon stood in the distance. , The wind is messy, and my heart is even more hairy!

He was also thinking about what Jiang Chen did what God was indignant with, which actually attracted such Heavenly Retribution!

Could it be…too much to eat! ?

“Fire Elder Long, don’t worry, I will come as soon as I go.” Jiang Chen said, and didn’t want to involve the Longteng Academy in, so he came to a thousand miles away from the Academy.

After that, the thunderbolt fell, and the sky on one side was filled with lightning!

At the same time, on the guillotine burning with karma and thunderbolt, one after another chain burst out, confining Jiang Chen layer by layer, and then being imprisoned under the guillotine!

“This kid is dead!”

“Alright! Except for a great evil!”

“This kid is dead, and Longteng Academy is safe. Now.”


Many people sighed in relief, as if they believed that Jiang Chen could not survive this industry.

However, after just a few breaths, everyone saw a dragon shadow flying out of Jiang Chen’s within the body, under a dragon roar, and directly strikes on top of the karma!

At the same time, there were three strands of Primal Chaos Qi erupting, like three flowers gathering on top, protecting Jiang Chen in it!

Finally, someone vaguely saw an illusory shadow, holding a blue light, and struck out across the board, directly shattering the cloud of karma fire!

“Everyone, many thanks, I have succeeded in Transcending Tribulation.”

After ten breaths, Jiang Chen came back and watched a group of people staring at him. a smile: “Don’t worry, everyone.”

“We can rest assured!? Big brother! You come back alive, we are not at ease!”

“What monster! Can’t help him!? Could it be that some Old Monster of the Jiang clan pretended to be young and came to Longteng Academy for Ancestral Dragon inheritance!?”


A group of people are not happy in their hearts , More of loss and disappointment.

They thought that Jiang Chen would definitely die this time, but they never thought that this gangster could not even hurt a single hair of Jiang Chen!

The most important thing is that the imposing manner that Jiang Chen exudes now is a lot stronger than before!


And, a dragon roar came out again from Jiang Chen within the body.

Everyone took a closer look. Behind Jiang Chen’s spine, there seemed to be a five-clawed Azure Dragon roaring!

Azure Dragon is a high-end in Dragon Race, and Azure Dragon with five claws is the Royal Family in Dragon Race!

At this moment, even Fire Dragon’s face turned black.

They all thought that Jiang Chen had eaten an Azure Dragon with five claws!

“This is a cultivation technique! I have never tried Azure Dragon with Five Claws!” Jiang Chen knew that this group of people wanted to be crooked, and hurriedly explained.

However, this explanation, coupled with the reputation of the Shangjiang clan, is simply pale and feeble!

Fire Dragon is even more rolled the eyes, I don’t even bother to listen to Jiang Chen’s explanation.

“Eat after you eat it…Dragon Race that many, it’s okay if you miss one.” Fire Dragon whispered.

I have eaten it anyway, and it can make others spit it out! ?

“en!? What is that!?”

“Damn!? Blessings!?”


After ten breaths, everyone’s eyes were straight!

Because, on the top of Jiang Chen’s head, a Profound Light suddenly fell, the divine light was flying, and there were large runes condensing!

A hole appeared in the sky, and endless radiance fell, like a beam of light, blessed on Jiang Chen’s body!

With the ebbing of time, everyone’s exclamation became louder and louder, and even Jiang Chen was stunned.

It’s just that after Dragon Soul advanced from Rain Dragon to Azure Dragon with Five Claws, his cultivation base has also been improved, and he has stepped into the realm of titled gods without accident!

At this time, either it was the title of Heavenly Word level won before the fusion, or it was waiting for the title from the heavens.

Jiang Chen originally planned to return to the room first to integrate the title of Tianzi.

But who would have thought that without waiting for him to merge, this heaven would be blessed!

And what surprised Jiang Chen the most was that the title of heavenly blessing was a little bit wrong!

Jiang Chen once saw the scene where the sky blessed the title of Tianzi. Compared with his present situation, that scene is nothing short of a witch!

“What title is this!?”

“Tianzi-level? It’s not like it, how do you feel better than Tianzi-level!?”

… …

Just when everyone was puzzled, Fire Dragon’s eyes widened, cry out in surprise: “The title of Paragon!?”

Be aware that some cultivators can become gods. At that moment, it was extraordinary.

The road he has traveled and the Tao he has understood are extraordinary fortune, so his dao fruit is far beyond ordinary people!

And for such a cultivator, if the breakthrough reaches the title god, Cangtian will use its dao fruit power to give it the title!

That kind of title, above the Tianzi level, matches its dao fruit, and it is the Paragon title!

From ancient times to the present, there have been people with the title of Paragon, but few have witnessed it with their own eyes!

And every cultivator with the Paragon title, if it doesn’t die, it will be extraordinary in the future!

“Is the Jiang family…really so powerful!? The bloodline is so strong, and there is a Paragon Dao fruit among the offspring!”

“Paragon title! This means As long as he doesn’t die, the Jiang family will definitely have one more Transcender in the future!”


Everyone exclaimed, and Jiang Chen was calm at the moment.

He was bathed in divine light and received the blessing from heaven. The big runes were condensing, and finally turned into a rune, imprinted in his soul!

At this moment, Jiang Chen has a feeling that he seems to have something extra, very obscure, like the Avenue of Supreme.

At the same time, in that rune brand, there seems to be some extremely terrifying power!

“Is this the Divine Ability contained in the Paragon title?” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Be aware that all titles above the earth level, including those above the earth level, will carry a kind of Magical Powers.

And these Magical Powers, there are strong and weak, but the weakest is also stronger than the general Taoist skills!

Now, Jiang Chen is a little excited, and even more looking forward to it. He wants to see what Divine Ability is contained in this Supreme level title, and how strong it is!

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