I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1095

The title of Paragon is rare in the ages. It does not mean that there is no, but it is too rare.

Furthermore, the cultivator with the title of Paragon has a limitless future. It is not an exaggeration to become detached, to become a holy ancestor!

At this moment, the entire Longteng Academy was moved.

They marveled at Jiang Chen’s dao fruit and strength, and were even more afraid of Jiang Chen’s identity!

A young man from the Jiang clan actually has the title of Paragon, and he will have it in the future! ?

Now in the Dragon Academy, few dare to provoke Jiang Chen, and even the inner courtyard seniors must be cautious and polite to Jiang Chen.

Now, after Jiang Chen has the title of Paragon, who dares to provoke him! ?

This kind of person is a little bit slippery, and the whole Jiang clan can riot!

“Perhaps…My Dragon Race can have a good chat with the Jiang family.” Fire Dragon secretly thought.

Be aware that Great Thousand Worlds stands in great numbers, and there are many emperors, but not many Transcender!

And this Jiang clan, there is one!

Now, there is another monster like Jiang Chen. From now on, the Jiang family will be equal to one and two extraordinary!

Looking at the entire Great Thousand Worlds, there are several races with this kind of heritage! ?

Except for the huge number of Human Races, other races can have two extraordinary ones, I am afraid they can count them with one hand!

“The world is changing, and my Dragon Race can’t always stand on the top of a hundred races…”

“I have time to chat with this kid, and test the Jiang family now If the Jiang clan converges, then…you can have a deep friendship with the Jiang clan.”


A group of high-level officials in the inner courtyard are also paying attention. At this moment Gathered directly to discuss Jiang Chen’s affairs.

In the end, they have always decided that it is indeed time to have a good chat with the Jiang family!

“It’s over…”

“He…The title of Paragon, is the Jiang family again, this…too cruel!”

“No! Must drop out of school! Then Ancestral Dragon inheritance is compared with his own life, what can simply be considered!”


At this moment, a group of freshmen panicked completely and hurriedly Leave, drop out directly!

In just over a dozen breaths, even Fire Dragon couldn’t dissuade him. The only freshmen in this year were Jiang Chen, Lan Mengyue, Human Race teenagers, and gluttonous teenagers.

As for the others, I just left without taking my head back!

It’s as if the Dragon Academy is a forbidden place, a hell!

“This…isn’t it right?” Fire Dragon’s mouth is bitter, so many new students have gone, where should I get this oil and water! ?

“Aiya, the new students are all gone, it’s useless for me as a tutor to stay, I think, I can also go.” Ling Huanyin walked to Fire Dragon’s side with a charming face said with a smile: “What do you think is Elder Long?”

“As long as he is still there, you can’t leave.” Fire Dragon pointed to Jiang Chen, his face turned dark, and said: “Don’t Nine-star Sky Moon Bead?”

When Ling Huanyin heard the Nine-Star Sky Moon Bead, he secretly thought it sloppy!

But now she knows very well that in case Jiang Chen really wants to eat her, Mo said that Longteng Academy will not care, I am afraid that even Nine-Tailed Fox Race will not care about her!

After all, this is the Jiang family with the Paragon title!

As long as you are not a fool, you can tell which is more serious!

“This thing…how to use it?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen returned to his room and was comprehending the title mark on his soul.

He can feel that there is definitely a kind of Magical Powers in this mark, but there is no way to comprehend it.

It’s just because the Paragon title seems to have a seal. If the cultivation base is not enough, it is impossible to see the Divine Ability method in the title imprint!

This makes Jiang Chen very helpless. The secretly thought is still low in realm!

But Jiang Chen is not in a hurry. Now in his capacity, he is a local tyrant at Longteng Academy!

He thinks, as long as his identity is not revealed, even if he walks unhindered at the Longteng Academy, it is estimated that the dean dare not embarrass him!

“This little life, it’s okay.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, never thought that the days after coming to Great Thousand Worlds could be so comfortable.

Not to mention awe-inspiring, Dragon Vein has advanced, and even won the title of Paragon!

Moreover, after Dragon Vein advanced, Jiang Chen could feel that his fleshy body is changing all the time!

The speed of fading Spirit Physique is getting more and more, and Jiang Chen has a feeling that he may be able to surpass the number of Spirit Physiques of Heavenspan Church Old Ancestor!

Of course, Jiang Chen now knows that the founder of Heavenspan Church is actually Demon Sovereign, which is the former Daoist Heavenspan!

Now that I think about it, Jiang Chen still has a vague perception of Demon Sovereign. Every time he faces Demon Sovereign, he feels like he is facing a cloud of fog!

Even Jiang Chen suspects that the cultivation base of Demon Sovereign is probably not as simple as the emperor!

“Boss! It’s me, glutton!”

At this moment, the voice of the gluttonous young man came from outside the room.

Jiang Chen hearing this, frowned, lightly said: “Something?”

“That’s it, I’m worried that you are hungry. Doesn’t this bring you something? “Xiao Tao said, knocked on the door, and asked: “Can I come in?”

“Come in.” Jiang Chen lightly said, for the youngsters of the gluttonous family, he has no good impressions, but it is also There is no ill feeling.

Immediately, Xiaoyu walked in, and in front of Jiang Chen, he mashed up a lot of food!

divine grass Spirit Fruit Naturally, these are piled up like a hill.

As for other “meats”, there are so many varieties!

Jiang Chen took a casual glance and saw some Fleshy bodies of Peak Monster Race!

There are rare races such as Dragon Race, Phoenix Race, and even Nine Color Deer!

“Do you… usually eat these?” Jiang Chen’s heartbeat’s very difficult to deal with, secretly thought this little gluttonous courage is really fat, this food… is also good!

Eating these things, if those races know about it, can the gluttonous family be able to stop it?

“These are not pure blood.” Xiaoyu explained: “Those races with higher ranks are more important than fate for bloodline!”

” As long as it’s not pure bloodline, for those races, it’s not theirs!”

“Oh? Does this Monster Race still carry something like this?” Jiang Chen was stunned.

Be aware that this is not possible in Human Race.

Human Race will not deny that someone is not Human Race because of the bloodline problem!

But it’s right to think about it carefully. Different races will definitely have different philosophies.

“Boss, you are awesome this time! The entire Longteng Academy is known to everyone, known to everyone is your Jiang Chen’s name!” Xiaoyu said, giving Jiang Chen a thumbs up!

Jiang Chen smiled, if he can, he doesn’t want to be so high-profile!

No matter what, sometimes it’s not good to want to be low-key, the strength is not allowed!

“By the way, boss, did you come to Longteng Academy for Ancestral Dragon’s inheritance?” Xiaoyu asked suddenly.

“Um…this…is it.” Jiang Chen whispered.

In fact, Jiang Chen has no interest in Ancestral Dragon inheritance at all. After all, as long as he wants it, just ask Long Dade to get it!

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