I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1097

Jiang Chen has never asked what Long Dade’s inheritance is. He only knows that it is an Ancestral Dragon.

Now listening to Xiaoyu’s words, Jiang Chen feels that the guy Long Dade is Supreme Treasure!

With that guy here, wouldn’t it be good to create a group of ancestral Monster Races? !

When the time comes, when the time comes, a group of ancestral Monster Races will follow, and that picture, thinking about it, will be cool!

“Things are rare and expensive…” Jiang Chen secretly thought, originally he had no interest in the Ancestral Dragon inheritance, but now it seems that the inheritance must be obtained!

Just because Jiang Chen doesn’t want to see a second dragon in this world with the same abilities as Long Dade!

To control this ability in your own hands, unique and unmatched, will not only stabilize Long Dade’s position in the Dragon Race, but also allow Jiang Chen to form an ancestral army!

“It’s a bit difficult, how about I go and talk to Elder Long?” Jiang Chen whispered.

“It should be no problem!” Xiaoyu said: “Actually, there are many races who want to have a good relationship with the Jiang family, not only because the Jiang family is strong, but also because of the Jiang family. Unreasonable!”

“Many races are afraid of angering the Jiang clan, so they want to have a good relationship with them. When the time comes, they don’t have to worry about angering the Jiang clan.”


Jiang Chen hearing this, secretly nodded, I feel that this Jiang clan is really a wonderful flower of Great Thousand Worlds!

Those with bad reputation can eat everything, but the point is that there are that many races and they want to please the Jiang clan!

This, maybe it is strength!

“Wait for me here, I’ll ask.” Jiang Chen said, then got up and left the room.

Elder in the outer courtyard, there is only Fire Dragon, and you can find out where Fire Dragon is when you inquire.

Soon, when Jiang Chen found Fire Dragon, he didn’t say anything, and directly asked about Ancestral Dragon inheritance.

Fire Dragon hearing this, my face turned dark, my heart was naturally upset!

Your Jiang clan is so strong, and you are still thinking about the Ancestral Dragon inheritance of my Dragon Race! ?

If this really gives you Ancestral Dragon inheritance, the strength of the Jiang clan must skyrocket.

When the time comes, Dragon Race may be suppressed!

So, logically speaking, Ancestral Dragon inheritance, what it said will not be handed over to Jiang Chen!

For a while, Fire Dragon did not speak, frowns, thinking about how to tactfully refuse.

“Fire Elder Long, is it inconvenient for me?” Jiang Chen asked.

“This…is not inconvenient.” Fire Dragon lightly said, but he despised Jiang Chen in his heart!

Do you know that it is inconvenient? ! It’s not convenient for you to have the face to ask me! ?

Furthermore, even if I agree, those in the inner courtyard will not agree!

Even if a group of Elders in the inner courtyard agreed, it is estimated that the dean would not agree!

Furthermore, the matter has been reported to the Dragon Race ancestral land. Now that counts the time, the people sent by the ancestral land should be coming soon.

When the time comes, how to distribute this Ancestral Dragon inheritance is up to the people of the ancestral land.

“Fire Elder Long, you also know my identity and strength. If the Academy is willing to give me Ancestral Dragon inheritance, I can promise you that in the future, the Jiang family and Dragon Race will have a good relationship for generations and will never turn their faces !” Jiang Chen said resolutely.

As soon as these words came out, Fire Dragon was indeed moved!

He knows that Jiang Chen absolutely has the right to make this decision!

After all, with the title of Paragon, he is absolutely out of the ordinary in the Jiang family!

Even if the current status may not be high, but the possession of the Paragon title has spread to the Jiang family. Jiang Chen’s status is probably second only to the Old Ancestor of the Jiang family!

Thinking of this, Fire Dragon nodded, said: “I am also an Elder in the outer courtyard. I will discuss this with the Elders in the inner courtyard.”

“Then trouble fire Elder. Long.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

After speaking, Jiang Chen turned around to leave.

But suddenly, he thought of something!

He entered Longteng Academy, isn’t it just for the Star Domain Transmission Array!

Now, I take this opportunity to enter the inner courtyard!

“Fire Elder Long, look at my strength and status, can you arrange me into the inner courtyard?” Jiang Chen said: “You have seen it, there are not many people in the outer courtyard now.”

“This won’t work!”

However, to Jiang Chen’s surprise, Fire Dragon’s attitude is very resolute and directly rejected it!

“Why?” Jiang Chen stunned, you can even discuss Ancestral Dragon inheritance, why I didn’t have to discuss it when I entered the inner courtyard! ?

Why! ?

“Cough cough…Little friend Jiang Chen, you also know that you have a special identity.” Fire Dragon expression curiously, said: “The reason why the freshmen in the outer courtyard dropped out, don’t you know it is because What?”

“If you enter the inner courtyard…I’m afraid that the group of students in the inner courtyard will also drop out. When the time comes, Longteng Academy has no students, so what do you still open? Close the door, good luck.” Fire Dragon said.

When Jiang Chen heard this, although he felt very reasonable, but…

Don’t enter the inner courtyard? What is left for that! ?

Thinking of this, Jiang Chen decided, and when he gets Ancestral Dragon inheritance, he will leave immediately!

Although this pack dragon world is remote, the Star Domain Transmission Array is not only unique to you, Dragon Academy!

When the time comes, find another force to mix in, you can always enter the Star Domain Transmission Array!

“Then…then it shouldn’t be troublesome for Elder Long.” Jiang Chen lightly said, and then left.

As soon as he came out of the Fire Dragon residence, Jiang Chen felt a few pairs of eyes staring at him.

That kind of feeling, it’s like being a prey and being targeted by a hunter!


At this moment, Jiang Chen increased his vigilance, his eyes swept all around, and then a cold glow flashed in his eyes!

I saw that at the junction of the inner courtyard and the outer courtyard, before that stone gate, two Monster Race boys were staring at him!

These two people, the imposing manner is extremely strong, and they have reached the cultivation base of the upper master god!

Moreover, when they looked at Jiang Chen first, the killing intent in their eyes was undisguised!

This makes Jiang Chen a little depressed. What kind of race are these two teenagers secretly thought? Facing the Jiang family, they dare to show the killing intent! ?

So, since I dare to show the killing intent, I think that the races of the two Monster Race teenagers will naturally not be low!

“Two people, what are you looking at me? Can the killing intent in your eyes converge a little?” Jiang Chen lightly said, and didn’t retreat. Instead, he came to the stone gate.

At this moment, the three of them faced each other with a stone gate, and the atmosphere was instantly suppressed!

“Jiang clan? hmph! The world is afraid of you Jiang clan, my clan is not afraid of you!” one of them said.

This person has white hair and clear pupils. While speaking, there are wisps of white flames on his body.

“Huh?” Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, looking at the other side, suddenly thought of the Heavenly Phoenix family!

Heavenly Phoenix family…it seems to be the same, right?

However, when did the Heavenly Phoenix family have the courage?

“You are from the Heavenly Phoenix clan? Where is the confidence of the Heavenly Phoenix clan to challenge my Jiang clan?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and said contemptuously, “Even if you Old Ancestor are here, you dare not do this. Talk to me!”

“You belong to the Heavenly Phoenix clan! Your whole family is!” Who knows, the young man became excited, staring at Jiang Chen, and said: “Look carefully. , I belong to the Bailuan clan!”

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