I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1098

Monster Race has a hundred races, and there are many races. If you don’t transform the body, it is sometimes really difficult to see what race the opponent is.

Just like now, if the other party does not say anything, Jiang Chen really thinks that the other party is a Heavenly Phoenix.

When the people of Great Thousand Worlds descended to the Six Realms, Jiang Chen met Heavenly Phoenix at both ends.

Seriously, I feel that the Heavenly Phoenix family is really strong.

However, compared with the monster Jiang Chen, it looks weak.

At this moment, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but froze when he heard that the other party was the Bailuan clan.

After all, in the eyes of many people, Luan is naturally inferior to Phoenix.

But, listening to the other party’s tone, the Bailuan clan seems to be far above the Heavenly Phoenix clan!

“Heavenly Phoenix is ​​just a branch of Phoenix Race, that’s all. The bloodline is not pure enough to be regarded as a real Phoenix, so I named myself the title Heavenly Phoenix.” The teenager looked contemptuously and immediately A hint of arrogance flashed in his eyes, and said: “My Bailuan clan is different from the Heavenly Phoenix clan. My bloodline is pure and we are the real Luan bird clan!”

“Boy, my Luan bird clan My ancestor is the nine-color Luan bird, and my Bailuan clan is the Royal Family within the Luan bird clan! Compared with your Jiang clan, my Luan bird clan is not bad!” said another teenager.

Jiang Chen hearing this, don’t know what to say.

After all, he just came to Great Thousand Worlds and he is not clear about the many races of Monster Race.

Furthermore, what about your Bailuan family even if it is very difficult to deal with?

Jiang Chen just wanted to ask, what do you two mean by revealing the killing intent to me?

“Others are afraid of you Jiang clan, my Bailuan clan is not afraid!” One of the youngsters raised his eyebrows, with a hint of contempt in his eyes, and said: “Don’t think you are the Jiang clan. , You can act wilfully in Longteng Academy!”

“act wilfully?” Jiang Chen blinked his eyes and asked, “How am I act wilfully?”

Then, before the other party could speak, Jiang Chen expression suddenly became cold, squinted, and said: “Even if I act wilfully, what can you do?”

When these words came out, these two came from Bai The killing intent in the eyes of the teenagers of Luan clan has skyrocketed!

“My ancestor of the Bailuan clan, Jiiseluan bird, once killed your ancestor of the Jiang clan!” One of them said arrogantly: “In the eyes of the world, the Jiang clan that cannot be provoked? Oh, what is it? Your ancestors once lost to our ancestors!”

Jiang Chen hearing this, to be honest, I don’t feel anything at all.

After all, he is not of the Jiang clan. The Old Ancestor of the Jiang clan was killed by the Nine-Colored Luan Bird. What is it to him?

But, now that this identity is faked, Jiang Chen has to express his opinion anyway.

Otherwise, it would be too easy to expose!

“I can’t control the affairs between ancestors, but for this generation, I think…I should be able to say a few words!” Jiang Chen said coldly.

After that, Jiang Chen pointed to the stone gate and said, “Look at the killing intent in your eyes, what’s the matter? You think you can kill me? If you think you can kill me, you can walk out This stone gate, come to this outer courtyard, I can play against you two.”

“Just you? Is it worth it?”

“Oh, trifling, that’s all, I Waiting is the lord god! Are you worth our hands?”


At this moment, Jiang Chen is a little messy.

Before, when Jiang Chen broke through, the heavens blessed him and achieved the title of Paragon, which everyone in Longteng Academy knew.

And these two white luans, shouldn’t you think that the god with the title of Paragon can’t beat the two main gods?

However, let’s not say that these two white luans were not in the Dragon Academy before. They just came back from experience and only know that Jiang Chen belongs to the Jiang clan.

As for Jiang Chen’s Paragon title, no one has talked to them yet.

“The Jiang family is a kind of monster! How many creatures were swallowed at the beginning, many people in our family died of the Jiang family!”

“Today, if you dare to come A Life and Death Battle, I can come out and kill you kid!”


Hearing this, Jiang Chen understood why these two people treated him There is such a big killing intent.

I wanted to kill a lot of Bailuan clan when the Jiang clan rioted.

“Life and Death Battle? It seems that you want me to die?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “As the saying goes, I didn’t intend to kill, but no one has the intention to kill me.”

After that, Jiang Chen turned around, pointed to the ring of the outer courtyard, and said: “I am waiting for you there, Life and Death Battle.”

“hahaha! This is what you said!”

“Sign the Life and Death Battle contract, when the time comes you are dead, the Jiang clan can’t blame us!”


The two Bailuans were excited. In their eyes, as long as Jiang Chen dared to agree, he would definitely die!

After all, there is a big gap in the cultivation base between the two sides!

And these two people are very confident of their own strength, a great realm higher than Jiang Chen, how can they not kill Jiang Chen!

After ten breaths, Jiang Chen came to the ring in the outer courtyard, looked towards the two Bailuan youths under the ring, and said: “Are you here one by one? Or together?”

Without waiting for these two people to speak, Jiang Chen waved his hand and said: “Forget it, let’s go together, so as not to waste my time.”

“Book Life and Death Battle contract!” One of the teenagers raised his eyebrows, as if somewhat dreaded.

After all, the Jiang clan is notoriously unreasonable.

If Jiang Chen is really killed by them today, there is no contract, no evidence, the Jiang family will never give up.

Jiang Chen hearing this, immediately nodded, and didn’t want to cause more trouble. He made a life and death contract. Even if he killed the two white luans in front of him, he would save a lot of trouble afterwards.

“Hey…why is the outer courtyard so lively today?”

“Huh? Is anyone competing?”


It didn’t take long for someone to notice the movement here.

Some dísciples in the inner courtyard are standing at the stone gate, looking out from the sky.

When they saw the two Bailuan teenagers signing a Life and Death Battle contract with Jiang Chen, many people suddenly became anxious!

Among them, some people who had made friends with the Bailuan clan immediately spoke with a quick voice, saying: “No! He is the Jiang clan!”

“Of course I know He belongs to the Jiang clan, but so what? The trifling title god that’s all! Today, the Life and Death Battle contract is set, even if he is dead, the Jiang clan will not blame us!”



Hearing this, the group of dísciple expressions in the inner courtyard became weird.

They all know that these two Bailuan boys are indeed very strong.

But… so what! ?

“People are not a Tianzi-level title!” Someone reminded with a voice.

However, before he finished speaking, one of Bailuan’s eyes flashed with contempt, and said, “I don’t even have the title of Tianzi? Oh, this Jiang clan, I raised my hand. Suppress!”

“No! Listen to me and finish talking! People don’t have the title of Heavenly word, but they have the title of Paragon!” Someone blushed anxiously, but they just finished speaking. Seeing that Jiang Chen and the two teenagers have signed a life and death battle contract!

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