I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1100

When leaving from the Six Realms, Jiang Chen took the burial coffin, and the burial coffin contained nine Princess.

After arriving at Great Thousand Worlds, Jiang Chen forgot about it.

No, after such a long time, I almost suffocated the Nine Princess!

“Master, are you Senior really planning to let me hide in the funeral coffin for a lifetime?” Princess Nine said grumpily, as the coffin lid was knocked loudly.

Jiang Chen looked embarrassed, and he suddenly remembered it today, otherwise the nine Princesses would have to be “closed” for a while.

However, Jiang Chen did not dare to open the funeral coffin easily!

Be aware that Huang Tian has spirituality in the fleshy body. Once he perceives the breath of Great Thousand Worlds, he will wake up!

Jiang Chen is worried, if Huang Tian’s power awakens here and rushes into his within the body, then his identity will be exposed!

Furthermore, Jiang Chen has Myriad Transformations Tianzhan and Sanwei Primal Chaos Qi, and he can change his Source Aura.

But what does Nine Princess have! ? After she came out, her breath was incompatible with Great Thousand Worlds, and it was easy for people to guess her identity!

“Let me think of a way, just let you out, I am afraid there is a problem.” Jiang Chen lightly said, and asked: “How is Huang Tian’s fleshy body? Is there any movement?”


“Nothing happened.” said Princess Jiu, seeming a little irritable, and after a few hums, said: “Master, you have to find a way quickly, stay here, like you are in jail!”

“I’m thinking about this.” Jiang Chen muttered, then his eyes fell on the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi.

Myriad Transformations Tianzhan is his Dao Soul, so naturally it cannot be handed over to Nine Princess.

Then, there are only three strands of Primal Chaos Qi that can help Nine Princess hide their breath.

“I said three big guys…Can you help me change the atmosphere of this discipline?” Jiang Chen asked, rubbing his hands.

“What are you talking about with Sanwei Primal Chaos Qi? Can someone really communicate with you?” Princess Nine said grimly, as if watching an idiot.

However, next moment, something that shocked Princess Nine happened!

I saw a strand of Primal Chaos Qi swaying, and strands of divine light submerged in the funeral coffin.

After a few breaths, Princess Nine can feel that her Source Aura has changed!


At this moment, the nine Princess held breath cold air was lifted directly from the funeral coffin, transformed into a soul state, and appeared in Jiang Chen’s In Soul World.

Immediately, she stared at the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi, her face a little pale.

“These three strands of Primal Chaos Qi are psychic!?” Nine Princess cry out in surprise.

“Well…you can understand it this way.” Jiang Chen also smiled bitterly, I don’t know if this is it fortune or misfortune.

There have always been many legends about chaos, but most of them are ominous.

If swallowed by chaos, disappear into chaos, or assimilated by chaos, and transformed into another kind of creature.

Nine Princess always thought that it was all legend, untrustworthy.

Now when she saw the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi from Jiang Chen within the body, she suddenly understood that some legends might not be fake!

“Your heart is so big, you have conceived Primal Chaos Qi in your Soul World!” Princess said solemnly: “Don’t you know that this thing is not a pregnancy, even a trace of infection It’s dangerous!”

“I know.” Jiang Chen sighed: “At first, because of some things, three wisps of Primal Chaos Qi entered within the body. Now… they seem to have settled down. Can’t drive away.”

“And you have seen it, they are psychic, although they can’t speak yet, but…it’s almost the same.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Nine Princess hearing this, the pupils contracted suddenly, and then both hands forming seals flew out directly from Jiang Chen’s Soul World!

She doesn’t want to stay there anymore, especially in the face of the three ray of psychic Primal Chaos Qi!

“I said…what are you going to do next?”

After coming out of Soul World, Jiang Chen asked.

However, Nine Princess did not answer, but stared into Jiang Chen’s eyes, as if looking for something.

After a few breaths, Princess Nine frowned and shook his head: “Looking at you, it doesn’t seem to be invaded by chaos…”

“I know some legends about chaos , All with ominous colors, but… My three strands of Primal Chaos Qi within the body feel okay, at least they have been helping me, and it didn’t hurt me.” Jiang Chen said.

“Are you not afraid of anything?” Princess Nine said grimly, touched the chin, and after a while pondering, said: “I have to find a way.”

“This is not the case. I’m worried.” Jiang Chen said, and immediately patted the shoulders of Nine Princess, and said: “Now it’s time to discuss your business.”

“A emperor as big as you suddenly appeared in Longteng Academy. Do you think it is appropriate?” Jiang Chen asked.

Although there are many emperors in Great Thousand Worlds, few emperors walk in the world.

What if the nine Princess suddenly appeared in front of the world?

At least you have to make up an identity?

When I think of this, Jiang Chen eyes shined, secretly thought this is really “heaven helps me”!

I just killed a boy of the Bailuan clan before, and the other boy of the Bailuan clan who wants to come to the inner courtyard will definitely not let Jiang Chen go. Sooner or later he will come to find trouble.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen also knows that his Paragon title itself is a trouble. If no one protects him, the days to come will be uncomfortable.

And now, Nine Princess just appeared!

“You declare to the outside world that you are my…maid!” Jiang Chen thought for a while and said: “Remember, you are from the southern Star Domain, the Jiang family!”

“Oh? The maid?” Nine Princess expression was weird, and suddenly walked to Jiang Chen’s body. The slender jade hand placed on Jiang Chen’s chest, and said softly, “Then… Am I going to wait for the bed?”

“Be serious!” Jiang Chen’s face turned dark, secretly thought, what kind of discipline is this collection! ?

Think of these things all day long?

“I can’t stay by your side forever, I’m going to the ancestral world.” Nine Princess expression straightened out and said: “When you meet Nian Changge, when will I leave.”

“The ancestral world? Do you know the direction?” Jiang Chen curiously asked: “What to do in the ancestral world? Isn’t it sealed, and there is a curse.”

“Nature It’s going to fight.” Nine Princess sighed: “As an emperor, I have shouldered some missions. Although the Six Realms are destroyed, the Ancestral Realm is still there. The real battle has never stopped.”

” Those ancestors… have always been fighting in the ancestral world?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Since ancient times, I have been fighting. The ancestral world is as big as you can imagine. And the battle there is not going to end overnight.” Princess Nine looked up and looked into the distance. , Lightly said: “Waiting for you which day to become the emperor, you will know how cruel the battle in the ancestral world is.”

After that, Princess Nine smiled suddenly and grabbed Jiang Chen’s Arm, said softly: “Master, I think that as a maid, I still have to go to bed.”

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