I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1101

Jiang Chen’s brain hurts a bit. These nine Princesses are also emperors at any rate, or a reincarnation stowaway. How come they are the same as Bai Fengyu’s disciplines?

After arguing with Princess Jiu for a while, Jiang Chen started cultivation and didn’t bother to care about her anymore.

During Jiang Chen cultivation, Fire Dragon was discussing with a group of Elders in the inner courtyard.

“Jiang Chen out of the ordinary, with the title of Paragon, his status in the Jiang clan is definitely not low! If you can use Jiang Chen’s hand this time to make friends with the Jiang clan, it will also be consolidated My Dragon Race’s status in Great Thousand Worlds.” Fire Dragon said.

However, although a group of Elders in the inner courtyard agreed with Fire Dragon’s statement, they did not want to give Ancestral Dragon inheritance to Jiang Chen.

After all, Dragon Race is Dragon Race, and the Jiang clan is considered a foreign race.

How can the Ancestral Dragon inheritance of Dragon Race be handed over to other races easily?

Be aware that the reason why Ancestral Dragon inheritance was spread out this time is because Longteng Academy wants to use this gimmick to recruit more dísciple that’s all, so that it can also charge a little more benefit fee.

Actually, from the very beginning, Longteng Academy did not intend to hand over Ancestral Dragon inheritance to other races!

But, no one didn’t expect, this time things will be such a big deal, even the Jiang family members are here!

“I have a headache. I knew that, so I shouldn’t spread the Ancestral Dragon inheritance!” Great Elder in the inner courtyard covered his head with a sad face.

“Great Elder, you can’t be blamed for this. After all, my Fire Dragon clan is too poor. I can barely open an Academy to make some money…” another Elder said with a bitter smile.

Be aware that the Dragon Race is divided into several races, and among all the Dragon Races, the Fire Dragon race is not only small, but also weak!

Without the support of the Dragon Academy, the Fire Dragon clan would be drinking the Northwest Wind!

“Because he has the title of Paragon, so I can’t give him the Ancestral Dragon inheritance!”

At this moment, the inner courtyard Third Elder got up, said resolutely: “I dare Certainly, the fact that he has the title of Paragon has been known by many people.”

“Now, I am afraid that it will not be long before powerhouse will come, and even the Emperor King level! When the time comes, His Paragon title is definitely not preserved, even his life will be lost!”


In this way, giving Ancestral Dragon inheritance to Jiang Chen, it does not mean giving it to Jiang Chen for nothing. !

“We can take action to protect him, and if my Fire Dragon clan is in trouble in the future, we can also ask Jiang clan to help us.” Fire Dragon said.

However, is the Jiang family really that easy to talk?

In fact, everyone present knew in their hearts that the Jiang clan was too hard to please!

With various worries, a group of people fell silent for a while.

“Let’s observe first, if he survives, he can give him Ancestral Dragon inheritance in exchange for my Dragon Race and the Jiang family’s friendship.” After ten breaths, Great Elder in the inner courtyard It was decided to speak.

At the same time, in the inner courtyard, the story of Bailuan dísciple has spread.

One was killed and the other knelt. The Bailuan clan was completely lost!

“This shame, I must wash shua!”

At this moment, a white-haired young man walked out of the cultivation room in the inner courtyard.

Everyone was hearing this, and when they turned their heads to look around, their expressions suddenly became weird.

Because this person is the strongest among the three white luans in the inner courtyard!

“Bai Lingyu, did you have a breakthrough?”

Someone stared at this Bailuan, and the imposing manner emanating from his body could tell that after this guy left the customs, cultivation The base has broken through to Divine King!

“Just the breakthrough a few days ago.” Bai Lingyu nodded, an angry look flashed in his eyes, and said: “Dare to deceive me Bailuan clan, even if it is Jiang clan, what about the nine clan? I can be afraid of him being the Jiang family!”

“Bai Lingyu, the kid of the Jiang family, but has the title of Paragon.” Someone said: “Perhaps…Divine King is not necessarily his opponent.”

“Yes, the title of Paragon is rare in the ages, and its battle strength is terrifying, far beyond ordinary people!”


For a while, many people again Started to discuss Jiang Chen’s Paragon title.

However, for Bai Lingyu, the title of Paragon is indeed daunting.

But, now he is the Divine King, and Jiang Chen is just a “little cultivator” that’s all who has just stepped into the title deity!

What if you have the Paragon title! ?

“hmph! Everything about him will be mine!” Bai Lingyu thought in his heart, a hint of greed flashed in his eyes.

He thinks very clearly and very well.

Kill Jiang Chen and take the title of Paragon, when the time comes, even if the Jiang clan wants revenge! ?

When he has the title of Paragon, let alone the Bailuan tribe, the nine Luan tribes will protect him!

When the time comes, he is the next patriarch candidate of the Luan tribe!

“The title of Paragon…I’m going to make it!”

Finally, Bai Lingyu set out, walked out of the inner courtyard, and came directly to Building One.

However, when he arrived at Building 1, he hadn’t spoken out yet, he happened to ran into the nine Princess who was basking in the sun downstairs.

Nine Princess is really boring. As an emperor, she hasn’t taken that step for so many years. She feels that she will stay in the emperor’s realm for the rest of her life, and she has nothing to pursue.

So, when she is bored, she prefers to take a break.

At this moment, when Bai Lingyu saw Nine Princess, he was first amazed by its appearance.

But then, he was shocked!

Just because he walked in front of Nine Princess, he seemed to want to show how out of the ordinary he was, so he was a little bit higher.

I saw his expression straight, looked towards Jiu Princess, and asked: “This girl, may I ask Jiang Chen from the Jiang family?”

“Oh? You look for it. What is he doing?” Nine Princess asked.

“The Jiang clan has done a lot of evil, I am here today to eliminate evil!” Bai Lingyu said resolutely.

“en? Are you going to kill Jiang Chen?” Nine Princess expression was weird, and slowly stood up, patted Bai Lingyu’s shoulder, with a hint of joking in the corner of his mouth, and asked, “You know… …Who am I?”

“This girl…must be a freshman, right? I heard that this year’s freshman has been bullied by Jiang Chen! Don’t worry, girl, after today, don’t say this Longteng Academy, there will never be another person named Jiang Chen in the world!” Bai Lingyu said, full of vigor!

However, Nine Princess raised her brows and said: “I am not a new student, I am his maid.”


At this moment, Bai Lingyu is a little messy, and a hint of jealousy and envy is born in his heart!

Such a beautiful woman is actually Jiang Chen’s maid! ?

“By the way…you are in front of me, saying that you are going to kill my master, you…you are so courageous.” Princess Nine narrowed her eyes, and immediately the imposing manner burst out!



For a moment, Bai Lingyu felt that he was in hell, enveloped by the endless darkness, and even had difficulty breathing Extremely!


After came back to his senses, Bai Lingyu realized that he had been suppressed on the ground by the imposing manner of Nine Princesses!

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