I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1102

Bai Lingyu just broke through to God King, he was very energetic, but who would have thought that finished apprenticeship would be disadvantageous!

“Just like you, you still want to kill my master?” Princess Nine looked contemptuous.

She knows Jiang Chen’s strength very well. Although she has just stepped into the title of a god, she has lost too much Spirit Physique, and battle strength can no longer be viewed with ordinary people’s eyes!

And if this Bai Lingyu really confronts Jiang Chen, it is estimated that Jiang Chen will be able to suppress him within three or five rounds.

“The maids of the Jiang clan are all emperors?”

At this moment, Bai Lingyu was shocked. He couldn’t believe it. A maid could have such strength! ?

“Slayer, kill him, do you understand the truth?” Nine Princess asked with a smile.

As soon as these words came out, Bai Lingyu pupil suddenly shrinked, and his heart was cold!

He, the Divine King, looks like a trivial ant in front of the emperor.

Don’t say resist, you don’t even have the strength to stand!

Now, it really only needs nine Princess a single thought, and he is going to die!

“Do you know who I am!? I am the dísciple of the Bailuan clan! And although your cultivation base is high, but you are just a maid! The status gap is so big, if you kill me, the Jiang clan can’t keep it You!” Bai Lingyu threatened.

At this moment, he has no other choice but to use Bailuan clan to frighten Princess Nine.

Unfortunately, his idea is really stupid.

As an emperor, even if he was born poor and has no status, his strength lies there.

This kind of person, no matter where he goes, the world must respect him for three points!

The Nine Princess is also a little messy. She has lived for so long, and she has never seen it before. A Divine King dare to intimidate the emperor!

“Don’t say it’s you a trifling Divine King, even if your Old Ancestor is here, you dare not talk to me like this!” Nine Princess coldly said.

At the same time, Jiu Princess also thought of some things.

At the time when the ancestral world was destroyed, the Nine Luan Bird tribes had “great credit”!

Thinking of this, Princess Jiu laughed suddenly, her smile was pure and soft.

I saw her lift up Bai Lingyu, said with a smile: “Young Master, just now I was cracking a joke with you, don’t care.”

The attitude of Nine Princess suddenly The change really caught Bai Lingyu off guard!

However, Bai Lingyu also believes that the other party must be scared!

After all, the status of the Nine Luan Bird Races in the entire Great Thousand Worlds is not low, and even Dragon Race encounters the Nine Luan Bird Races, they have to give three points!

If not, the Bailuan clan among the nine Luanniao clan would not dare to challenge the Jiang clan!

“You are going to kill my master, I must stop it, are you right? This makes sense?” Nine Princess said: “So, why don’t you call your elders? When the time comes, let your elders hold me back, and you will kill my master.”

“In this way, you can kill people, and I can’t bear any responsibility.”


I heard these words, Bai Lingyu eyes shined, secretly thought this is a good way!

At the same time, Bai Lingyu also thought of one thing!

After killing Jiang Chen, he took the title of Paragon, and he will surely become the target of the crowd!

When the time comes, my elders are here, so I can take care of him anyway!

When I thought of this, Bai Lingyu clicked nodded, and resumed his former aloof state, saying: “You are a good person, you can come to me if you change the master in the future.”

“That can be many thanks Young Master.” Nine Princess said with a smile, and even saluted Bai Lingyu.

After that, Bai Lingyu left, but did not return to the inner courtyard, but came to a secluded place, and contacted Elder in the Bailuan clan with secret techniques.

“hmph! When my patriarch is old, I will kill people, and I will seize the title!” Bai Lingyu said coldly.

At this moment, the nine Princess expression is ugly. The mouthful was called by Young Master before, even she herself felt disgusting!

But there is no way, Bai Lingyu looks down on this little fish, she wants to catch a big fish!

“Anyway, I’m not going to the Ancestral Realm for the time being, now you are collecting some interest from the Bailuan clan!” Princess Nine said lightly.

After that, Princess Nine lay slowly on the grass downstairs, squinting and basking in the sun.

But, before lying down for a long time, Princess Nine was awakened!

Because there is an extremely terrifying aura, moving towards here is rushing quickly!

“Divine Emperor!?” Nine Princess stared, but did not get up, squinted and looked towards the sky.

After a few breaths, I saw a middle-aged man in front of Building One.

After he looked around for a while, a hint of greed flashed in his eyes, and he stepped into Building One.

“You didn’t see me in your eyes?” The nine Princess’s voice suddenly sounded, staring at the middle-aged man, and contemptuously said: “a trifling Divine Emperor, what do you want to do here?”

As soon as this word came out, it really scared the middle-aged man!

Just because, with the cultivation base of Nine Princess, this middle-aged man can’t find her at all!

And now, if you suddenly make a sound, everyone will be frightened.

“This Senior…”

At this moment, the middle-aged man saw the nine Princess, his expression changed slightly, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat!

“Senior, you also came for the Paragon title?”

Looking at Princess Nine without speaking, the man asked tentatively, bowing his hands and saying: “Since If Senior wants it, then Junior will retire.”

“Oh? It seems that the Paragon title of Master has been spread out.” Nine Princess secretly thought, and then asked the middle-aged man. He waved his hand and said: “Boy, come here.”

“This…Senior, something?” This middle-aged man is sweating on his chest and back. He knows that this beautiful woman in front of him is probably an emperor. !

He wants to retreat, but in front of an emperor, can he, the Divine Emperor, have a chance to retreat?

In desperation, he could only obediently come to Princess Jiu.

“You look good here, keep an eye on it, and it won’t take long for the powerhouse of the Bailuan clan to come over. When the time comes, help me send them away.” Princess Nine yawned , There was a cold glow flashing in his eyes, and said: “Be careful, otherwise…you understand.”

“Yes, yes, everything depends on Senior!” How dare this middle-aged man say No words!

Then, Princess Nine closed her eyes and continued to enjoy the sun leisurely.

As for this middle-aged man, he didn’t dare to blink his eyes at this moment, so he stared at this building all around, for fear of missing someone!

Half a day later, the nine Princess’ eyelids slightly trembled, and I feel someone is coming again!

Also, people who came this time have a low cultivation base. They should have just entered the Divine Emperor not long ago.

“Senior, it doesn’t seem to belong to the Bailuan clan.” The middle-aged man also found out, looking towards the distance, only a stream of light rushed towards here.

Nine Princess hearing this, seemingly impatiently waved his hand, and said: “With your cultivation base, do you still need to tell me to send such a small character?”

“But… you only let me send the Bailuan clan.” This middle-aged man whispered.

“Today, no matter who it is, above Divine King, dare to step into this building, you will call me! If something goes wrong, I will support you.” Nine Princess said solemnly, secretly Thought I am afraid that there will be a big disturbance today.

Take a break, and try to come out before 12 o’clock in the morning!

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