I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1103

What should come will always come, and the title of Paragon has already been passed on now.

No, a Divine Emperor just came before, and now there is another cultivator who just stepped into the Divine Emperor.

This time, Nine Princess didn’t do anything. The previous Divine Emperor wanted to save his life and to please Nine Princess. Without saying anything, when that person first stepped into Building 1, he shot directly and suppressed him. Down!

Afterwards, he tied this person to the nine Princess in front of him, as if asking for credit, lowered his head, lightly said: “Senior, what should this person do?”

The Nine Princess did not even raise her eyes, continued to bask in the sun, waved her hand, and said: “Just like you, stay and help me look at Building One.”

“Senior, don’t worry. Although I just broke through to the Divine Emperor, my identity is not ordinary. With me, no one can step into Building One!” The man who had just been captured hurriedly said.

At the same time, these words are telling Princess Nine in a disguised form that his status is unusual, and it is best to let him go!

However, Nine Princess seemed to have not heard the meaning of the words, still closed her eyes, the sun shining on her beautiful face, like a layer of divine light embellishment, seemed more and more moving.

“Your identity is not ordinary? Do you think I don’t know you?”

At this moment, the first man jokingly said: “Come here, have you changed your face? Your cultivation base is lower than mine, and the disguise technique is so low-end, do you think it can cover my eyes?”

“Oh? Are you?” The second man was frightened, but didn’t want to reveal his identity. .

After all, this time is here to win the title of Jiang Chen.

However, this place is the Dragon Race Academy. If you commit crimes in the Dragon Race Academy, it is naturally difficult to explain to Dragon Race.

Even more how, Jiang Chen belongs to the Jiang clan.

Therefore, these two people are actually disorganized.

“I am Duanmuqing!!” The first man sounded transmission secretly, and when he looked towards the second man, there was a hint of contempt in his eyes.

As soon as the second man heard the words Duan Mu Qing, the expression changed, he hurriedly bowed his head, bowed his hands, and secretly sound transmission said: “Senior Mu Qing, I am Lin Xiao!”

Then the two looked at each other and smiled, but also with bitterness.

Duanmuqing, from Duanmu Clan world Duanmu Clan.

This family is considered a first-class family in the Dragon World, and Duanmu Qing is the patriarch of Duanmu Clan!

As for this Lin Xiao, he is also the patriarch of the world Lin Family of Pack Dragon!

The two are normally anxious, but they didn’t expect to meet here.

Also, now they are all “suppressed” by the Nine Princess.

“Oh…I knew that there was an emperor, I came here to join in!”

“It’s a crime, if our identities are exposed, our respective families …It’s really shameful.”

The two stood beside the nine Princess, communicating secretly, and their hearts were extremely bitter.

At the same time, they are also very curious about who the Nine Princess is.

As far as they know, there is no King level powerhouse in Longteng Academy. Otherwise, the two Divine Emperors, how could they come here to commit the crime.

“You said…this Senior is who? Dragon Academy invited to protect Jiang Chen?”

“I don’t see it, Dragon Academy was established by the Fire Dragon family, and The relationship between the Fire Dragon clan and Human Race is not very good. Can they put aside their face and invite a Human Race emperor?”


When the two of them doubted, A white Profound Light cut across the sky in the distance, and then soon fell outside of Building One.

At the same time, Bai Lingyu also came in!

Looking at it, Bai Lingyu looks aloof at the moment, and there is a white haired old man in front of him.

The two one after the other, when they came to the front of Building No. 1, they were about to speak, only to find that Duan Muqing and Lin Xiao had already stood in front of them!

“Senior said, no one can enter Building One today!” Duanmuqing said solemnly, staring at the white haired old man, a little frightened.

Lin Xiao did not speak, but just like Duanmuqing, he stood in front of the two.

“Two people, I advise you not to interfere with the Bailuan clan! Otherwise…hmph!” The white haired old man coldly said, there was a hint of imperialism in his body. !

At this moment, Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao’s expression changed drastically, and cold sweat broke out.

Although they are Divine Emperor and their battle strength is also very strong, they are not opponents at all when facing the emperor!

At this moment, they set their sights on Princess Nine.

“Old Ancestor, this woman is Jiang Chen’s maid, he told me before, you just have to pretend to be, drag her, and then I enter Building One and kill Jiang Chen , This matter is complete!” Bai Lingyu said lightly.

The white haired old man hearing this is nodded, and secretly thought is naturally the best.

After all, they are both emperors. Once they fight, they will die or be injured!

And cultivation to the emperor is not easy, no one wants to die!

“cough cough…this…there is a lot of people, isn’t it as good as a battle in the sky?”

At this moment, this white haired old man looked towards Nine Princess and pointed again Heaven, there is no fighting intent on expression.

After all, he also thought that what Nine Princess was saying was true, just pretending to be like, hitting casually where no one was, and it was over when Jiang Chen died.

“Okay, then go to the sky to fight.” Nine Princess slowly got up, then volleyed up.

However, when she took off, she secretly sound transmission to Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao: “When I come back, I don’t want to see this Bailuan guy.”

“Yes, yes.”

“I’ll wait for it!”


Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao agreed, but they also agreed Doubt, the same emperor, nine Princess has so much confidence in herself?

After a few breaths, above the clouds, there was an explosion of one after another. It was obvious that the Nine Princess and the Old Ancestor of the Bailuan clan were at war!

And listening to the fluctuations in the battle, the battle is still very fierce, and the overflowing energy of the two has dyed this square cloud layer into a colorful color.

“Isn’t it about pretending to fight…this battle fluctuates…isn’t it in Life and Death Battle?” Bai Lingyu’s expression condensed, and he was puzzled.


However, before he was puzzled for long, Duanmu Qingyan looked at all around no one, and slapped Bai Lingyu out!

“Be careful! Anyway, it’s the Bailuan clan, don’t leave any traces after killing!” Lin Xiao said solemnly, the divine force turned into flames, burning Bai Lingyu clean!

After that, the two stood together and looked up towards the sky, not knowing what they were thinking.

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, the sky on this side suddenly becomes red, and there is one after another cry of heaven!

Immediately afterwards, the blood rain fell, accompanied by divine light and Grand Dao Law!

“The emperor has fallen!” Duanmuqing was shocked. He didn’t expect that this time for the title of Paragon, the emperor would die so soon!

“Cut, an old Bailuan, he thought it was so powerful, it was really unbeatable.”

After a few breaths, Princess Nine returned with a Bailuan leg.

She had a calm expression and threw Bailuan’s leg to Duanmuqing, warned repeatedly: “My family’s Master has had a big appetite recently. You can treat this old Bailuan’s leg and send it to the master later.”

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