I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1104

Nine Princess is now Jiang Chen’s maid in name, and she also pretends to be natural.

However, for Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao, using an emperor as a maid is not too extravagant! ?

“This Jiang clan really can’t provoke! A maid is the emperor!”

“Fortunately, we didn’t go too far when we came here, or it is us who die Two!”

Duan Muqing and Lin Xiao had lingering fears, they cooked the old Bailuan’s thigh obediently, and then handed it over to Princess Nine.

However, Nine Princess wanted to give Jiang Chen at all, and while basking in the sun, he ate roasted white luan legs.

“If only Qilin meat can be served, that stuff is really delicious.” Nine Princess whispered.

At the beginning, when she hadn’t been smuggling a ferry, she was also on the side.

At that time, she was the king under a starry sky.

No matter what, there was an accident. She reluctantly chose to steal the ferry. Fortunately, the reincarnation was successful. Now that the memory has recovered, she is back!

However, the nine Princesses of this life actually have no fighting spirit.

She wanted to live a good life, and went to the Ancestral Realm by the way. If she could help, then help.

If it can’t help, that’s all right.

At this moment, Duan Muqing and Lin Xiao respectfully stood beside Jiu Princess, one serving tea and the other handing water.

“Who is that woman? Why is there suddenly another emperor?”

“The emperor? Still staying in Building One, is… the powerhouse invited by Jiang Chen? “

At this moment, for what happened in Building One, it is natural that it can’t escape the eyes of all the high-levels of Longteng Academy.

But they did not take action, just because there is no emperor in the Dragon Academy.

They waited and watched quietly, wanting to see how far this incident will develop.

“I said you guys, why are you still hesitating? The Jiang family is so powerful, if you can take this opportunity to make friends with the Jiang family, it will be a great thing for my Dragon Race!”

“even more how, now the Qilin clan and the Phoenix clan have become more powerful and have threatened my Dragon Race status in Monster Race!”


Fire Dragon has been convincing a group of Elders in the inner courtyard these days, but the effect is not great.

According to the group of Elders in the inner courtyard, we still need to observe again.

“Bai Lingyu has been to the outer courtyard for so long, why hasn’t he come back?”

“As Divine King, Jiang Chen should have been resolved long ago, and it hasn’t been Come back…Could it be…”

At this moment, a group of dísciples in the inner courtyard were also speculating, and finally sent a representative to take a look.

From this look, the entire dísciple in the inner courtyard is fried!

“There is an emperor sitting in town!”

“There are two Divine Emperors!”


At this moment, everyone They all understand that Bai Lingyu is afraid that he won’t be able to come back, and he probably won’t come back in this life!

“Damn! A young man from the Jiang clan act wilfully in the Longteng Academy. Will the seniors of the Longteng Academy just ignore it!?”

“If this continues, this year’s suspension A trip to the mountains, I’m afraid it’s not our part!”


Many people feel resentful, but many others are helpless.

You know, it will be a trip to the Hanging Mountain in a few days!

That is a very grand feast for the Dragon Academy and even the entire Dragon World!

Each Academy will send one person to Xuanshan, and each Great Family will also send the strongest dísciple to Xuanshan to fight.

And anyone who can gain a foothold in Xuanshan, the harvest is unimaginable!

You must know that Xuanshan was built by a pill concocting great power of Ancient Era, and it was once a place where alchemy was hidden!

Every year, the prohibition on Xuanshan will be opened, and part of the medicine pill will be born inside.

And those medicine pill, just put a pill in the outside world, are Supreme Treasure!

Someone once got a medicine pill, after taking, directly through the shackles, soaring from the Divine King to the emperor!

This kind of medicine pill is really priceless!

And medicine pill like this, although there are not many in Xuanshan, at least there are!

In addition to this medicine pill, other medicine pill are also out of the ordinary!

It can be said that the land of the hanging mountain is a land of opportunity and good fortune!

“The rules of Longteng Academy have always been the same. Only the strongest dísciple will be sent.” Someone said: “The Jiang Chen is the Jiang clan, but among all the dísciples, it is not necessarily the strongest. Yes!”

“Yes, as long as you prove that you are better than Jiang Chen, then there is hope to enter Xuanshan!”


This day, The atmosphere in the inner courtyard was a little restless, and there were several extremely powerful dísciples, who had been in retreat for a long time, and they also left today.

They inquired about Jiang Chen’s deeds, and then in groups of three or four came outside of Building One.

However, when they first came here, they saw Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao working on a Divine Emperor!

Under the horrified gaze of a group of people, the two suppressed the emperor, and then the five flowers were tied up and threw it beside Princess Jiu.

“Senior, here’s another one, this time from the Spirit Snake clan.” Duan Muqing frowned, glanced at Jiu Princess’s side, the leg bones were all piled on the ground!

Just because, in just half a day, several powerhouses have come!

Among them, there are many Monster Race.

As a result, after being suppressed by Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao, they cooked directly and sent them on the road!

“Spirit Snake Clan? This thing is not delicious, isn’t it?” Jiu Princess looked disgusted, waved, and said: “Buried.”

“His… Is that the emperor?”

“The bones around her…look like the body of Monster Race.”

“That’s… Bailuan’s thigh bone? “

At this moment, a group of teenagers were dumbfounded.

How they didn’t expect, the few guarding here are so fierce!

However, this is also Longteng Academy anyway, and they are the dísciple of Longteng Academy, so naturally they are much bolder.

I saw a young man walking out of the crowd with a hint of arrogance in his eyes, and his hair was multi-colored, very gorgeous, and very…excellent…

“Three Seniors, Junior is the dísciple of the Peacock King clan. I came here this time to learn from Jiang Chen and prove my strength!” said the young man.

“Peacock King clan!?”

“Hi…Isn’t this clan going to be extinct? How can I meet one in this remote place!”

Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao are shocked, knowing the power of this race!

In a certain period of time, the Peacock Kings almost dominated the one third Great Thousand Worlds!

At that time, if it were not for angering all living beings, causing a hundred tribes to crusade together, causing heavy damage to the Peacock King clan, otherwise the Peacock King clan today, like the Dragon Race, stood at the top of the Monster Race !

And this family is most famous for being warlike!

And, battle strength is extremely strong!

It is sturdy!

Especially the secret technique of the Peacock King family, which is said to be related to Time Law, which is very scary!

There used to be an Old Ancestor from the Peacock King clan, who used it when fighting against people, and almost turned the time in this world back!

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