I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1105

“Steam it.”

However, when Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao were shocked by the identities of the Peacock King boys, Princess Nine seemed very casual Waved his hand, bluntly said to be steamed!

“I said…you can really cause trouble for me, eat everything?” At this moment, Jiang Chen walked down from Building One, his face turned dark, looking at the piles beside Princess Nine Bones, I really don’t know what to say about her.

After all, Jiang Chen at this moment is also hungry!

Otherwise, there is nothing important, and he won’t come out. It is probably still cultivation.

“Is there anything to eat?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen touched his stomach, his face was a little pale and lacked blood energy. This was obviously starving and fainting!


“Let me take a rub! Hurry up!”

“Go around, I can’t stay here!”

At this moment, the hearts of a group of inner courtyard dísciples standing outside Building One were shaking, and they left without saying a word!

Even the teenager of the Peacock King clan trembled all over, then turned into a stream of light, and left here as if fleeing.

“Hey…what are these two?” Jiang Chen was a bit speechless. This group of people just left. Does he really eat anything in the eyes of this group?

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked towards Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao.

These two people are also uncomfortable at the moment, they know this is Jiang Chen from the Jiang clan!

And the point is, he is hungry now!

“I have heard the Jiang family name for a long time, and today I saw Jiang Chen Fellow Daoist, it is extraordinary!”

“With the title of Paragon, the glory of the Jiang family is about to reappear!”


These two people praised again and again, and I was afraid that Jiang Chen would eat them!

Jiang Chen is hungry, but he is also Human Race anyway, how could he eat Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao!

Furthermore, everyone in the world knows that the Jiang clan eats everything except Human Race.

No one knows what the reason is.

“These two are the little brothers I just received.” Nine Princess said with a smile: “How about? God Emperor Level little brother, is it enough to give you face?”

“Don’t say this, I’m almost fainted.” Jiang Chen sat on the ground, complexion pale, with a trace of blood stains all over his body.

Since Dragon Vein advanced, Jiang Chen has faded away from Spirit Physique faster and faster.

After speeding up, Jiang Chen’s appetite is getting bigger and bigger!

Now, he feels his eyes are speaking and he is about to faint!

“Wait! You go!”

At this moment, the nine Princess expressions changed a lot, and Jiang Chen was behind him.

At the same time, Duanmuqing and Ling Xiao both had cold sweat on their foreheads, and they were shaking all over!

Because, there is a breath of extreme horror that suddenly came here!

This is definitely the emperor!

“Give it back to me.”

After three breaths, a young woman wearing Bai Yi appeared here.

She walked directly to Jiang Chen’s body, ignoring the Nine Princess!

Looking at it, it seems that the emperor Jiu Princess is not in his eyes!

At this moment, Jiang Chen is stared wide-eyed, even the hunger pangs are scared away!

He stared at this young woman in a daze, peerless grace and elegance, with a flawless appearance!

However, it is such a woman that makes Jiang Chen’s hair stand upside down!

“Yellow…yellow sky!?”

After came back to his senses, Jiang Chen’s eyes were straight!

Because the face of this woman is exactly the same as the face of Huang Tian’s fleshy body lying in the funeral coffin!

Furthermore, this woman is just a soul state at the moment, but it feels very extraordinary, and the imposing manner is above the nine Princess!

“Give it back to me.”

At this moment, Huang Tian has nothing to say, stretches out a slender jade hand, lightly said: “Give it back to me.”

“Give…Give you back! Give it back to you!” Jiang Chen was frightened, and without a word, he took out the burial coffin and offered it with both hands!

Immediately, the burial coffin was opened, and Huang Tian’s soul entered the fleshy body.

After a few breaths, Huang Tian got up from the burial coffin, stretched his tibia, and then expressed a weird look towards Jiang Chen, and asked: “Why is your cultivation base so low?”

When these words came out, Jiang Chen was a little messy.

The cultivation base is so low?

Please, big sister, it’s only a few years since the reincarnation! ?

Be able to cultivation to the title god, this speed is already against the sky, alright! ?

“It shouldn’t be like this…you must be in an accident.” Huang Tianxiu frowned, with a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

“This is Huang Tian?” Princess Jiu asked from the side. She and Huang Tian are the emperors of the same realm, but they dare not speak loudly!

After all, the name of Huang Tian, ​​once in the Six Realms, represented the heavens!

At that time, if it weren’t for the Pingtian clan to sacrifice, how could Huang Tian be killed?

The most important thing is that Huang Tian was indeed beheaded, but he was not dead!

These creatures are almost Undying and Inextinguishable!

“You two retreat.” Princess Nine waved at Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao, and then under the all around arrangement, the Formation Formation was cut off from the outside world.

Immediately, Nine Princess stared at Huang Tian for a long time, and asked: “Where are the blue sky and the sky?”

“One era and one sky, I am not the same era as them “Yes.” Huang Tian said: “They should be really dead.”

“Can Tian also be killed?” Jiang Chen curiously asked.

“If you are not strong enough, you will naturally die.” Huang Tian said, with a hint of contempt in his eyes, and said: “Only the two things of Qingtian and Cangtian, if it weren’t for me to die first, how could they be able to survive? “

After that, Huang Tian suddenly pointed at Jiang Chen’s forehead!

In this action, Princess nine almost shot!

Fortunately, Huang Tian took his finger back in time, expressing grave, and said: “Your soul… is incomplete!?”

As soon as this word came out, Jiang Chen felt his heart. Surprised!

The soul is not complete! ?


Jiang Chen has always felt nothing, his soul is also complete, where is it missing?

Furthermore, if the soul is incomplete, Jiang Chen can still live to this day! ?

The soul is the foundation of a creature, and there is absolutely no shortage!

However, looking at Huang Tian’s expression, Jiang Chen knew that the other party was definitely not lying to him!

So, what’s the matter with Jiang Chen’s soul! ? Why didn’t I find it before! ?

“Sure enough, you are being plotted against. If you don’t…this life you should return.” Huang Tian sighed, then suddenly looked towards Nine Princess and said: “When you were stealing the ferry, What can I find?”

As soon as these words came out, the expression of Nine Princess changed slightly, and there was even more fear in her eyes!

She suddenly thought of something, that is, when she stole the ferry back and walked on that empty Reincarnation Road, she saw several corpses!

There seems to be a big battle on Samsara Road!

“Samsara Road…can only be entered by the soul, but I saw the corpse on Samsara Road…that is not the soul, it is flesh and blood!” Princess said solemnly: “And… Even if they are dead, their breath… is far beyond the emperor!”

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