I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1107

Entering the mountainside, Jiang Chen followed a bluestone trail all the way to a Cave Mansion.

On both sides of Cave Mansion, there are two Fire Dragons crawling, with big bronze bell eyes open, very vigilant, like there are treasures in Cave Mansion.

After looking at Jiang Chen for a few times, they pointed to Cave Mansion and said: “Go in, your honor is waiting for you inside.”

Jiang Chen nodded, in my heart It is also very curious that this respectable person who can be so valued by the Fire Dragon clan is who are you after all.

However, when Jiang Chen entered the Cave Mansion and saw that True Dragon, sleeping on his back, Jiang Chen was not well!

“Long Dade!?”

Jiang Chen exclaimed, never thought that he would meet Long Dade here!

At this moment, Long Dade woke up because of Jiang Chen’s voice, came to Jiang Chen’s side with excitement, and said: “Boss!”

“You…how Will it be here?” Jiang Chen wondered.

At first, the three great virtues were gone, and logically they went to their ancestral land.

But now, in this remote world, I have encountered Long Dade!

“Don’t mention it! The stinky old man in Dragon Race’s ancestral land is too harsh on me. They urge me to cultivation all the time, and I can’t stand it!” Long Dade said angrily “It’s not as good as this place. Although it’s a little remote, but I live freely.”

“Moreover, the Fire Dragon family here treats me as a treasure for fear that I will be a little wronged.” Long Da De said, pointing to the rare treasure in Cave Mansion, and said: “You take a look, this treatment, eat well, sleep well!”

“Uh…Longteng Academy The said Ancestral Dragon inheritance…… Isn’t it yours?” Jiang Chen asked.

“What about it? Do you think there is really a second god, Saint Ancestor, dragon in this world?” Long Dade held the dragon head high, looking very aloof.

Jiang Chen couldn’t see Long Dade as such. He patted his head and said: “You knew I had entered Longteng Academy?”

“Just knew.” Long Dade said: “They came to discuss with me, let me get a fake inheritance and give it to someone named Jiang Chen.”

“I was thinking that it would not be so coincidental. Then I separated a ray of Divine Consciousness and took a look, really didn’t expect…fate!” Long Dade excitedly said.

Jiang Chen’s face turned black when he heard this.

Longteng Academy is not a thing, right? ! Actually want to let Long Dade make a fake inheritance to lie to him!

It’s fate to lose it. If you meet Long Dade, otherwise Jiang Chen will be settled!

“Boss, why are you working overtime for the Jiang clan? That race is not to be trifled with.” Long Dade said solemnly: “The Jiang clan, to be precise, it is not Monster Race, it belongs to the evil clan. “

“Evil race?” Jiang Chen was stunned. He had heard of many races, but it was the first time to hear of evil race!

Long Dade also just learned about the evil race, and couldn’t help telling Jiang Chen what he knew.

It turns out that a long time ago, the hundred races between Heaven and Earth stood in great numbers, among which Human, Monster, Demon, Three Races were the most popular!

However, there are also some races, but they are rare in future generations, some are destroyed, and some are too small in number and rarely born, and they will be forgotten over time.

In addition to Human, Monster, Demon, Three Races, according to the ancient book of Great Thousand Worlds, there are several special races in this world.

Such as Heavenly Eye clan, Divine Spirit Race, Human Sovereign clan, and evil clan.

Apart from this, there are some races, but these times have rarely appeared, perhaps they have already disappeared.

Speaking of this, Long Dade’s expression became more solemn, saying: “The evil race is notorious in the history of Great Thousand Worlds.”

“At the beginning, the evil race was almost unified. The entire Great Thousand Worlds! But they were too cruel, leading to a hundred tribes teaming up, and finally annihilated the evil race.”

“However, there is still a branch of the evil race that inheritance has come down. Today’s Jiang clan!”

“They gave up their identity as an evil clan in order to cleanse themselves, and shameless claimed that they were also Monster Race…”

Jiang Chen hearing This is also considered to have some understanding of the evil race.

But, because this place is so remote, Jiang Chen doesn’t believe it, the evil race can still find it here!

“Boss, if you are just an ordinary Jiang family, then they might not really come to check you.” Long Dade worriedly said: “But now, you have the Paragon title. It spreads out, and there is a lot of noise outside. Do you think the evil race will not know?”

“It will not be long before they will send someone over. When the time comes, you will see that you are a fake… …Not to mention your Paragon title, even your life will be lost!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen is also suffering from heart palpitations, and secretly thought can’t stay here for long!

Don’t talk about the Jiang family, let’s talk about him as Paragon.

Although there are nine Princesses sheltering him now, when the news is completely spread, those emperors can sit still! ?

When the time comes, it doesn’t matter if you come one or two, if you come five or six, or more, can you keep him with only one nine Princess? !

“You are now the baby of Longteng Academy. They call you your superior. You use your rights and let me use the Star Domain Transmission Array. I will go to the Southern Star Domain to find a long song!” Jiang Chen said.

As soon as these words came out, Long Dade’s expression became a little unnatural.

He hummed a few times and said: “Do you think the Fire Dragon clan has a deep heritage? They are all going crazy!”

“What does this mean?” Jiang Chen Astonished, some did not understand Long Dade’s meaning.

“There is indeed a Star Domain Transmission Array in the Dragon Academy, but… it has long been broken. And the Fire Dragon family is too poor and don’t have the money to repair…” Long Dade said with a bitter smile: “I also thought about leaving this poor place to take refuge in other Dragon Race…”

“Who would have thought, this…too poor! Star Domain Transmission Array can’t be repaired!”

Speaking of this, Long Dade is even more aggrieved.

He is Ancestral Dragon, but his Divine Grade cultivation base is not very high in Great Thousand Worlds!

If he leaves the Longteng Academy and borrows Star Domain Transmission Array elsewhere, it is estimated that if the Transmission Array has not been borrowed, he will be slaughtered!

After all, Ancestral Dragon inheritance is too tempting!

Even if you don’t get the inheritance of Ancestral Dragon, you can make medicine!

So, Long Dade does not feel that he is really comfortable here now, but that he has no choice but to stay here!

“I’m going to…this Longteng Academy…so poor, how does it feel like the Heavenspan Church at the beginning.” Jiang Chen whispered, secretly thought that he really fell into the pit this time!

“What should I do?” Jiang Chen frowned, and said: “I think it won’t be long before an emperor will come to deprive me of the power of my title. Just relying on a nine Princess…I’m afraid it won’t work.”

“Don’t mention it, there is no emperor in the Fire Dragon clan, and it can’t help you.” Long Dade said: “If the Dragon Race clan was huge and powerful, the Fire Dragon clan would have been destroyed long ago! “

“I’ll give it a rub… Then… I’ll wait for death here?” Jiang Chen rolled the eyes. He had boarded many thief boats and entered many pits, but he never encountered Fire. The Dragon clan is so bad!

The huge family of Fire Dragons has no emperor!

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