I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1108

Jiang Chen didn’t expect that the dignified Fire Dragon clan will be so poor, and they are not strong!

Now Jiang Chen is really worried about himself!

“You can think of a way!” Jiang Chen looked towards Long Dade, and asked: “As Ancestral Dragon, you are so high in the Dragon Race of Great Thousand Worlds. It’s a matter of one sentence. , There must be a way, right?”

“Of course there is, but…” Long Dade frowned and said: “Dragon Race Ancestral Land has already sent someone over and intends to take me back. But you Human Race…I’m afraid not.”

“Don’t take me back to the Dragon Race ancestral land, find a way to let me go to the Southern Star Domain.” Jiang Chen said.

However, Long Dade shook the head, this is a bit difficult.

Just because Long Dade, Ancestral Dragon, comes from the six realms, if you have a good relationship with a stranger, it will inevitably make people suspicious.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen is now pretending to be the Jiang clan. This is something that paper cannot contain the fire, and it will be discovered sooner or later!

If Long Dade helped Jiang Chen, he would have offended the Jiang clan.

It doesn’t matter to him Long Dade, but Dragon Race definitely refuses!

“The pack dragon world is not big, and there are several powers with a deeper foundation. You can go to those powers to try.” Long Dade said: “While there is no emperor to take action, you quickly let Nine Princess will protect you to find the Star Domain Transmission Array. If it’s late… I’m afraid I won’t be able to protect you.”

Be aware that Long Dade’s cultivation base is not high after all, even in Dragon Race. The status of Dragon Race is very high, but Dragon Race is also impossible for Dragon Dade, so it spares no effort to protect the Human Race of Jiang Chen.

This is not realistic!

“Oh… after all, you are useless.” Jiang Chen whispered.

When these words came out, they hurt Long Dade’s pride.

But, if you think about it carefully, it’s really useless.

“oh! After all, the cultivation base is low! If I am an Ancestral Dragon of God Emperor Level, not to mention the emperor, even Transcender is here, I have confidence!” Long Dade said solemnly.

“By the way, where are Bird Dade and Phoenix Dade?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I don’t know, after they came to Great Thousand Worlds, they were picked up by their respective races.” Long Dade said: “Bird Dade was taken away by the Vermilion Bird One family, Huang Dade He was picked up by Phoenix Race.”

“With their urinary sex, life should be going well.” Jiang Chen whispered, and then asked about Jiang Liu and the others. .

Long Dade told Jiang Chen that Jiang Liu and the others were picked up by the Buddha and the others and sent to Buddhism world.

They are guarded by Buddhism, and Buddhism is merciful, It shouldn’t be embarrassing them.

This makes Jiang Chen sighed in relief, and at the same time think about it carefully, this day is the worst, it seems that it is him again!

“It’s really impossible, you will sneak across the starry sky!” Long Dade said: “After entering Great Thousand Worlds, there will be a world every some distance. As long as you can hold on, don’t get lost, in the starry sky. Walking in the middle, you will be able to walk to the southern Star Domain in a few years.”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen rolled the eyes, looking at Long Dade like an idiot.

How many years have you walked in the stars?

You are nonsense! ?

Leave aside Jiang Chen, he doesn’t even know the coordinates of the southern Star Domain. Even if he knows it, it’s impossible to walk across the starry sky on foot!

Be aware that in the starry sky, seemingly dotted with stars, but dark but shining, and calm and quiet, in fact, there are endless dangers!

Especially those starry sky giant beasts, once they meet, even the emperor will run away!

“Don’t say anything, you first go to Xuanshan, which is a land of good fortune. When you come back from Xuanshan, I will discuss with you in the long term.” Long Dade said.

To call Jiang Chen to come over today, not only to meet Jiang Chen, but also to let him go to Xuanshan.

Long Dade has already inquired about that place. It is said that it was a dojo left by a certain emperor who was good at pill concocting in ancient times. It is also the place where the pill concocting is hidden!

The medicine pill there is extraordinary. If Jiang Chen can get a few pills, it will be of great help to his cultivation base!

But what Jiang Chen lacks most now is the cultivation base!

“By the way, Jiang Liu and the others don’t need to worry for the time being, you use your power relationship to help me inquire about these people.” Jiang Chen suddenly thought of something.

Some people such as Jiu Tianzhong, Jiu Shen, Jiu Yuan, and Mu Xingyun, when they collapsed in the Six Realms, did not see them!

I don’t know if these people are alive or dead!

Especially those of the Jiu Tian Dynasty. Before the death of the war, the old nine said that he hoped Jiang Chen would take care of them, and don’t let the inheritance of the Jiu Tian Dynasty be cut off!

However, Jiang Chen only left after the destruction of the Six Realms, and he did not see Jiu Shen and the others at that time!

As for the Jiutianzhong, they were clearly in the Jiutian Dynasty at the beginning, but in the last battle, the Jiutianzhong disappeared.

Perhaps, he alone, entered the Great Thousand Worlds through the passage opened by Guardian.

“Don’t worry about this, just ask for clues.” Long Dade nodded and said.

Finally, Jiang Chen left and returned to Building One.

As soon as I came back, I saw Duanmuqing and Lin Xiao standing obediently in front of the gate of Building One, like two door gods.

This made Jiang Chen a little stunned, and asked: “Are you still going?”


“Senior didn’t let us go. We… don’t dare to leave.”

The two said in a daze, looking towards the Nine Princess behind Jiang Chen, there was a sense of dread in their eyes.

The pack dragon world, the emperor is rare, it is estimated that there are at most three or five.

Therefore, the weight of an emperor in the pack dragon world is extremely heavy!

And the pack dragon world is not big, if an emperor wants to find them, they simply have nowhere to hide!

“Let them stay, just to deal with some trouble, I will save myself.” said Princess Ji.

“Also.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Immediately, Jiang Chen eyes shined, looked towards these two people, and asked: “How many powerful forces are there in this pack-dragon world? In addition to Dragon Academy, there are other forces that own the Star Domain Transmission Array?”

“Dragon World is in the eastern Star Domain periphery zone, where material resources are scarce, and there are not many who can build a Star Domain Transmission Array.” Duan Muqing frowned, and after thinking about it for a moment, Said: “As far as I know, there should be a small Star Domain Transmission Array in the Zhangsun Family in the south of the pack dragon world.”

oh?” Jiang Chen lightly said, and asked: “Small Can the Star Domain Transmission Array…can be directly transmitted to the Southern Star Domain?”

“Of course not. The Star Domain is vast, and a small Transmission Array is definitely not possible.” Lin Xiao said: “However, transit Three or five times, you can enter the Southern Star Domain.”

“Jiang Fellow Daoist, do you want to go home?” Duan Muqing asked.

You should know that the ancestral land of the Jiang family is in the southern Star Domain.

“I have been out for a long time, and I am homesick.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“It’s best not to go to the Southern Star Domain now. It’s said that there was a war there. A group of creatures from the burial grounds of the Six Realms are fighting in the Southern Star Domain! Now it’s said that they have taken down the one third of the Southern Star Domain. Territory!” Duanmuqing said solemnly.

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