I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1110

The Jiang clan is so famous that even the Dragon Race is somewhat afraid. Jiang Chen could hardly imagine that such a race would have an old enemy!

However, Jiang Chen can’t ask who is the old enemy of the Fire Dragon Jiang clan.

“Is this time going to Xuanshan, are there only people from the pack dragon world?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It was originally from the pack dragon world, but this time is different. A Great Influence also sent people and blocked the entire pack dragon world.” Fire Dragon said solemnly: “That force not to be trifled with, the background is extremely behind, standing in Great Thousand Worlds, never fallen.”

“What force?” Jiang Chen asked.

Jiang Chen just came to Great Thousand Worlds and has no idea about the power here.

Nowadays, it’s good to inquire a little bit through Fire Dragon, or to be careful.

“True Martial Palace.” Fire Dragon said solemnly: “This power has always been strong, and its inheritance is immortal. There is a Transcender in town, and there is more than one!”

“True Martial Palace? “Jiang Chen lightly said, for some reason, Martial God suddenly flashed in his mind!

At the beginning, 36 main gods were destroyed, only a few escaped and disappeared.

Among them, Martial God is included!

“True Martial Palace…is there a branch in the Six Realms?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Six Realms? Where is the burial ground? I don’t know this, but… I heard that there is.” Fire Dragon said, “Six realms were destroyed some time ago. I heard that there are A main god ran out and was finally accepted by True Martial Palace.”

“That’s right!” Jiang Chen expressed his expression and knew that Martial God could not be that simple!

Be aware that among the 36 main gods, only Martial God has no title!

But its battle strength is no weaker than anyone!

At the beginning, Jiang Chen wondered why Martial God was so out of the ordinary! ?

Now it seems that Martial God has long been related to the True Martial Palace of Great Thousand Worlds!

“Who sent True Martial Palace this time?” Jiang Chen asked.

“An emperor, and another is the one from the Six Realms.” Fire Dragon said.

As soon as these words came out, a cold glow flashed in Jiang Chen’s eyes!

Although Great Thousand Worlds is vast, at this moment Jiang Chen feels that this World is really small!

“Martial God…he…it’s time to end it!” Jiang Chen secretly thought, and immediately pointed at Fire Dragon cupped the hands, and said: “Then when shall we leave?”

“Go now.” Fire Dragon said: “When you get there, anyone with a cultivation base higher than Divine King can’t get in. I will wait for you outside.”

“Okay.” Jiang Chen nodded, Then called Nine Princess.

As for Huang Tian, ​​Jiang Chen is definitely not moving.

That guy, no one can dissuade him from doing what he wants.

Afterwards, under the leadership of Fire Dragon, Jiang Chen entire group left from Longteng Academy and crossed the void all the way to the vicinity of Xuanshan within a short time.

The so-called hanging mountain is a high mountain rising and falling in the clouds.

Near the high mountains, there are six hills, like the stars and the moon, surrounding the middle one.

The World’s Essence Qi here is very rich, with divine light floating in the sky like a ribbon.

On the six hills, there are six colors of brilliance, like iridescent.

These brilliance finally converged on the high mountains in the middle, forming one after another gorgeous color, very gorgeous.

After Jiang Chen came to this place, he was amazed in his heart. This place has taken the power of Heaven and Earth. It uses six hills as fire and that mountain as a furnace. It is a place of Heaven and Earth pill concocting!

“As expected of the emperor’s handwriting, pill concocting with Heaven and Earth!” Jiang Chen lightly said.

“The main peak in the middle has not been entered since ancient times. There are many restrictions, even the emperor can’t enter.” Fire Dragon introduced: “What you have to do is in these six hills Go up, fight for medicine pill.”

“Can’t you enter the main peak?” Jiang Chen frowned, carefully observed the trend of Heaven and Earth all around, and then smiled helplessly.

Yes, the trend of Heaven and Earth here has formed a general trend. The main peak seems to be closed, with many restrictions and a special rule and order!

“But there is a rumor here, it is said that the emperor who has achieved the ultimate in pill concocting is in the main peak, not at all, but is refining a furnace of the highest medicine pill!” Fire Dragon Said.

But, after saying this, Fire Dragon shook the head, curling his lips and said: “That’s all legends. Several times have passed. I haven’t seen the emperor. I guess he would have died long ago.”

“Sure enough, it was him!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen didn’t want to listen to Fire Dragon.

His eyes fell not far away, where there were two people standing, the imposing manner is majestic, and it gives people a sharp feeling!

One of them, Jiang Chen doesn’t know him, but the other Jiang Chen remembers even if he is dead!

Martial God!

“Yo, your enemy.” Nine Princess sounded transmission secretly, with a joke, and said: “People are now the Divine King, do you want me to help you solve him?”


“This time, I can do it myself.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

“Where is the Jiang family!?”

Suddenly, an extremely insane voice sounded here!

After this voice appeared, everyone’s eyes looked over.

I saw a red-clothed boy standing proudly not far from Jiang Chen.

One of his cultivation bases has reached the High God King, with an angry look between his brows, and his pupils are as bright as gems!

“Evil clan!”

“Taixu clan!”


At this moment, all around exclaimed one after another When it sounded, especially when the Taixu clan was mentioned, many people’s eyes clearly showed fear!

“That’s your old enemy.” Fire Dragon reminded: “Be careful, you just entered the title god, and the other party is already High God King.”

“Oh, then So what? If you really want to fight, it doesn’t mean who will win and who will win!” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Where are the Jiang family members!? Come out now! Let me meet you!”

At this moment, the young man of the Taixu family is still clamoring, his eyes swept over everyone , And then frowned.

Because he learned that this time during the trip to the Hanging Mountain, people from the Jiang clan will come.

The Taixu clan, as the old enemy of the Jiang clan, can sense the breath of the other party even through ten thousand li.

But now, he can’t notice the atmosphere of the Jiang clan!

Could it be that the news is wrong?

“Help me see what his body is.” Jiang Chen said to the nine Princess sound transmission.

Nine Princess hearing this, a ray of Profound Light appeared in her eyes, and after a few breaths, her expression became a little weird, and even her white skin had goose bumps!

“A pool of blood…black blood…” said Princess Nine: “There is such a race in the world? The body is a pool of black blood!?”

“This The body looks okay…” Jiang Chen muttered.

After all, the appearance of the Jiang family is also unacceptable!

However, compared with the Taixu clan, Jiang Chen suddenly felt that the body of the Jiang clan looks much better!

“The Taixu clan is said to be born from a drop of mysterious black blood between Heaven and Earth.” Fire Dragon lightly said: “They are evil clan, they are the few evil clan left now One of them.”

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